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  1. IMPORTANT CONTEST NOTE You know @Rodney Dangerduck has a point. We at Wind Word do agree and hope our other two contestants will as well. We have confirmed with our latest entry that he is cool with it. We can have a contest with three entries—no, four now—but we would like to see a few more folks sign up for a chance at our great prizes written and lovingly illustrated by ever so many wonderful people! The fine and grand titles we bestow and of course, the accolades love and adoration of glorantha-philes everywhere are just those little extras, special treats. So, to our great contestants, we hope you will all be okay with this delay and in the spirit of sportsmanship allow us to ramp up the competition a bit more. We talked among ourselves and unanimously (Podcast crew, Judges and our wonderful Sponsors) have decided we would extend Glorantha Has Talent?’s deadline by two weeks to get a bit more interest and beyond interest... ENTRIES! Glorantha Has Talent?’s new and final deadline will be October the 5th at 12:00 AM or 2400 hours PDT (Pacific Daylight Savings Time) or about 2 weeks and 2 hours from now. I am taking a bit of a chance here putting this forward without my partners—but I would be willing to say we can have the Prince of Entertainment (our first place winner) appear on the Wind Words podcast to tell us about their fantastic winning work. Woohoo.Heck, maybe even ask Joerg about lore... Sorry for the delay Cheers
  2. and if this was Dirty Harry: the RPG there would be a “punk” somewhere in the vicinity of that sentence!
  3. Loved this the first time I saw it and still love it!
  4. Ah, with a comment like that you can consider yourself a winner in an entirely different contest. The one of modelling good sportsmanship (remember I am not a judge so my opinion only counts for so much in our contest). The prize for good sportsmanship has little monetary value but many would argue that’s not the point! Cheers!
  5. Extra points for an enthusiastic LBQ! Hey @Newt, In Wind Words a couple of episodes ago I got all excited about your announcement of an issue planned for summer of 2020. Any news?
  6. Commenting may be inconvenient but it does work. I had to contact him myself that way.
  7. 05 Written by 5 great authors: CHRISTOPHER KLUG, STEVE PERRIN, JEFF RICHARD, GREG STAFFORD, AND JASON DURALL And if that is not enough... WITH: Jerry Thorpe So why are you waiting, with the chance to win great prizes like these you just have to get your entry in NOW!
  8. Hmm I was hoping to have a few posts from other attendees by now, but it seems no one is attending or doing anything at PAX. What a drag! Day three ends and day four begins, watched all the choices I made and did a fair bit of hopping around, through PAX 1, 2 and 3. and enjoying a bit of gaming too (Avernum 6 for the curious). Pleasant day thoughtful and entertaining day... much to digest but nothing to write about. Until now, I am thourouly enjoying Chaosium Creator’s Series: Runequest. Do watch this when it get’s posted somewhere later today (maybe @MOB will post something up telling us where) and.or check the PAX news later today to see if they say where it ends up. Or here perhaps if I can find it. Listen for the Eurmali, she is having way too mu\cj fun! It’s almost criminal! Best of all says the ol’ CON NOOB... they are all NOOBS at RQ!
  9. let’s see ababcadabra No still works as described on the first page by soltakss
  10. Just about to watch a few events, what are you going to watch tonight or do or have already done?
  11. 08 8 monsters leaping ever so much better than gold!
  12. Made a great discovery! The news section lists the day's event highlights and then gives the URLs where missed content might be seen again if it has been uploaded somewhere. I just watched the orientation again for hints and just before I dozed off and missed the concert I had tried to stay awake and see. Good thing I might be able to see this again, later! That is not dead which can eternal lie. https://online.paxsite.com/news
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