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  1. I don’t have access to my notes at the moment but I wrote a freeform called The Fortunate Strangulations in which Gebel and Garambyanga (so? I’m sleepy) we’re key figures. I also ran a campaign called the Seven Swords of Tolat where one of the pcs was Gebel and the others were followers of Tolat in other guises. Notably Red Tiger (represented by a Hsa Tiger Hsunchen Shaman) Bronze Treasure (a Praxian “Mountain Man” who lost his mount) Shargash (a lunar explorer) and the Fronelan version (a former Wolf Pirate captive), there were also a sacred sword dancer of Tolat and an Amazon musician who ha
  2. Thank you so much Newt, our copy arrived today. Becky was really pleased. We behave a new Crucible of the Dragons game on Monday, I forgot how much I love this system and how quick and flexible it is!
  3. Does anyone in the UK have a spare copy of OpenQuest Deluxe? The one with the grey cover with a pale warrior and dragon on it? My daughter is getting into RPGs, along with her friends. They wanted to play OQ because I’d worked on it and i’d love them to have the version with my art in. If you do have one going and the price isn’t silly please let me know, it would make my daughter so happy.
  4. I do have a map, but it’s still got room for an update. It’s one that Jeff and I have worked on based on the original maps by Greg and the version that appeared in Tarsh in Flames. It will be available once I get my world in order.
  5. Sadly Tarsh Liberated is a project long gone and forgotten. In relation to the two covers, it was cheaper to do the reprint with a monochrome cover, Tarsh in Flames sold out so quickly we had to do a rapid turn around reprint. Tarsh in Flames was always a project I loved - especially working with Greg. Note that the map of furthest was done in direct contact with Greg - he provided the original drawings and the majority of the street names (the position of the temples to the streets was vital to him).
  6. OQ 3 would be a great addition to the stable. I’d like to see something that shows the other clever ways the system can be used. I’ve run OQ for god only knows how many genres, used the battle magic to represent feats, psychic talents, natural abilities and computer programs. It’s always been a clean and very adaptable system, which is quick to learn. I think that’s it’s strength over all the other BRP games.
  7. The climactic battle at the end of our epic 10 player RQ scenario. Note the players running away. Below are some of my minis, including my conversions.
  8. My new players, all young, hip and never having encountered Glorantha before gladly lapped up Glorantha, Ducks and Baboons after playing one session of RuneQuest. They’re no different to my Gnome Arcane Trickster, our Tiefling Monster-Hunter, our Goliath Barbarian, Half-Orc Paladin or all matter of other gaming weirdness. Hell I once was involved in a game where Dan Barker played Bruce Campbell’s Chin!
  9. Hi guys, if you’re looking for the Bray Map of Heortland, just say hi. I think I can get hind of the map. I may still have the original art files. I have got several of the original maps and copies of them in my studio. We did Heortland, Imther, Pavis County, Tarsh, Dagori Inkarth, The Wastes, Esrolia, Mirins Cross and Pamaltela in total. Oh and of course the Lunar Empire. I still have a few of these available. Ask me if you’re interested. Simon Bray
  10. Has anyone else tried to print off the pdf? I have and have had repeated issues, several pages throughout the text halt the printing process or cause printer corruptions. I’ve checked my printer (Ricoh Aticio MP c2050) with other PDFs over similar complexity and size with no problems. I’ve so far been unable to print beyond page 140. Pages 8, 28, 44 and 141 have caused the problems with the last one causing a massive print error. I struggle to read on computers and iPads and hate their use at the gaming table, plus you can’t show off a pdf to your Mum as well as you can a book. ple
  11. The shamanism rules were written to try and convey the way characters in RuneQuest 1&2 were able to capture spirits, while at the time giving you the ability to have shamans operate as a more powerful entity. The Shaman gains more powerful abilities to capture spirits, you can try binding a spirit as a non-shaman but good luck to you! The shamaism rules were written at quite short notice there are things I would have done a little better, however they remain relatively robust and maintain the feel of older BRP games. I expanded shamanism for my OQ Glorantha campaign, allowing fir mor
  12. lol I've actually run Crucible of Dragons using D&D5e it works, all the tropes are there Knights of Theron (Fighters / Paladins), Demonologists (Warlocks), Azura Cultists (Monks), Cache Collectors (Barbarians / Thieves), Followers of the gods (Clerics)...need I go on? Pherae is an island you can stick anywhere...
  13. Would people be interested if I uploaded some of the pregens that were written for this setting? I could upload them to this site.
  14. Hi, I also wrote and ran a freeform based in Pherae, the game greatly expanded the setting, and the portrayal of the Dragon Queen by the tiny and beautiful Franziska, as she gaily skipped through the lives of the other characters was a wonder to behold. It was hilarious when they suddenly realised that she could change into a colossal dragon. There was a part where she got wind that several players were plotting against her, so she got three loyal servants to lift her so she could "fly" around them as they cowered beneath a table, then she lifted the roof (aka the GMs moved the table) so that
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