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    Gamer since 1975. Bought RQ at Origins 1978, and have been using RQ and BRP variants since. Have created many house rules, but never satisfied with them. Most of my long-running campaigns have been RQ - either in Glorantha or historical earth settings.
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    Running a swashbuckling "age of piracy" game, with Call of Cthulhu overtones and a liberal mix of Tim Powers and Voudoun. Prepping a Conan-esq bronze age game, set in the middle east.
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  1. I play it as a hardliners-vs-moderates approach. The two High Priests each have their adherents and fans, and both of them are sincere in their worship of Orlanth, and their interpretation of the best way to protect the people of Pavis under Orlanth's law. The Orlanthi of region squabble among themselves over which is "right". This squabbling is encouraged by the Empire, as it keeps those "Violence is always an option" folks aimed at each other, and not at imperial citizens.As you can tell, my game is pre-Argrath.
  2. It looks to me like you've thought this out well. This should work; but I admit I have very limited experience with RQG.
  3. I have a player who's cult is built on a very similar concept to this.
  4. I use it as a Roll20 handout
  5. The heading font is "Crom", not "From" created by Russ Herschler, and is still available on "www.dafont.com"
  6. I like the realpolitik and moral ambiguity of the setting: Trolls hate chaos, but tolerate cave trolls. Praxians hate chaos, but recruit Broo as mercenaries. Sartarites hate chaos, but the "Werewolf Guard" protects the king.
  7. My players were on a logging expedition in the Eastern Rockwoods, between the Boathouse and the Throne. Having already negotiated with the Aldryami, they were allowed to cut a certain number of trees to float down the River of Cradles, and sell in Pavis. During the expedition, they were approached by a a couple of giants, and by trolls. One of the party is an Issaries merchant, and a brilliant negotiator. As part of the negotiations, he's arranged to return the following summer with a trading expedition, to trade with the giants, and with the trolls who live at the eastern end of Dagori Ingarth (two of the parties are troll-friends, from previous adventures). I have four questions: What would the trolls want to buy off of humans? (first thing I have on the list is humans, the younger the better) What would the trolls offer for sale that might sell in Pavis? What would the giants want to buy off of humans? What would giants offer for sale that might sell in Pavis? Gonn Orta and his trading post have nothing to do with this expedition, and are a long ways away from it. Any ideas out there?
  8. Sure. Here's an .rtf version of the same document. The heading font is "From" created by Russ Herschler, and available on "www.dafont.com". Combat Special Effects Table.rtf
  9. I supposed I should wander over the the Design Mechanism site, and put it up there, too. My game's a strict swords-and-sandles, so no reason to put in firearms - besides - there isn't any room left!
  10. Combat Special Effects Table.pdf The main thing for speeding up combat is player familiarity. Encourage your players to read the rules, and pay attention to what's going on. Use miniatures or tokens to avoid long arguments discussions about "where did my character actually move". I use this (attached) sheet in Roll20 for my players; it's a one-page reference for combat special effects. Having them all on one side of one page speeds things up for the players. Advance preparation speeds up combat: Have a method of tracking actions per round, either a turns sheet where you check off actions and combat turns, or some other tool. On the tabletop, my players use tokens to count their remaining actions and luck points. Use those fatigue rules!
  11. Also: Genertela is actually post-holocaust North America. All that business about it being a flat world is just "we present it this way in publications because that's what your characters believe".
  12. And when someone does succeed, "Time" will begin again.
  13. Ah - the scale's all wrong. I could use Woody as Gonn Orta...
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