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  1. g33k, I'm going for the more realistic approach with very little steampunk added and instead more raw magic vs science with just a small amount of overlap. Thanks for your tips, I will have a look at them! Thank you again Mysterioso, I will have a look at that one too when given the chance.
  2. Hello Everyone! I'm new here around BRP and after seeing the different systems and worlds i threw DnD on the pause shelf and went straight here. However, after having decided on a setting and an era (Industrial-Late Victorian age) I noticed the big problem. No equipment or any balanced lists of any kind. So, does anyone of you have one lying around that is balanced to be used with already made lists such as those in other books? It is unfortunate that blackpowder weapons of the early napoleonic era and firearms of the modern era are plentiful but nothing inbetween! Hope you all have a continued great day.
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