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    I've been playing D&D since high school in the late 80's. Took a little break while I was busy with college and grad school, but returned soon thereafter. In the last then years or so I ventured out to try other RPG's like Savage Worlds, Eclipse Phase, Shadowrun, Hollow Earth and of course Call of Cthulhu.
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    D&D 5ed. (Adventure League), Call of Cthulhu (running the Horror on the Orient Express campaign)
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    I'm big nerdy geek and live it loud and proud.

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  2. @mvincent THANK YOU! Those are some great tips. I'll definitely take advantage of them.
  3. I'll be running the Horror on the Orient Express campaign at the Fantasy Flight Game Center in Minneapolis, MN starting in a few weeks. It's been a lot of fun so far just prepping for it. For those of you who have run it already in 7th ed., could you please share your experience and what went well and/or not so well. Thank you!
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