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  1. Oh aren’t head colds lovely... We are both saying the exact same thang (reasonably sure but having a hard moving so I will ask you to look back to my first response to the query what kind of forces could protect Pavis after the lunars defeat and I responded with a few questions myself. like that about the humans in the rubble, the trollkin and the various incarnations of the RPG and made a few suppositions when yo came in saying the exact same thing and asking me to “defend yer honour sir”, fooled ya, got none:). edited for clarity soltakss I do not mean page one I mean the last page or the page before when we started talking about Pavis again... I look forward to arguing with you again (on opposite sides next time my good man) when I have more head and less cold Now to the OP, sorry for the apparent drift but I will have to agree with soltakss agin (oh hell what am I doing, Duck!). After the lunars pull out talking about Pavis will be a very different experience. The rubble will have t be a part of this new conversation. Cheers
  2. This was not put up to make everyone agree with me, I think that Joerg has solid points and I love the way he argues... always respectful. Thank you for you sympathy (but save it I will win bwhahaahahahah), and say let the tables decide!
  3. we have a warning at the top about spoilers, it is called spoilers ahead, I would assume anything goes... but your mileage may vary. see the post above....
  4. I think you missed the point sir, we were talking after the lunars left (huzzah). I know, to us old timers it seems like they had always been there and always would...
  5. I did try to get ahold of a copy of that book, I got as far as a contact who I did contact, but that was as far as I go. Busy today but if you have not gotten a contact from someone else by tomorrow, give me a holler and I will look up my info for ya. If the info is for you and your table go for it... No one can make you do anything and if the try, well, violence is always an option... Me, I put both in my books but make sure it is easy to cut out the non canonical if needed (for publication, quoting amongst grognards or...). That way I have a multitude of truths I can use if my munckins kindly players start throwing facts at me or are reading spoilers at BRP Central....
  6. That might require the obscure runes; Tau, Chi and of course Delta The reason I have seen for the moon rune is given as.... Page 49 of the RQ RiG Which would affect her personally by same page in the RQ RiG
  7. Love the commitment to your players. Yes, MOB did a good thing introducing the idea of Maximum Game Fun!
  8. An interesting tale, but I am not finding evidence of it on DuckDuckGo (the choice of all wise Gloranthans, go course). I see a lot of mentions of it still existing in Culver City, but Lisa, She wolf... being Canadian I thought was filmed in Canada. (off thread, not a chance I was referring to Culver City in Pavis County, honest... Where the frig is my focus for lie?”)
  9. So let’s see if i got this, the fake PRG that operated with the lunars, the bandits legged it. The real PRG reforms but a unit leaves. The remainder is still decimated and busy with duties and responsibilities of its own.That still leaves the humans of the Rubble who claim the original rule of Pavis and reside in Mani’s Fort and Real City unspoken for. And we still do not know about the tale of the night watch.
  10. I suppose ripping ones parents asunder whilst they were engaged in flagrante delicto might be considered coitus interruptus at the very least. Bad manners in some places for sure. a feud starter? Only for the thin skinned surely.
  11. Oh why do I keep running out of likes.... cool!
  12. Sorry about that chief... And how do you feel about spoilers, yay or nay, I have not got the time to hide my thoughts, enough time has past, I paid good money when I bought this and I wish to talk about it and besides that is censorship Please I have spent my good cash, I want to surprise my players. If you do not hide spoilers then at least type the word spoiler hit return a few times and than start your post... So, where do you stand?
  13. So what do you all think, weigh in, throw a few punches score some hits make you opponent bleed...err sorry Joerg what’s that...be nice... Really?
  14. A wee tiny little spoiler ahead... Last night and yesterday Joerg and I had a conversation/debate about spoilers that I thought was pretty damn good, triggered by a letter in another thread... not that we agreed, we did not, not that we came to a conclusion, we did not. We argued well, we listened and read and discoursed and well I think, we think, it would be nice to bring it before all of you and let you join in and give your opinions. We will start with my opening to Joerg’s confused emoji to my request for spoilers... The exact circumstances of the spoiler or the participants are not as important as the debate we think. edited for clarity, and spelling but definitely not for brevity...
  15. As it so often the case when one tries to simplify in Glorantha, Thanks for the great behind-the-scenes!
  16. That seems a but unfair and biased no? but thanks that is probably closer the reality
  17. My fave is Might well work for Storm Bulls and here in BRP land, berserks and bikers—oh and punks (is cyberpunk BRP a thang?). Seriously: have not seen a BRP sheet ever. (whenever I played BRP i just used lined paper and pencil). so can not answer that specifically. I would imagine that they would be best placed near the body part in the pic that has the APs and HPs in it ( a stick figure with 7 distinct body parts sufficed in proxy for this in paper and pencil games). I love the grit, others hate the paperwork.and I am not sure about the second part of the query. Cheers
  18. Can’t wait, know any Gene Krupa, Louis Prima,, Buddy Rich? Not sure what kinds funky instrument that that is but with a name like that I know it can do.this
  19. Well none of it is objective at all The chroniclers I am aware of are young and inexperienced. In Biturian's case I think an orlanthi Bias was present, I just remembered the other chronicler of the Zola Fel civilizations in the early 1600s and that was Jaxarte Whyded, I can not recall his attitude but as he was a young naive lunar of wealthy family (the -Eels?) on his first (way out of his league) assignment, I seem to recall a bit of a starry-eyed view. His arc is an interesting one. I do know were to find him luckily .... RQ3s Sun County and many places on the ’net and of course the legendary Biturian Varosh is from CoP (same). Cheers
  20. I seem to recall River of Cradles or Shadows on the Borderland (?) made the Count seem a little weasel-like on this note. Or was I reading with an Orlanthi slant? No spoilers here. You know the orlanthi settlers in the area feel this way. Biturian wrote the Count this way in his journal, independent yes, perhaps pridefully so, all while being a little obsequious, oily around lunars.
  21. Think rebel without a cause Reporter: What are you rebelling against? Young Punk: Watcha got?
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