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  1. i.e., if it wants to cast Fear or Panic on one of our PC's, with no POW, how can it overcome the victim's POW?
  2. This is a leetle late for me to be asking this, as I'm GM'ing this tomorrow. But there's a very odd rules question here. The Rattling Wind is undead, no POW, but has a bunch of very appropriate and useful to it rune spells. How does it cast them on my PC's? With its magic points?
  3. Glorion


    Finally, after some unfortunate diversions to which I myself have contributed, we're *somewhat* back to the original subject I asked about. But only somewhat. A lot of stuff about the Big Rubble, no doubt a very interesting topic in itself. But I was asking about New Pavis and what's going on there, not about the Big Rubble, which, oddly enough, I find less interesting.
  4. Glorion


    Rape is I think pretty rare, except among those who don't mind turning into broos. That is definitely *not* true for cannibalism, a major part of some cultures, notably the Old Tarshites, commonly seen as "good guys" unless you are a Lunar. Torture is quite common also, and there is no reason to expect that Sartarites would shrink back from torturing Lunar prisoners unless a Chalana Arroy is around to object. Human sacrifice is also fairly popular, though not among Sartarites. Primarily due to the fact that Ernaldans have human sacrifice rituals for "Year Kings," preferably Orlanthi.
  5. At one of the RQ Cons in the '90s, Greg stated that King of Sartar was simply the Sartarite version of events a thousand years later, and he was planning to write a different one, equally valid, in which the Lunars win and Argrath loses. I do hope the Grand Campaign includes that possibility!
  6. Is Gerendetho an aspect or a son of Lodril? Hey, this is Glorantha. Depends on who you ask, like Vinga. Aspect or daughter of Orlanth? Yes. It's nice to have simple questions with simple yes or not answers.
  7. Glorion


    Thanks David, that gives me some overall guidelines I need to have, given that the party is headed to Pavis and two of the PC's were along for the ride when Lunar rule in Pavis was overthrown. I will make it nastier however, as IMHO, sure Argrath got Jaldon to promise to leave the non-Lunar citizens alone, but in the heat of the moment that was disregarded by the Pavis hating Praxians, with Jaldon looking the other way. The quote I found in KOS from the account of "Argrath in Pavis," the only account of Argrath that rates as what historians call a "primary source," matches that very well. More like 10% of the non-Lunar population dying I would say, and 30% having their possessions looted or destroyed. Fortunately, they all passed out dead drunk after two days and were stuck groggily on their bisonbacks and driven off to fight the Lunars when they woke up. And Harrek's berserkers too, who weren't listening to anybody. BTW, the reason I raised the rape issue is because in my version, it was horrible enough that the Lunar underground is fairly popular with the remaining citizenry, despite Halcyon's crimes, and not just with any surviving Lunars or ex-Lunars, to say nothing of the slaves. I want it to be a situation where this is natural, and even my Orlanthi PC's will be wondering if they should be sympathising with the Lunar underground for moral reasons. Rape is in fact not necessary for that.
  8. Glorion


    I want to make it perfectly clear that I am *happy* that rape is eliminated from Glorantha except for chaotics, for the reasons Qizilbashwoman stated. As we all know, fantasy gaming is much too male dominated. I'm very concerned about consistency and accuracy, but other considerations are more important. It would be nice I suppose if torture and mass murder could be eliminated too, but that would definitely not be Gloranthan. Those are practices that people of all possible genders have engaged in, so there is nothing specifically anti-female about having them in one's fantasy setting.
  9. Glorion


    OK fine. You'll need to make another deletion in the RQ book. p. 407: Where our friend Gunda, recognizing Vasana et.al. as former battle companions, agrees to ransom them, "likely preventing us from becoming sport for the other Wolf Pirates." That is a standard euphemism for rape, and that is how most readers will read it as written.
  10. I think that's about right, Heroquest is more like Greg's original vision of a game than RQ3, certainly. But let's face it, Heroquest just isn't that popular as a game, the game system is just too vague, slippery and annoying to get far. So Greg in his last years wanted to bring back RQ2 and make it more runic and bring into it more of the spirit he wanted , as a sensible compromise. Sales figures seem to indicate that he was right.
  11. D&D got the monopoly of non Gloranthan fantasy gaming. Quite possibly if Runequest had *initially* abandoned Glorantha all the way back in the '70s, it could have gone head to head with D&D. I ran into one of the original founders of RQ at the last Dundracon, forget his name, and he said he'd argued for that. Once fantasy gaming became identified with D&D in the public mind, the Avalon Hill-Chaosium attempt to push Runequest as a generic system was trying to close the barn door after the horse had been stolen, and was doomed. The appeal of Runequest is Glorantha. Without Glorantha, Runequest can never go anywhere, except as just another of the myriad niche games out there that come and go. The tie in with Avalon Hill only meant that RQ would end up as one of the least popular of the niche games, and die quicker.
  12. Glorion


    Page 16, "robbing, raping and murdering." The entire population gets wiped out.
  13. Glorion


    "A Tale to Tell" is about Muriah the witch queen and her band of broos. You are thinking of "Black Rock Village," where an unpunished rape and the death of the victim leads to the birth of a succubus, not the conversion of anyone, including the rapist, into broos. She masters the community and bends it to her will, but that can be broken by the PC's in normal fashions, not through magically purging the community of chaos.
  14. Glorion


    Doesn't fit too well with the City of Wonders story, which actually had Greg Stafford's seal of approval, as expressed in the intro he wrote. Maybe Harrek's Berserks have some sort of unusual ability to get away with rape for magical reasons. They are pretty universally loathed.
  15. Glorion


    Hm. Just read for the first time in many years the account of the sacking of the City of Wonders in "Gloranthan Visions." Which one of my PC's, a Vingan in fact, participated in. According to it, Harrek's berserks engaged in an orgy of raping and murder of the unsuspecting civilian population, basically killing all of them. Maybe Harrek's berserks were just less worried than Sartarites about turning into broos? Also, what about slaves? If a slave "voluntarily" provides sexual services in return for better food, less hard work, and bathing facilities, will the owner turn into a broo? Is sexual slavery a thing on Glorantha?
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