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  1. I was just comparing the old and new Unspeakable Possessors/Adherents of the Unspeakable Oath, and noticed two big differences that may have been overlooked (or may have been intentional). The first is that the creature drains hit-points when it feeds, which it then absorbs into its own STR and SIZ. I feel this should now be x5, because dividing an average of 5 points among the two stats is pretty trivial otherwise. This leads into a similar issue, which is the damage the creature takes once the sun rises. It was previously 1D20 from STR and SIZ, which meant it could potentially die in a day or two if it failed to feed, whereas it's now 2D10, which is a similar roll, though because the stats are x5, it means it could survive an average of 9 days (with a minimum of 5). Again, this makes its need to feed quite trivial (in my opinion), if it can survive over a week without even needing to. If these are intentional changes, then I apologise for wasting your time, but I thought I should still bring them to your attention in the chance that they weren't.
  2. More of a question than an error per se, but are the Spawn of Abhoth (pg.32) meant to have 100% attack chance? It seems unusual for a creature that is meant to flop and flounder about. The only other monster in Volume 1 that has 100% is the Black Dogs (pg.172).
  3. On pg.43, in the G'harne box, the first sentence ends with, "...and their god Shudde-M’ell,." A comma has snuck in there before the full stop. In the same box, there is a line that reads, "...lead down into the city, which while entombed is still partially navigable." While I'm not 100% up on my punctuation rules, I believe there should be commas on each side of "while entombed", so that it reads, "...lead down into the city, which, while entombed, is still partially navigable." Further down, a line reads, "...and are devoted the god that lives below them." This needs a "to" before "the god".
  4. Not sure if it's an error or just a change, but a Gnoph-Keh (pg.73 in the new book) used to be able to perform one horn-gore and up to four claw attacks (see pg.44 of the old Malleus), but it now says five claws or one horn-gore.
  5. On pg.145, the Greater Size Brood of Ubbo-Sathla STR average should be 195 instead of 190. On pg.157, in the "Advanced Weapons from Yaddith" box, it says "Tune Pistol", whereas it should be "Tube Pistol". Just saw that one was already posted
  6. Before continuing on with checking any stats, I thought I'd double-check for any rolls with parentheses that shouldn't... Pg.57, Lesser Desh CON and SIZ Pg.92, Lloigor POW (also CON and SIZ, though they appear intentional) Pg.111, Rat-Thing CON and POW (as I mentioned above) Pg.122, Shoggoth Lord (True Form) DEX (as mentioned above) Pg.188, Bobcat/Lynx STR Pg.189, Dog STR and POW Pg.189, Jackal STR and SIZ Pg.190, Cats STR and CON Pg.200, Snapping Turtle (both types) DEX and POW And also added spaces: Pg.61, Dwellers in the Depths Fighting damage Pg.81, Spawn of Hastur DEX roll (mentioned above) Pg.155, Death-Vine Bite damage Pg.180, Scarecrow Sickle damage And also on pg.185, the crocodile STR roll is missing a left parenthesis.
  7. It does seem unusual that a monster would have such high APP, especially considering what it ends up looking like.
  8. On pg.90, the CON roll of the L'gy'hx is missing a right parenthesis. On pg.93, the average Lurker INT should be 70-75 instead of 65-70. On pg.95, the INT average of the Mi-Go Scientist should be 120 instead of 110-115, and the POW roll is missing a left parenthesis. On pg.111, the CON and POW rolls of the Rat-Thing are in parentheses despite having no modifiers. On pg.122, the DEX roll for Shoggoth Lords True Form are also in parentheses despite having no modifier. (Got to the end of the "S" chapter this time around. Hopefully I'll be able to finish them off before the cut-off.)
  9. On pg.39, the SIZ of the Lesser Brothers should say 85-90 average rather than 85-95. There's something amiss with the Greater Brother rolls on pg.40. The averages imply that the 5D6 and 2D6 rolls are being multiplied by 5, whereas this is not shown in the rolls themselves, or in the explanatory paragraph above. On p.41, the Chthonian Lifecycle 3rd Instar average should be 145 rather than 150. On pg.55, the average DEX of the Dolphin Hybrid should simply be 95. On pg.57, the average CON for the Greater Desh should be 50 instead of 65. On pg.59, the average SIZ of the Dhole should be 3025, and its average POW should be 175. On pg.81, there is a space in the middle of the the Spawn of Hastur DEX roll. (I only made it to the end of the "H" chapter before my brain was frazzled from all the numbers haha)
  10. Many do, such as Deep Ones, so it makes sense to have that in the creation options.
  11. On pg.195 of the Deities volume, in the Lady of the Woods entry, the power Command says, “when directly spoken to, humans to fall under the command of the Lady.” The second “to” (bold) seems to need deleting.
  12. In the Crawling Ones entry on p.46, it says, "if the crawling cannot find a means to escape such situations", which seems it should say, ""if the crawling one cannot find a means to escape such situations". In the Desh entry on p.56, it says, "Thus, one seen at 60 yards/meters may, in the follow second, be biting down on that person’s throat!" I believe this should say, "...in the following second...". In the Servitor of the Outer Gods entry, p.109, the stat block title calls them "the pipping ones", which presumably should be "piping". It says "pipping" in the Alternative names section on the previous page as well as in the middle of the main paragraph.
  13. On p.36, the Blighted Ones' stats for STR and DEX say "roll host x2/average 120-140". As both of these stats are a 3D6 roll, the average would be 100-110. Likewise, the SIZ average is listed as 50-55, whereas it would be 65. EDIT: I just saw that the Adherents of the Unspeakable Oath on p.33 are similarly off. DEX and CON are correct, though STR is not, and SIZ would be 97 rather than the listed 82.
  14. On p.66 of V1, in the Flying Polyp entry, it says “Around 50 million years ago (during the Cretaceous era)”, though the Cretaceous was 66-145m years.
  15. Denizens of S’glhuo are absent from the index.
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