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    I started playing RPGs in my senior year of high school, and haven't been able to stop since.
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    D&D, Savage Worlds, the old d6 version of Star Wars
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    I love reading, writing, RPGs, and whistling.
  1. I am writing a Call of Cthulhu scenario, and was wondering if this sounded like one that would be fun to play? A group of occultists took up lodging in a small town in the heart of the Pennsylvanian forests when they discovered an ancient underground Pawnee burial chamber for which they had been looking for a decade. Inside was a tall stone altar, large rectangular slots cut into its sides. On top of it, surrounded in green flames, an animal skin scroll rested; the final teachings directly from an Ancient, containing vast power. But in order to get past the fire to their prize, the occultists found that they must find specific people to place within the slots cut into the altar. These persons needed, described in archaic writing throughout the temple, must be those who had committed specific wicked deeds. So the occultists set up a shop in the small town, and began to kidnap those they needed over the course of ten years. The last victim, a young schoolteacher named Sarah Marneski, has a childhood friend in Harrisburg who contacts one of the investigators. She asks for help in finding Sarah after receiving a concerning letter from her and finding her friend disappeared from the small town. The investigators must follow clues concerning the various disappearances in order to find traces of the cultists and discover the temple where their ritual is almost complete. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I would appreciate any and all advice and constructive criticism you may have.
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