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  1. Thanks Leingod, I can’t believe I forgot that one. Old age!
  2. Interesting question, I know that oases change hands and not in a friendly manner, so I wonder what the mechanism is if not warfare at, around and near the oasis in question as Zit states.
  3. c'est dommage, that sucks. I am not a fan of online but I am a fan of RPGs... and when in a pandemic, well. that’s what I am talking about!
  4. I wonder if we have any of the RQ4 AiG playtesters here on BRP Central. Might be interesting to hear their comments.
  5. I would bet that a google search would turn up lots...
  6. I know Doctor Who covers this idea a few times over a few doctors so this might be worth a lookup. Is that the one from a Polish sci-fi author?
  7. You just have to hope they fumble their throw roll! if they used the RQ2 rules... it would be more likely!
  8. Yes, when someone says zero to hero this is one of the places this expression came from. Have you read the Saga of Ruric, he starts about as good as you and has a tree branch/club!
  9. Sorry to joke, but two words come to mind! Snicker and Snack! I know it is one word ya buncha freaking pedants!
  10. Just rolled a character using 3d6 and 2D6+6, but replace any 1s with a 6... might be the first time that I broke a 92 characteristic points ever (I was confused at not adding 3 points like always). It does create a very good character.
  11. This is not the worst problem to have. The best myths I have read have seemed akin to dreams. A lot of familiarity, but... there is just something off, something not quite right. Children get this effect on hearing any true myth or great story. After all, wonder is intrinsically oft encountering the unknown! To my way of thinking this is a great thing, a shamanic thing. no, I was referring more to this, some take the need to know all aspects to a great enough degree that perhaps the wonder would fly...it does for me... and I feel a certain loss as a result. Each to their own though, far be it from me to say this is wrong, just not for me. Now, you were referring to your own take... I will admit to having the small problem of late. I hear several multisyllabic names, each a suitcase full of begots and beentheres and donethats and got thet-shirts that my head begins to spin and my incoherent stare stops at a vacant 1000 yards... Is that were you going? love, love love the moniker!
  12. Can you edit from your phone? Just edit your first message and then all kinds of options should appear
  13. I must be the last person on the planet that figures to be heroes you have to be heroic, not stack the dice. I still (as I have for decades) have the players roll 3d6 for five stats (in order) and 2D6+6 for 2 stats, (also in order) and add the three bonus points if the rolls are too low and add another three for Rune affinities. One can always increase five of the stats later. If the player insists I will allow a reroll of the entire character.
  14. According to Scotty citing MGF any spell can have more then one person contributing RPs if the GM allows it. I did not see this anywhere in the RAW (negative or positive) which caused me to write and ask about it and that was his answer.
  15. And the words to this invocation are: "My name is Inigo...”
  16. Sounds like a problem many gamers have!
  17. Not sure about this, why do you think so? Vegetarian seems like a proper trope for any world and it is part of CA restrictions placing it very definitely on the Lozenge. Not a vegetarian but still...
  18. I have had a player who insisted that his characters know as much as they did about the world about them. Let me tell you what a pain in the ass that was! I felt I needed a PHD just to keep up and all the joy in running the game oozed out of it! Normally I like the extra work of being GM but... No, I like role-players who do not insist on knowing everything!
  19. I have said it before, you do allow Your Glorantha to Vary. Keep at it, I mean it has succeeded now for how many decades (as long as I have been following you and that has been decades)? And don’t allow others to tell you that you are doing it wrong!
  20. My favourite comments here are the ones that suggest using the grey areas as plot twists, scenario seeds... or hell, simply a great chance to role-play!
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