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  1. Thanks very much for all the responses. I'm thinking I should probably give it a miss, but chances are I'll pick it up on a whim some timeand end up with the same opinion as the OP!
  2. Not sure whether to start a new thread or just respond to this one - anyway, hopefully not derailing... Is it worth it for me to get RQG if I am not at all interested in Glorantha? i.e. what's it bringing in terms of mechanics, given I already have a wealth of d100 material on actual and virtual bookshelves (several RQ editions, BRP gold book etc.)? I read it is based heavily on RQ2 - is that right? I'm not criticising Glorantha or anyone's decision to game in that world. However I missed out on it back in the day, and at this stage in life I just don't have the time or inclination t
  3. Hi Newt, Kickstarter backer here. Five years go quickly! Should I be expecting a copy of the Companion sometime? If hardcopy I will need to inform you of a change of address. Cheers
  4. Hi all - quick rules question. Can the Aug Activation skill be improved through the regular improvement system, or is it always tied to POWx3? I'm assuming the skill goes up anyway if POW is increased. Sorry if I've missed it somewhere in the book. Thanks in advance!
  5. operation ulysses is out now:)

  6. And let this be my first post on the BRP forums. I only recently got back into RPGs after many, many years. The only organised campaign I was ever in was D&D, back in school. I seem to remember the DM let me sell an intelligent sword for 500k GP (!) and I built a castle with the proceeds. Later we tried RQ2 - the Games Workshop version - after I wheedled my uncle into buying me the rulebook. And then it only lasted for a couple of sessions because no-one else could be bothered to learn the rules. I wish I still had that book - the artwork was wow, and the magical Europe setting seeme
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