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    It all began in 1983 with Basic D&D...
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    Currently playing more wargames than RPGs but have introduced the kids to Lone Wolf RPG.
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    Stay-at-home Dad and Gamer

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  1. Wulfgar22

    Runequest Starter Set

  2. Wulfgar22

    Runequest Starter Set

    I swear I read somewhere that a Runequest Starter Set was planned for release in 2019 but I can't find any mention of it anywhere now. Is such a thing planned?
  3. Wulfgar22

    Grimoire and Two -Headed Serpent arriving.

    Brilliant. Thanks.
  4. Wulfgar22

    Grimoire and Two -Headed Serpent arriving.

    Great! How does it work for those who have bought the PDF directly and want the print copy, too...do Chaosium send out vouchers?