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    M Space for a low tech, hard science fiction game set in a budding Earth colonial empire.
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  1. I was looking through the combat section for ranged attacks, and I had a curious thought about the distance modifier. Are they cumulative? For example, I shoot a size 13 person. At 20+m it's a 1 step increase in difficulty ( Hard penalty in this case). At 40+m, it says 1 step increase to difficulty, so would that make it Formidable?
  2. The RQ Encounter Generator

    I wanted to take the time to thank you for your resource. I have been doing a lot of solo Mythras this month and your website has been a huge boon to my efforts. Definitely keep up the awesome work!
  3. M-SPACE actual play on Twitch [Swedish]

    Shame there aren't subtitles. I'd like to enjoy watching it and showing it to my players.
  4. Boxing Day Sale!

    I think I might be nabbing Mythic Britain, especially for the mass combat rules. Are they anything like Ships and Shieldwalls?
  5. Advice For Ranged Combat In Mythras

    I've been reading up a bit on the drones and the XM25 rifle with some interest. While the drones seem like interesting enemies for the players to deal with, a part of me doesn't quite know how to handle the laser guided smart ammunition aspect of it. Especially if the players encounter that.
  6. Advice For Ranged Combat In Mythras

    That's good at least. The players have armor, a bit more expanded from the ones from M-Space. And most of the people have lasers, so there's not too much damage flying out. I'll have to consider that, especially with grenades.
  7. Advice For Ranged Combat In Mythras

    Thanks for the advice. I guess I'm looking for ways to have a SWAT style breach and clear kind of shooting. I definitely like the idea of more flanking and gunning down/blowing up cover.
  8. So for awhile, I've been running an M-Space campaign, using the modern and laser firearms in the RQ Firearms document. I was curious on how to make ranged combat a bit more interesting in the game, since a lot of it ends up being people crouching around in one area without really moving much. Thanks for any help.
  9. Doing a Knife to Throat

    That seems reasonable. I had considered that the attack would automatically crit since it's hitting a weakpoint. I suppose my worry was that I didn't want this to be so easy to pull off that anyone could just grab someone and automatically kill them so easily. I like your idea.
  10. Doing a Knife to Throat

    That makes sense. I wonder, what would happen if the grappler decided to pull the trigger, or cut the jugular? Should that be an Easy attack roll? Are there rules for coup de graces in the game? Thanks again for the help.
  11. Doing a Knife to Throat

    I was watching some heist movie and it got me thinking. How would one model having a hostage and holding a knife to a throat or gun to the head? Obviously, one would use grapple, but from there, would someone do an attack to place it on the neck? Compel surrender? I'm curious on everyone's thoughts.
  12. Space Suit Extravaganza

    At the same time, it's unreasonable to expect a GM to have to essentially learn rocket science just so I can run a hardish sci fi game without getting harassed by my players. There is a certain point where trying to keep things as hard as possible becomes incredibly tedious and gets in the way of hosting a game, and frankily, goes beyond my education. I failed Calculus 3 twice before finally sliding by with a D. You can't expect me to solve for delta vs for every space ship out there. And I'm not really into science fantasy like Star Wars. I do enjoy stuff like The Expanse or 2001 that presents itself as grittier and harder so I prefer to run it like that. The last thing I want to worry about when preparing and running a game is getting yelled at in the middle of my game for not understanding aerospace. It's one of the reasons I don't run Traveller for a lot of my college friends. They all did aerospace and one works for NASA and all get extremely offended at any little mistake dealing with it. The moment I brought up an Alcubierre Drive because it 'sounded cool', my game came to a grinding halt as everyone argued over why it wasn't right. It's simply not fun to deal with as a GM. I get not liking handwavium, and I'm totally down for researching stuff to build a sense of verisimilitude. But there's only so much a GM can do, and with what we know about space and physics always changing, it's not a good excuse to derail the game over nitpicks and mistakes. It's why my motto is to keep it real enough to give a sense of the setting and genre, without it bogging down the game.
  13. Space Suit Extravaganza

    I've had this issue before and I've sat down with the person and told them "I am not an aerospace engineer and this is just a game. Nitpicking will interrupt the game and is a really good way to get me to end the game. Just sit back and enjoy it."
  14. Space Suit Extravaganza

    I'm also running M Space in a lower tech style of sci fi. I don't use lasers, instead using the RQ Firearms. Modern and some of the more exotic ones, like Gauss. The ships go a little slow, using a nuclear core reactor. And no psionics. Beyond that,nothing really all that different. Much of what I'm looking for is something like a more advanced Orbital 2100. Or something like The Expanse.
  15. Pretty sneaky, guys

    I guess. I don't mind personally, and I am Puerto Rican. Having read Mythic Britain, I think they could do it justice.