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  1. Curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought it back (and you thought is was Resurrection). Just got in touch with Simeon and... ignore the first two lines line but... Epilogue though I had tested this a couple of months, and one update install, back, and not heard anything since, I thought I would download a new copy of the Red Book and try it one more time. It worked. But according to the above missive...for how long, would be the question. I am boggled!
  2. I spent three days helping Simeon Cogswell on this with a few trips to Apple to boot so, no I am fine. I have served my time and done my duty. ETA Apple said the product pushed my iteration of Preview to its limits and there was nothing to be done. For those who are curious... incorrect Runes would show up or none at all (and all at random).
  3. The MI chip will enable you to have far superior graphics with the way it integrates various processes with in itself (GPU and CPU all on the same chip, I believe), the Catalina powered Mac of Raleel's might be closer to my world (what kind of chip and year?) but yeah, my first reaction was HOLY S#!T! ETA just saw that you had good results with an older computer (and a laptop to boot) and an older OS... strange. Well look at my post above and there you have the proof. Any ideas?
  4. It came close, but no. On the Mac you will need to use something other than Preview. I assume this is what you are using @Byll. Otherwise, Acrobat will work.
  5. I assumed you were on to something, so I decided to check it out using Adobe Acrobat. While I do not like Adobe anymore there is a considerable difference, no? Above Acrobat, below Preview...
  6. Yeah, your screen capture is much better... My Screen capture is from a late ’13 quad core iMac using Intel Iris Pro with 1536 MB for graphics with a resolution of 1929 x 1080... The reader is Preview (macOS Mohave, almost up to date). And I would much prefer seeing what you are seeing rather than what I am seeing. Thanks for your attention!
  7. Had no idea of what was being referred to so I decided to finally crack the (metaphorical) spine on my PDF... Yowsers! This is grim!
  8. There is a solution for this, one I personally do no like but... Use Adobe Acrobat to see all the correct runes.
  9. Sorry that so much type is being devoted to not answering your question, that is how we are around here. Ask a question and we will all ignore what you ask and riff on our own thoughts. Bear in mind I am not trying to escape guilt here, I did that exact same thing. Gads. Thankfully jajagappa will always come thorough with a great answer! soltakss might well as well.
  10. Yes, good call! What you are calling out is indeed the best thing about the world, its wonderful diversity. 1st long RQ3 campaign I ran had 4 Sartarite farmers, 3 orlanthi one humakti and all as different as could be!
  11. You know, I missed this entirely (sorry). I am thinking that the only thing I can think of in the canon—and it does not fit but may help—is Cults/Lords of Terror. The story of Paulis is interesting. @soltaksshave you tackled this question.
  12. Seing as this is becoming a topic that needs to be spun off yet again, I will bring it back to the OPs intent. When walking through Badside (outside of Pavis), I would imagine the smell of open sewage, rotting meats, body odours of people and animals pressed too closely. Apple Lane in Sea Season should be redolent in the smell of apple blossoms, possibly something sublime. And arriving in Autumn to scent the freshly baked apple pies in windows and pouring forth from the Tin Inn! Entering this fine establishment might cause the weaker to swoon. Dagori Inkarth, the mind boggles at the p
  13. It did not use to be so, back in the days when murder hoboes strode tall through the lands of Glorantha (RQ 1-3). Then many parties could be considered evil and the line twixt good and evil was blurred. Us older grognards remember these days well, and understand that good and evil alike could detest the core of chaos which was the unmaking.
  14. @svensson, good sir, you may wish to change venues (you are currently in CoC) for this. Oh, and though it should be obvious, maybe a spoiler tag?
  15. The ones where you keep forgetting to unmute and the choir master has to come over and click on the mic? Nope, I have not seen those.
  16. Yep, my copy wears a three ring binder as a body and additional armour.
  17. I have encountered a trollkin with detect table scraps in a famous module I will not name.
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. Lumberjacks don’t taste that good! I mean they are ok as the song says...
  20. eh? Any explainers on this odd phrase?
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