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  1. I don’t remember/haven’t heard of Chaos being left handed in previous editions, either. Guy Hoyle
  2. I'm still interested in this. I'd love to see it in BRP format. but what other Sword & Planet games are out there? Guy
  3. Forwarded from Sandy: Hey friends and family – I am launching a kickstarter project. If you don’t know what kickstarter is, it is a crowd-based funding concept. Basically I appeal for people who like my game idea (Cthulhu World Combat) to donate money to the cause. The kickstarter page is at Cthulhu World Combat by Sandy Petersen — Kickstarter There is no risk for you really – if the kickstarter doesn‘t earn enough money for us to launch the project, ALL your cash is returned to you. Of course, if the kickstarter DOES earn enough, then you are rewarded because me and my cohorts do an awesome game for you to play and you get various rewards as well (check the site for details). Anyway, what I am mailing this for is to ask you to donate at least a pittance to the kickstarter this evening or tomorrow. The reason is so that the kickstarter can start off with money and people as soon as possible, so as to start momentum. It doesn’t have to be much. Frankly, the kickstarter page has the most information about the project, but there is also a webpage at Cthulhu World Combat » Cthulhu Lives! and there is even a facebook page called Cthulhu World Combat which you can check out. Thanks for your help in advance, Sandy P.
  4. Hello all, I am thinking of a setting loosely based on the old Hercules sword and sandal movies of the 50s and 60s' and I though it might be fun to incorporate the idea that the Greek Titans are like the Cthulhu mythos. I seem to recall reading about this somewhere, but I can't remember where. Does anybody have suggestions along this line? Guy
  5. Weird. I was able to purchase the book, but when I went back to purchase the PDF in a separate transaction, I got stuck in the checkout process with no error message; when I select a payment option and try to check out, it returns to the same page.
  6. Remember Chaosium's old Questworld? It had a basic "blank" fantasy world with continents, climate patterns and ocean currents, and a more in-depth focus on one of the continents, Kanos. Is there some other product like that out there, with modern electronic maps, basic terrain features, climate, etc., that I can customize and adapt for a world of my own? If not, somebody make one!
  7. I'm trying to come up with a Latin name for a secret organization that seeks out and destroys supernatural menaces that threaten Rome. Probably more of a Cyhulhu Invictus subject, o guess. It's like an ancient Roman version of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense from the Hellboy comics and movies.
  8. Since it's going to be awhile before the official BRP Greek project, how about we talk about how to adapt existing BRP rules to a Greek setting? I'm interested in a Homeric Greece type setting, with gods included. So where do we start? Gods? Magic? How about both? I've mostly played RQ3 over the years, so I'm more used to that, but I also have the big BRP rulebook, too. Guy
  9. I was wondering if anyone knows if I can find an electronic copy of the world map from Chaosium's old Questworld project. I am in a world-design mood, and thought of this mostly-unused world just sitting there, with climate information and ocean currents already carefully plotted out, just waiting to be populated. Tal Meta has a copy of the Kanos map on his website in Campaign Cartographer format, but I thought I'd check to see if anybody had already gone down that route before I started duplicating their effort. Thanks, Guy
  10. I would love to have an ancient Greek BRP campaign, or even a "sword and sandal" campaign. I play RQ3, and used to play Superworld and CoC, but I'm slowly getting into the new BRP. Guy
  11. I was just leafing through Dragonlines, and I really like it very much. Our RuneQuest game is using Sandy Petersen's Mysticism rules, but I'm intrigued by your approach as well. Is your Dragon Empire meant to be a close analogy to mythic China, or is it more of a fantasy-approach? Also, will there be a map of the Empire available sometime? Guy Hoyle
  12. Hi there, I haven't doine more than browse through this book yet, but I'm very impressed. This is one of my favorite periods of history. I'm a big fan of John Maddox Roberts' SPQR series, which is also set during this time period, and it will be a wonderful inspirations for a Rome campaign. Good luck with this and future supplements! Guy
  13. Just recently purchased this book, which I'm looking forward to reading. I'm a big fan of John Maddox Robert's SPQR series, which takes place during the same time period as this supplement. It would be great to come up with some more adventures set during this time period, as a tremendous number of wonderful events took place during the downfall of the Republic. Looking forward to this and further adventures for BRP Rome. Guy Hoyle
  14. I just bought this PDF, and it is just so damn cool. I sterted out with white-box D&D, but soon moved to RQ and CoC. I've been in a RQ campaign that has been going for nearly 20 years, and we've been mining D&D for all its worth. I'm taking this with me tomorrow night to my group. Rod, you rock, man. You just plain rock. Guy Hoyle
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