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  1. Are you sure? According to the fandom wiki, his runes are Death and Disorder. The Sourcebook mentions him as a deity of Darkness not Chaos (p. 78). I certainly have nothing against the idea, but I don't see it in the official writings.
  2. Actually, that's exactly right. No Muggles on Glorantha! Spirit magic is magic that you perform with the mana of your very own spirit, your own inherent magical nature as a Gloranthan. The spirits jmerely teach you how. Rune Magic is from your connection with the divine, sorcery from your mental understanding of the inherent magics omnipresent in Glorantha which you learn to manipulate.
  3. Different strokes for different folks. What I would do with players who want to torture prisoners is to let them know that if they do, their soul will acquire the touch of Ikadz, and that Humakhti NPC in the party is going to try to kill you, so you'd better run.
  4. As to rape, I think players are perfectly capable of accepting the logic I've provided as to why their characters are not allowed to rape and will turn into broos if they do. Any that are not you should kick out of your game. Torture is evil, not chaotic, as far as I know. Ikadz is not a chaotic deity. In the current political atmosphere, fortunately, people will fully understand arbitrary prohibitions against their characters committing rape. That is not, unfortunately, the case with torture, or Jack Reacher and quite a few TV cops shows would not be on the air and Donald Trump would not be president.
  5. And I continue to wish you good luck in that enterprise. I think it's actually pretty logical really, but there are more important things than logic. (Speaking as somebody who, as you can see from other postings of mine on other subjects, thinks logic is pretty damn important.)
  6. And dwarves. All the elder races except for the trolls want to wipe out all the other elder races. And the only reason the trolls don't is that elves are tasty and dwarves get you high. BTW, what Argrath did to Peloria is the ultimate proof that Greg's statements at several Cons back in the '90s that in fact, almost all Chaosium publications are propaganda from the Orlanthi POV, and in fact the Lunars are the good guys and the Orlanthi are the bad guys, is true. I think official Lunar doctrine is that when White Moon time comes, all those souls the Crimson Bat devoured will get disgorged again and live happy lives forever after, like everyone else, and that meanwhile they get to be part of the beautiful Bat. At least that's what my Natha priestess thinks. There'll be pie in the sky by and bye...
  7. Be it noted that Argrath dropping the Moon on Peloria was the single most genocidal act in Gloranthan history since the sinking of Slontos etc., which may have killed as many or even more--or maybe not. Frankly, genocide is a common Glorantha practice, blessed by many gods as the proper thing to do with evil people, or for that matter people with evil leaders. Remember, unless someone is devoured by chaos the soul is still around, and likely to be reincarnated or go to the appropriate heaven or hell. So not such a bad thing really.
  8. Yes indeed, and various posters here are doing their best to come up with internally consistent explanations for it. A worthy cause, I wish them all success. If canonical writings are not all internally consistent and downright perfect, I suspect that may not be the first time.
  9. Actually, Chaosium has an even stronger reason than the video games make kids violent thing, of which I am doubtful too. The thing about rape, as opposed to murder and other bad stuff, is that it is something that is usually done by men to women (or men to men), rather than the other way around. So women gamers get very uncomfortable about fantasy games including rape fantasies, but not so much of other bad stuff. And Chaosium wants women to feel comfortable playing RQG.
  10. Rape is chaotic because *Chaosium decided* to make rape chaotic, not for internal to Glorantha logical reasons. Logic has nothing to do with it. Whether the "video games make kids violent" argument is *objectively valid* if transferred to rape and fantasy games is also irrelevant. Chaosium is not taking any chances.
  11. Rape is chaotic, whereas other horrible crimes are not chaotic, for a very simple reason. This is a game, in which various things that would be horrible crimes in the real world are something characters commit on a regular basis, are things that players have their pc's do. A lot of the players are male teenagers. If rape was in the category of being something that players running pc's could get away with, the results could be unfortunate, and not just because it would be embarrassing to Chaosium. Therefore, to hell with logical consistency or anything else, rape *needs* to be a chaotic crime in Glorantha, end of story. This is not a problem with cannibalism, not a problem among people liable to be playing RQG. Nor is it a problem with genocide, which few if any RQG players are ever likely to be able to commit. That torture is also pretty negatively regarded, and restricted to cults PC's are unlikely to ever play, likewise. Besides, TV characters, especially cops, use torture on a regular basis, so a torture prohibition in RQG would not be effective or useful.
  12. Not at all. Indiscriminate slaughter has nothing at all Chaotic about it, it is simply a serious application of the Death rune. Read the histories. Genocide is a frequent event in Glorantha, which hardly anyone except the allies and ghosts of the victims blinks an eye at. Argrath's dropping the Moon on Peloria is merely one of the more extreme examples. Remember, all souls go to hell or heaven or get reincarnated, so death, including megadeath, is not such a big deal. Unless chaos is involved and souls are devoured...
  13. The basic attitude of Sartarite Orlanthis as to how to deal with prisoners and really bad actors is that, if they can't pay ransom, they should not be enslaved, instead they should be killed. I am not sure that is much of an improvement. Be it noted that this is not just an attitude with respect to non-Sartarites. In the histories, it is not uncommon for one clan to exterminate another clan right down to the last man, woman and child. Or at least try to, often unsuccessfully.
  14. As to Humakht, which I thought, wrongly, to be the usual spelling, that's because it was and is the preferred spelling of Ray Turney, one of the original authors of Runequest, whose gaming group I have been in for almost 30 years now, my how time flies. It's used in "Fire and Sword," his version of RQ, better known as "Rayquest." It's available on the Net, but with his permission we switched to RQG last year, with me as GM now.
  15. I think you just agreed with me Jeff?
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