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  1. Menhir

    About slavery

    Hello everybody ! How to enslave a captured enemy ? Beat him, chain him, threaten him, deport him, and all kinds of disgusting things, okay ! But how to cut him off from its magic ? How the Lunars do that in their slaves farms ? Thanks for your comments !
  2. Only legs and à l'alsacienne ! And yes, a french edition would be nice (and very useful for my players).
  3. Menhir


    My players are not english speaker, except one, and i'm an old RQ-oriflam (french version) player so i use and complete the old RQ translation (yes i use Lunar not Lunaire). It's a better immersion for my players and i. I translate everything if possible and try to catch the meaning of the english name to create/adapt in french (thanks for online dictionary). If i can't translate (exemple : EWF*, Boldhome) i explain the meaning to my players, but there are very few names. But in game i don't play with my translate-lexical so sometime i forget the translation and use another version or the english version Very funny for my players. * I use the rune/writing EWF and the youf sound but i translate it by "Empire des amis des wyrms"
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