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  1. tired librarian

    Proofreaders needed

    i'm available as well, PM me if interested.
  2. tired librarian

    Blood Tide

    also curious, to anyone who has the pdf--how are the typos? there are enough to bug me in the hardcopy version, but i might buy the pdf if it's properly spellchecked, etc. . . .
  3. tired librarian

    changing member/user title?

    "display name" just changed my username (for testing purposes; i'll change it from "tired librarian" back to "beeber" in a few days). i don't see where i could change the "moving librarian" part
  4. tired librarian

    changing member/user title?

    don't see anything on my profile settings pages, alas. (i'm done moving, so "moving librarian" no longer applies, heh) thanks for any assistance
  5. tired librarian

    Blood Tide

    reading my copy, and while enjoying it, see a bunch of "see p. XX" that i'll have to look up & annotate. also, the multiple 1d60 instances should simply be 1d10, then?
  6. tired librarian

    Space 1889

    oh hell, can't pass that up! glad i didn't get one of the other bundles a couple months ago!
  7. tired librarian

    Diablo 2 Magic!!! (for RQ/BRP!)

    lots of good work here, thanks for sharing!
  8. tired librarian

    The Meteoric Magic Item System of Doom

    great stuff. hope to try it out soon!
  9. tired librarian

    Chaos & Catacombs

    another interested party here! can also shanghai my group for playtesting if need be.
  10. tired librarian


    amazing stuff here guys, especially your efforts, soltakss!
  11. tired librarian

    Im sorry but I had to post this image....

    i run MRQ slaine with BRP instead. now just to get my players on board
  12. tired librarian

    The Adventures of George the Trucker

    george could be a woman. . . George Eliot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia don't forget to add "cyborg" and "cultist" to that even better list, tho :thumb:
  13. tired librarian

    BRP Ashes, to Ashes

    sounds like fun, can't wait for the paper version!
  14. tired librarian

    Chaosium down?

    thanks for the update! can't wait for the release--looks like other members of my gaming group will pick up a copy as well :thumb: