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    Started with the Moldvey Basic set and have been hooked on RPGs for the past 40 years.
    Wrote The Dragon and the Wolf in Chaosium's Bride of Halloween Horror.
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    Running: D&D 5e, with Deadlands on hiatus, and prepping for Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha
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    History degree form Purdue University, former game tester for Cryptic Studios and Nintendo, currently househusband

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  1. In Six Seasons in Sartar, pg 27, it says that Keladon Blue eye is known to be a member of The Guide subcult of Eurmal. I've looked online, and in Cults of Prax, and Cult Compendium, as well as Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, but I can find nothing on The Guide subcult. Does anyone have any more information on it? Thanks.
  2. I guess I didn't ask my question clearly enough. Sorry about that. Let me try to clarify. I understand that the PCs will become the Ring, as I do intend to run Company after Six Seasons. What I'm unclear on is the process of how they become initiated into the Company in the first place. The description of the Company's Initiation, as per page 85 of Company says "The Head and the Ring are present, as are all other Companions." Also, "The Head is given the responsibility of delivering the Charge" but when the PCs and the most important survivors of the attack on Black Stag Vale decide to form that Ring for the first time, there are no Ring or Head yet to perform the initiation, so how are they Initiated? I assume that Shah’vashak will have to be more actively involved, but due to lack of experience with RQ and Glorantha, this will be my first RQ campaign, I'm unsure what form that would take. Does Shah'vashak manifest and act as Head for that first Initiation? Does he do so for the whole group, or just for his chosen priest, who then becomes the Head and initiates everyone else? Of course, my Glorantha will vary, but I'd still like some input from folks more familiar with the setting, especially those who've actually run that first initiation, as to how this should go.
  3. Do any GMs who've run Six Season in Sartar and Company of the Dragon have any advice as to possible pain points, rough spots, etc. to look out for? What did you do with the two seasons between the end of Six Seasons and the start of Company with The Forging? Any suggestions for the first Company initiation? What's in the book is written from the perspective that the Ring already exists rather than the PCs being initiated as the Ring. As I'm new to Glorantha, I'm wondering if any more experienced with the setting came up with something better than I can for this first initiation for the Company. Any other advice, ideas, etc. are also appreciated.
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