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    Gamer since 1975. Bought RQ at Origins 1978, and have been using RQ and BRP variants since. Have created many house rules, but never satisfied with them. Most of my long-running campaigns have been RQ - either in Glorantha or historical earth settings.
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    Running a swashbuckling "age of piracy" game, with Call of Cthulhu overtones and a liberal mix of Tim Powers and Voudoun. Prepping a Conan-esq bronze age game, set in the middle east.
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    History buff, interested in sailing, work in IT - like everyone else - married to a gamer - to the envy of most of my gaming friends. Regularly GM at local cons.

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  1. How did we get onto Ernalda and the status of women? The answer to my question is that Yelmalio is universally worshipped among the men of Sun County, and Lodril and other solar gods are only worshipped for specialized situations. Lodril's specialized magic, to warm the earth, is not particularly useful in Prax or the Zola Fel valley, so there would not be a practical reason to import the cult. Ergo, there are probably a few shrines to Lodril, but either no dedicated worshippers, or so few that it does not matter.
  2. You missed the important ones: https://www.kon-tiki.no/expeditions/ra-expeditions/ Ra I did not quite make it across the Atlantic, but Ra II did. https://www.kon-tiki.no/expeditions/tigris-expedition/
  3. Pardon me if this has been asked before: Do peasants in Sun County, Prax, worship Lodril? Or is the entire population dedicated to Yelmalio/appropriate cohort goddess?
  4. I don't know about the rat deity, but the mouse deity has a theme park with a castle in the far southwest.
  5. Moana is practically a textbook hero quest. Age of Bronze by Eric Shanower. The various Conan stories; particularly Beyond the Black River. A number of the Icelandic Sagas; my favorite is King Harald's Saga. And, as a must-read, Geoffrey Bibby's amazing: Four Thousand Years Ago.
  6. I think that in your shoes, I would find out from the player what they expected to be able to do with a "Circe-like" character. Make sure that their expectations will fit into the game.
  7. Not as scary as starving to death.
  8. Oi! The second rule of being a GM: Never ask your players to attempt a roll that you’re not willing to have them fail!
  9. Two players works great. Just remember to never make an adventure hinge on a skill that neither of them possesses.
  10. Runequest Classic and Runequest Glorantha use the same core mechanics. I recommend that you base the difference on your players. The key difference is that Runequest Classic was done with the philosophy of "sit down, roll up a character, play". Character background, relations, and complications are kept to a minimum. The whole rulebook is only 120 pages. RQ Classic is showcased by the Pavis campaigns: You have a giant dungeon (called the Big Rubble), and a city outside it. Adventurers go from the city into the rubble as their day job, looking to loot ancient treasures from the monster-inf
  11. "We Don't Need Another Hero", Tina Turner, 1985 "Cinderella", Cheetah Girls, 2003 I can slay my own dragons I can dream my own dreams My knight in shining armor is me
  12. They are in my game.
  13. It's funny... Dozens of original, clever, involved, campaign ideas. And the one that my players like best is still: "You have come to Pavis, to raid the big rubble and find gold and glory!"
  14. Saw it. Bought it. Reading now. Thank you for producing these books, they're a priceless resource.
  15. On a completely unrelated note, I also have the sacred brew of the Morning Star is (guess!), and her priestess in Pavis has a male deer as an allied spirit.. She brews potions of wakefulness, among others.
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