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  1. A little listen to Loggins and Messina’a House at Pooh Corner will make it all feel better
  2. Or p’raps, Marilyn Manson, feeling a bit rumbly, grumbly in the tumbly?
  3. The way I heard it, it was the alynx....
  4. Love your topic Richard and the last posting explains why. I love your imagination Monty Lovering, though there is very little here I would use in my game, that does not matter. I would love to play in your unique vision of Genertela because of the creativity you employ to make it yours. Cheers!
  5. And do not forget the common Rune Magic, Multispell!
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. I do not know if I home ruled that or if it actually existed in RQ2 and 3 but I have always used that for every fumble roll (though I seem to recall that if it was an actual rule It only happened the first time you fumbled) If special note I allowed a great/impactful action on critical roll for an attribute roll to do the same for attributes (very def a home rule)
  8. Is it just me or are people getting more and more testy here a-bouts. I used to truly enjoy coming to BRP central for an enjoyable conversation or even a debate. People were polite and mostly respectful to others rights< I ask for a spoiler tag and people go nuts, Folks are calling each other out over small details. There is only give and take from the best of folk. I mean either the moon has gone full permanently bringing out all the looniness or there is an American Election coming (only way to explain the nastiness and polarization)
  9. Saw the same thing but decided to give Qizilbashwoman’s comment a like anyway. Just because it is a new thing that trans folk are taking it back or that some do not know/think it is a slur or for any of a a dozen reasons that people argue that the word is not negative, if one person is harmed by it, all are harmed. I do believe an injury to one is an injury to all. As per their (?) request, I will not be using the term in any way shape or form to refer to trans folk. As per a few other's comments, sorry for the thread drift... cheers
  10. Thanks Jeff, this seems to confirm and expand on my point quite nicely.
  11. Cheap and good! Thanks for letting me proofread this great pamphlet Austin, it was fun (in a maddening way... bwahahaha).
  12. What need be said, you are correct! I wonder if you turned your gaze to the small enclaves in the rubble (speaking of rubble runners), like Mani’s Fort or the Real City, whether this situation could be ameliorated.
  13. Now, that is just sad. Let's give it to A sharp!
  14. I loved Paranoia! Great game! So, I would love to see this come to computer gaming. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/03/08/cyanide-to-adapt-pen-and-paper-rpg-paranoia-to-pc/
  15. I hate to say this, but I brought this up a while back. To me chaos, plain and simple, is anything that contributes to the unmaking of Glorantha. By definition, the opposite of stasis; much as it was before Glorantha and what it wishes (lusts) to return to (I called it entropy last time, but that caused problems).
  16. Can’t cite the exact location, but this has been confirmed as RAW and RAI but one of the high mucky-mucks.
  17. I would think magic's main job is to contradict math, math just has to keep up (stoopid math).
  18. I guess you can call the divorce lawyer and tell him to stand down then.:) Now, now, if you are going to cheat do it the legal way... HeroQuest! If you play strictly by the book many smart players will use the stratagem of keeping a little below racial max by visiting the temple for spells before hand for that very reason. Gives one a better chance of increasing as well. And if course this is always a solution MGF and all. And MGF too I will wager!
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