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  1. There is no Kolat write up in GoG?
  2. mallion

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    It's too sudden, and very sad. When he came to Japan in 2001, many Glorantha fans from all over Japan gathered and played games with him. I would like to see you again. Farewell, Great game master.
  3. mallion

    RQG Fanzine When?

    No no, I am talking about translating “fan material policy of Chaosium”, because there are not only RQ fans, but also huge number of CoC fans (and tons of fanzines) in Japan, not knowing there is Fan Material Policy. I know earning money needs Small Publisher Licence.
  4. mallion

    RQG Fanzine When?

    Could I traslate Fan Material Policy for Japanese people ?
  5. mallion

    RQG Character creation spreadsheet

    Thak you ! It is very useful.
  6. mallion

    RQG Corrections Thread

    page 338 Temporal =15 min. This spell can be used several times? (RQ3= Instant / RQ2= also "15 min") RQ2 Sever Spirit was "one use for rune masters". I think it it too powerful reusable for initiates ...
  7. mallion

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    I hope RQG Yelmalio’s magic would be more powerful than RQ3. More than Catseye and Sunbright. I remember once Greg said “Yelmalio has powerful magic”. it does not mean “Elmal has weeker magic than Yelmalio”.
  8. mallion

    High Llama

    Hello sirs, High Llama of Prax plain is asumed to be a camelopard which now extinct on earth. Is it still true it's scientific (God Learnic) name in RQ3? And what "high" means? (tall or supreme or holy?)
  9. mallion

    There is no potato in Glorantha?

    Yes, and I remember an article about gin made from potato in TotRM. But there is no mention of potato in the Guide ...
  10. mallion

    There is no potato in Glorantha?

    Hi, I have searched through Guide to Glorantha and can't find "potato" in it. There is no potato in Glorantha? (And "coffee" is only in East Isles, right?)