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  1. Thanks very much for all the responses. I'm thinking I should probably give it a miss, but chances are I'll pick it up on a whim some timeand end up with the same opinion as the OP!
  2. Not sure whether to start a new thread or just respond to this one - anyway, hopefully not derailing... Is it worth it for me to get RQG if I am not at all interested in Glorantha? i.e. what's it bringing in terms of mechanics, given I already have a wealth of d100 material on actual and virtual bookshelves (several RQ editions, BRP gold book etc.)? I read it is based heavily on RQ2 - is that right? I'm not criticising Glorantha or anyone's decision to game in that world. However I missed out on it back in the day, and at this stage in life I just don't have the time or inclination to learn a new deep and detailed mythos.
  3. Hi Newt, Kickstarter backer here. Five years go quickly! Should I be expecting a copy of the Companion sometime? If hardcopy I will need to inform you of a change of address. Cheers
  4. Chipping in a bit late here, but I like the suggestion of linking improvement to characteristic as I am one of those people who are annoyed by the weakness of the link between characteristics and skills. For example, Athletics is based off STR+DEX. Say a character has STR and DEX of 11 each. The skill starting value is 22%. Up to 44%, it improves at 2D4 each time. After 44%, improvement slows to 1D4. You could tweak this to govern the rate at which characters improve in the campaign. To take another example, you could put the improvement cap at 3x the starting value and then use 2D6 and then 1D6 for your improvement throws, if you wanted a faster pace.
  5. Hi all - quick rules question. Can the Aug Activation skill be improved through the regular improvement system, or is it always tied to POWx3? I'm assuming the skill goes up anyway if POW is increased. Sorry if I've missed it somewhere in the book. Thanks in advance!
  6. Backed - seems the polite thing to do after my whingeing up-thread!
  7. Any news on this? Oct kickstarter still in prospect? The thought that this intriguing game is probably sitting around 99% complete apart from the art (as I understand it?), right now on people's hard drives, makes me want to cry.
  8. I look forward to being able to fund RoH! Artless is no problem whatever. I wish more RPG companies would offer zero-art product as most of it is adolescent trash (no offence - I'm sure D101 Games are in a different league!). That much less chance of my wife laughing at me for reading an RPG book.
  9. Does this mean River of Heaven is back to Aug/Sept? In another place (sorry, not sure if rules here allow cross-board references) I have recently been soliciting suggestions for a Reynolds-verse, Revelation Space game, and my researches have unveiled River of Heaven, which seems along similar lines. I keenly await RoH.
  10. I can certainly understand the day job point - add two young children in my case. Which is why I increasingly like other people to write my settings for me these days! Here's hoping you get round to it one day. In the meantime, I recommend Outpost 19 wholeheartedly to any SF types looking for some variety away from the Traveller default.
  11. This is really a shout-out to Nick Middleton, author of the BRP monograph "Outpost 19". What a great piece of work - scratches my itch for non-Traveller SF. The sketch of the background, the Gate Wardens Universe, has whetted my appetite. So - will we ever get to see more of it?
  12. operation ulysses is out now:)

  13. On setting design, while bottom-up is a good principle for the physical bits (planets, characters etc.), I would advise the OP to think through some of the basic features of his setting first. Like, do you or do you not have FTL comms? Otherwise you risk something like the following: after a few weeks of happily tramping speculative freight around the Five Suns Federation, it becomes plot-necessary to be able to place a call to a different system. Fine. Next thing, someone asks: so this cargo we're being offered... why not call up our potential destinations and get quotes there? Maybe even lock in a price? Puff goes spec-trade campaign. How FTL travel and comms work (if at all) is probably the key question to answer. Plus, is the economy post-scarcity (via quasi-magically-good nanotech or whatever)? And, how good is neuroscience - can you upload personalities? If so, physical death becomes less of an issue. Oh yeah, and probably: are there aliens, and if so, what tech level and what degree of physical / political power? If there are aliens roughly comparable to humans in tech and military power, I think it's much more likely that humanity will be organised under some sort of unified government. Random suggestion: one of the SF backgrounds I've liked most recently is Hinterwelt's Nebuleos. The thing I like best about it is that humans are the oppressed underclass of the setting, rather than the dominant players as usual. Straightaway made it fresher.
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