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  1. Now that the Stillwater book is out in hardcover, could I have an update on the release of the print version of Berlin? I am so looking forward to this one.
  2. From the limited blurb on their website, the MRQ book appears to be about writing up new undead creatures rather than a magic system.
  3. I've been running the demo in Windows 7 on Parallels. It seems okay.
  4. Not very in-depth, similar to say Rolemaster, Midnight or Conan RPG (D20 system). I think as a relative newbie, it is defining the effects that worries me as I don't yet have a good feel for game balance.
  5. Hi everyone A newbie to the forums here! Does anyone know where I could find some BRP guidelines for herbalism? I'm looking at a fantasy setting with limited healing magic. Not sure if there is anything in the BRP Witchcraft supplement? Thanks in anticipation, Ian
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