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  1. Correct, like one weapon rolling an attack and a parry with the same skill percentage as per usual, a pair of specialized weapons built for the purpose, i.e. a sword and a shield in this circumstance can attack and parry also with one and the same skill percentage. To me it just makes sense. I'm surprised this was not done in RQ G. As to Revolution that's Rosen McStern's baby is it not? Not familiar with the game, I will have to poke my nose in that door one day and look around. Cheers
  2. So again welcome, don''t feed the grognards They don't bite but can hurt your feelings with their pretensions. Me, a grognard, No, never, not me.. . So... I am going to guess here Luxus, So bear with me. Battle may be a series of melees. but being dressed for the melee is what one wants to do. If your in the skirmish line where speed and the ability to whip a sling above your head are your skill sets, plate armour is not going to help and might will get you killed when your group follows orders and wheels around left at the double? Your trying to keep up and tripping over the weight of your gear as your friends wearing a helm and a Linothorax cuirass are easily outpacing.you. Remember, you do not have to run faster than the Lunar Chariots. just faster than Luxus, Yeah but don't he shine real nice in the sun? :) Another way of looking at it, one can succeed in battle by being a good tactician and wearing what he need on the field of battle to suits the needs of his unit, Whether that be plate for a heavy infantry or light linothorax for the agile skirmisher. Each will have his or her place in battle and their own chances to provide victory for all. David was a light skirmisher when he brought down Goliath (another sword and sandal epic battle with melees thrown in.) Cheers
  3. ...and do they live in Torkani* lands? Enquiring minds want to know! * the tribe is also called the "Troll Friends".
  4. Do not know a ton about it, read an article on them back in the 90s in a zine with MOB and Rick Meintz writing and running it called Tales of the Reaching Moon, I wonder if it was the only 2 (3?) continent zine in existence (Oz and N.A. I think). So Londra of Londros, Alebard, Asborn Thriceborn, Naimless, Bagtrap, Errol Silksword were some of the members. They accompanied Leika Orlkensorsdotter into Snake Pipe Hollow. The Temple was a Humakti wooden sword making it a mobile temple.(an idea Greag Stafford said he regretted). They were affiliated with my fave trollball team. the Sazdorf Whackers and Tacklers. That is all I have in my notes. I know a few of the names mentioned as you might, the only tale I can think of outside of this is a Humakti by the name of Naimless fought a gent in Tourney Alter called Allain in CoP. and an intriguing note that says..."appears and disappears though time, space and legend [Wyrm’s Footprint p. 12]" I believe there was troll warrior and a gorilla warrior with one or both havng colourful names. Yeah, that's all my notes... Cheers
  5. oh if only the gods would let me have one more Haha button, for the day. that.. that.... I am glad I was not drinking a coke when I read that. My computer might have suffered a crit to the head!
  6. My good man, a fine map indeed, however might I point out the oversight of the lack of Torkani lands. It would seem that our friends the uz, neighbours and Jonstown Confedercy allies; the Cinsina and our foe; the Telmori have swallowed all our lands. Though having taken heavy losses since the accursed horse worshipping Dinacoli turned traitor which we all know led to the temporary occupation of our great nation from the days of my father's youth until the Dragonrise this last year, I assure you that our clans and tribe mostly survive. Yours in Sartar The Torkani
  7. As long as maps have elvish script (was it called moon letters?), a la The Hobbit. I am sure I fell in love with maps before reading that tome, but i can't recall. Pre-Hobbit, post- Hobbit, two different world views, literally Cheers.
  8. Could we (could they, really) consider the Kitori a curse, seeing as they are not dark or mistress race?
  9. I have been thinking of both gaining, what do you think? That is treat (Any) Sword and Shield like (Any) Sword attack and parry. One's (Any) Sword attack is the same as one's Shield parry. Cheers
  10. Well judged. I don't care what the others say. I found it a slog, and I have run games for years, many campaigns across a vast swath of the Pass and beyond with the same core Orlanthi group. I compared it to wrestling a 747 off the ground, a slog and it looks impossible but once in flight it soars. It was a beast to run for those eager new faces at Free RPG days in '17 but I did like it, and so did they (I hope I had a little to do with that). Cheers
  11. Sir metcalph, I am glad he did. Otherwise I could not read your reply. I have already benefited as have we all. I love reading you both. Cheers
  12. That could be interesting, for a truly Gloranthan cartographic experience: a map of the spirit world overlain with our lozenge...
  13. 'kay, gets dice, attempts sanity roll, shakes... Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
  14. While I was in comic mode above, in my last quoting of you, I forgot to mention the reason for the like button I tapped. The above is quite brilliant and a point a lot of people of recent have missed, how ridiculously (i'm looking at you Druluz!) magical the place is. Thank you for that!
  15. Loved it, it is available for Chaosium! Considering the time period—the late 70s early 80s—I would imagine there to be more than a tipping of the fedora to a famous Spielberg & Lucas Sword Sage.
  16. T'was one of the truly golden threads, the best I have read in many a season or two. Made me proud to play RQ!
  17. Missed that tree for the forest, eh? I really should wake up, some days. (sigh) The Lunars will be doing surveys with moons boats. The Westerns will have flying sorcerers, Perhaps in the East they can trade with dragons for magical maps. Thanks for pointing out the obvious.
  18. In glorantha some type of soft material that takes markings and rolls into a scroll are common enough for any given significant city to have a more than one wing library.
  19. Sounds like you got a handle on things. These have been my interpretation for decades. Now, I am not saying we are correct, but I do agree with you. Throw in a hint of Eau d' Gygax & Arneson for that 80's "wash and wear fresh from the dungeon armour look" and you have the Rubble and my complete Prax view. Now awaiting paradigm shift as My Prax Begins to Vary (MPBtV™)... Oh sure, now I read this after all that pontificating...
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