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    I played a lot of D&D, HERO, Savage Worlds, and now Mythras
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    M Space for a low tech, hard science fiction game set in a budding Earth colonial empire.
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    I like sci fi games.
  1. Yeah, I really should have done that with the XMind files I lost. Luckily, all of my Evernote stuff was on its cloud and got saved. The goods news is that my girlfriend was able to get into the fried hard drive and recover just about everything. Just have to wait a bit, but all of my maps and XMind files I stored will be back. TSS is nice because it is simple Yes or No questions with no looking at tables. Much faster than Mythic. I pair it with Tangent Zero's dice roller that act as Rory's Story Cubes so you can get inspiration on what is going on. I'd like to try the sci fi deck that Ubiquitous Rat uses. Looks to be really handy.
  2. I've done solo gaming using Stars Without Number's Stellar Heroes and Tiny Solitary Soldiers's rules for solo gaming, along with Tangent Zero's Dice for ideas. It was fun and I enjoyed it a lot. I thought about getting Solo as above, but it's more geared toward fortune in the middle, where I prefer fortune at the end style. Sadly, I'll probably have to do more solo gaming since my laptop died and with it, my notes for this Sunday's M Space game died with it. Hundreds of planets and celestial bodies gone.
  3. I had read this and really liked it. I plan on doing something like this with M-Space to get a better feel for the game.
  4. Awesome downloading now. I generally don't get print anymore due to medical conditions for my hands making it difficult to page through dead tree books. But I'm more than happy to give money for PDFs
  5. I'm excited to get this scenario. I was wondering what the ETA is for the pdf on DTRPG?
  6. Thanks for the help. Luckily I do have Mythras, so I can take a look at the Mysticism and Gifts and see what to use from there. I can reflavor the magic and psionics for the setting, since I don't have psionics in the game.
  7. Hello there. I'm new to the forums and pretty new to Mythras. I recently picked up a copy of M-Space and ran a game with my girlfriend and some friends. Everyone really enjoyed the game and it'll probably continue for awhile. One thing we all expressed interest in were making genetic modifications for the players. Since this is my first time really GMing a d100 system, I'm unsure how to go about doing it. Would it be bonuses to the Characteristics (STR, DEX, etc) or bonuses to Standard Skills (like Endurance and Willpower)? I'm also not sure how much the bonus should be. Some of the ideas I have include gecko gripping pads, gills and fins, camouflage, enhanced strength, enhanced senses, natural armor, etc. What would be some good ideas on doing some of these gene mods? Thanks for any help!