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  1. Thank you for the endorsement. I can't wait to learn and run Pendragon. I pulled the trigger on both bundles.
  2. https://bundleofholding.com/presents/Pendragon2 Apologies for the OT reply, but I thought it funny that I first read/heard of Pendragon from this post, yesterday, and _then_ learning that Bundle of Holding is offering it for sale (or at least a version of it). :-D
  3. Looks like I have to wait until 1st July, then. *socks away a tenner*
  4. Mel Riffe

    Today straight Stormbringer 4e session.

    Thanks for the feedback, Mugen. I did play SB 1, but only once and when it came out; I remember no details.
  5. Mel Riffe

    Today straight Stormbringer 4e session.

    How different is Elric from SB and its iterations? I ask because I just ordered a copy of Eleric from The Hero Factory. I'm anxious to get back into this world by any means necessary. :-D
  6. Mel Riffe

    Stormbringer 5.5 edition?

    Sorry to be a bother, but I can also review anything that's prepared. And, as for play testing, I'm assuming it'll be online. I have access to Skype, Discord. I have a TeamSpeak client. I could probably do Google Hangout. I also have a Roll20 account. Thanks!
  7. Just closing the loop - I did not see anything obviously out of place. Thanks!
  8. Mel Riffe

    Stormbringer 5.5 edition?

    Thanks! Happy to be here.
  9. No worries - all good - got the updated version +1 ...continuing to review and read...
  10. Hello. I received my Backerkit email today and downloaded the PDFs. I _think_ we're missing 5 Khan cards. In the file named "uploads_2F2b87e80434422ae50ce99f09ed22385b_2FCHA1012-print-and-play-full-v2.pdf" I only see the following Khan cards: Bison Riders High Llama Tribe Impala People Morokanth Sable Nation The rules, in the file named "uploads_2F5822719efcfca5b33476bd24c3f3b1fd_2FKhan_20of_20Khan_20Rules_20final-v3.pdf", state there should be 10 Khan cards. The missing Khan cards, then, are: Ostrich Tribe Bolo Lizard Folk Unicorn Women Rhino Riders Pavis Survivors I have not seen any other irregularities. ...continuing to review and read...
  11. Mel Riffe

    Stormbringer 5.5 edition?

    Throwing my hat into the ring as a play-tester. I played Stormbringer when it first came out. However I didn't keep up with it through the years/revisions. I would love to help out in some form or fashion.