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    I played a lot of D&D, HERO, Savage Worlds, and now Mythras
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    M Space for a low tech, hard science fiction game set in a budding Earth colonial empire.
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  1. Opiyel

    Odd Soot - Sci-Fi Mystery in the 1920s

    Looks cool. I'd love to see a step by step process of your montage method. As a side note, it seems the link to the other OS aliens is broken.
  2. Opiyel

    Spirit Combat and Parrying

    Thanks for the clarification everyone. I'll be running another game with possible spirit combat, so this will definitely help!
  3. Opiyel

    What Would Sci-Fi Look Like in the 1920s?

    I like the look of this so far. I've been running a lot of M-Space, so I look forward to seeing this in the future!
  4. Opiyel

    Spirit Combat and Parrying

    Today I ran my first Spirit Combat with a Bane Spirit. The question of parrying to minimize damage came up and I wasn't quite sure what to do. In physical combat, if you successful parry an attack and your weapon/shield size is of a greater size than the attacker, it can halve or even negate damage. Does something like that exist for Spirit Combat? Thanks for any help.
  5. Opiyel

    How to Run Suppressing Fire

    This came up finally in my M-Space campaign. We are using the RQ Firearms and we had someone try and use suppressive fire on the bad guys. When I looked up how, it was a bit vague about it. Do you have to get the Pin Down special effect? Is it a special action or a special effect? Does it work on people that successfully evade? Thanks for any help!
  6. Opiyel

    After the Vampire Wars - Now Available

    Awesome. I went ahead and picked it up. I like the looks of it so far. Really interesting.
  7. Opiyel

    After the Vampire Wars - Now Available

    Apologies for the necro. I was curious how the modern firearms rules were in this supplement, especially compared to the RQ Firearms document?
  8. Opiyel

    How does Mythras scale up in Power?

    Looks good so far. I have my own cribbed from 2300 AD, but I definitely will be adding these.
  9. Opiyel

    How does Mythras scale up in Power?

    I may have to get this and combine it with M-Space for some d100 Shadowrun goodness
  10. Opiyel


    When I was doing the smoke grenade, I was using the coughing fits rules in the basic Mythras as a guide. I could see making it a harder skill to pass, but less punishing though. The smoke grenades here were admittedly inspired by the ones used in Rainbow Six Siege by the operative Smoke. As for the RPG launcher, that one I got from River of Heaven and tweaked it compared to the listed stats of the Tank in M-Space as well as some real world stats for range. It's definitely a nasty weapon used in dire circumstances.
  11. Opiyel


    I'm running a near-future M-Space campaign and I sat down and did up grenades on my own for my players. I researched things like radii and used the RQ6 firearms rules as well as other d100 games (River of Heaven) to come up with something in-between realistic and gameable. Tell me what you think. Grenades & Explosives The first radius is the Kill Radius and does the full dice of damage. The second radius is the Injury Radius and drops one of the dice. Injury Radius is measured from where the Kill Radius ends. Concussion: 3d8 - Tiny - Thrown - SIZ 1 - Radius 2m/5m - Ablating A grenade that strikes with a concussive blast. Very effective at taking down cover and structures. Fragmentation: 3d6 - Tiny - Thrown - SIZ 1 - Radius 5m/10m - Fragmentation An anti-personnel grenade that releases synthetic steel shards to maim and kill people in the radius. Smoke: 1d3* - Tiny - Thrown - SIZ 1 - Radius 4m - Choking, Unarmored A grenade used for screening allies behind a cloud of smoke or signaling help with colored phosphorous. Can only burn targets that are unarmored. Anyone caught inside of the cloud without a rebreather or mask makes an Endurance check to prevent coughing uncontrollably and doing nothing. RPG-11 Launcher (Anti-Personnel): 6d6+6 - 500 m - Radius 10m/20m - Fragmentation - Ammo 1 - Reload 3 RPG-11 Launcher (Anti-Armor): 6d6+6 - 500m - Radius 5m - Ablating - Ammo 1 - Reload 3 The RPG-11 is the evolution in portable explosive weaponry. The anti-personnel ammo is perfect for taking down a group of infantry, while the anti-armor’s focused blast is great at taking down armored vehicles. When holstered, the RPG is disassembled into two parts that take a Turn to remove and a second Turn to reassemble. The user must spend a Turn bracing themselves or else they run the risk of firing it in a random direction.
  12. I was looking through the combat section for ranged attacks, and I had a curious thought about the distance modifier. Are they cumulative? For example, I shoot a size 13 person. At 20+m it's a 1 step increase in difficulty ( Hard penalty in this case). At 40+m, it says 1 step increase to difficulty, so would that make it Formidable?
  13. Opiyel

    The RQ Encounter Generator

    I wanted to take the time to thank you for your resource. I have been doing a lot of solo Mythras this month and your website has been a huge boon to my efforts. Definitely keep up the awesome work!
  14. Opiyel

    M-SPACE actual play on Twitch [Swedish]

    Shame there aren't subtitles. I'd like to enjoy watching it and showing it to my players.
  15. Opiyel

    Boxing Day Sale!

    I think I might be nabbing Mythic Britain, especially for the mass combat rules. Are they anything like Ships and Shieldwalls?