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  1. Horizontally but not vertically.
  2. Probably because except for SIZ, even tougher to improve, it's the only attribute you really can't improve in real life either.
  3. Question! I have a Yelornan with Shooting Star. When it says in the Red Book that "armor protects against this damage but magical resistance does not apply," does that only mean that it ignores Countermagic, or does it also means it ignores magical resistance such as the Protection spell?
  4. Yes, this is what I'm trying to put across. Prax is strictly a barter economy, and Sartar mostly. Realistic prices for Sartar would be in cows, not silvers, and I am not even sure that there is a word that means "price" in the Sartarite dialect of Theyalan. The word "economics" is *absolutely* untranslatable into any dialect of Theyalan, even in Nochet. The concept simply does not exist in Dragon Pass, and probably not elsewhere either, except maybe in Ralios with all those merchant-dominated Italian Renaissance style cities. That prices in the book are in Lunars is for gameplaying convenience, and also reflects the fact that *almost all* adventurers are far richer than average inhabitants of Sartar, to say nothing of Prax. (Except for my broke Eurmali, who is getting the Hotfoot spell by trading a bronze ax he found on a corpse to a Eurmal god talker in Prax, where all weapons are worth more than usual what with Argrath creating an army.)
  5. True enough. Your average Sartarite farmer or herder has a wooden spear, and couldn't possibly afford a bronze broadsword. Munchkinnery with selling points of power to get rich, or getting NPCs to sac power for enchantments, can easily be prevented by any intelligent GM by bringing in a few facts of life from actual Gloranthan economics or lack thereof, and should be. I think anyone trying that kind of thing should be assumed to be a secret sorceror who really is using Tap, and likely is chaotic, and should be treated accordingly. Unless it's a Lunar campaign, in which case the assumptions might be the same but the popular and government attitudes would be different.
  6. Sure. Except practically nobody in Sartar except the nobility and rich merchants has that much money. And in Prax, it's rare to find anyone with more than a few clacks. So the prices are another way of saying "not available."
  7. Come to think of it, in the West and in the Lunar Empire, there's a better method for the rich to drain power from the poor for all sorts of purposes. Namely Tap.
  8. A limited notion of how the world works. Only in a monetary economy, which, basically, Sartar is not. Pretty common in the Lunar empire, or Nochet perhaps, or the West, but not in most of Dragon Pass, to say nothing of Prax. 200L equals a lot of cows. Yes in theory you could get a lot of cows for a Runepoint, but in practice that could beggar your village, so it doesn't happen. And besides, how many enchanters are there anyway? Damn few. Basically, in Sartar for a rune point for the enchantment Queen Leika's enchanter has been planning for a couple years, you might get a big favor, you might thoroughly impress Queen Leika.
  9. Got it. I have a complaint! Tame Bull has been totally nerfed! Used to be an excellent spell! Now you can't hitch Storm Bulls to a plow or castrate them anymore.
  10. Nope. You are either swimming or drowning. You are not bathing, unless you start looking around for soapweed or something while you duck paddle.
  11. Chalana Arroy tells you to kill a baby, that fails, unless an INT roll is fumbled. Just shifting a geas from arm to legs is perfectly possible, in no way whatsoever vs. basic Humaktism. However, the backlash to it is is strong enough that no Trickster in his right mind would do that. The Trickster would rapidly end up exceedingly dead, with Stop Resurrection cast on him too. Unfortunately, few Tricksters are really in their right mind. As long as you have a sensible GM, I don't see the spell as any more broken than various others I can think of. Certainly a lot less broken than Sword Trance!
  12. I think what Humakt would do, if asked in the proper fashion and spirit, would be that the character would get the geas back, but lose the gift from it. And the spirit of retribution would only pound him once. Getting the gift back would be possible but difficult, maybe a mini heroquest or something.
  13. Now there's a truly *nasty* Lie. That would work! It would also mean that from then on the word would spread to Humaktis to kill you on sight. Kinda like what happened to an old character of mine who ended a brief experience as a Humakti, he agreed to initiate to Humakt temporarily to go on a quest against Delecti, who got himself resurrected after he got killed. He has been fleeing Humakti ever since, really limiting my ability to use him as a character. Joining Yanafal helped, fends off the spirits of retribution, but not enough.
  14. A pointless Lie, as metcalph pointed out. It would not necessarily affect any of one's actions, so what for? Moreover, if you are not Illuminated the hatred of nonChaotics for Chaos is instinctive, so probably would overwhelm the Lie fairly quickly. Nothing is more incontrovertible than instinct. The effect of that Lie would probably be more or less like a milder and perhaps more long lasting Befuddle. The Storm Bull lusting to slay that allegedly chaotic Lunar would probably kvetch about it for a while before doing so. Remember, a Lie spell affects what you think, not what you feel.
  15. To be precise, remember Glorantha is not Earth. If your priest imparts the cult wisdom that everyone knows and you knew all your life before the Lie spell, that is incontrovertible for you. Philosophers might consider it controvertible, so perhaps sorcerors are more vulnerable to Lie spells than others.
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