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  1. I don't know about the rat deity, but the mouse deity has a theme park with a castle in the far southwest.
  2. Moana is practically a textbook hero quest. Age of Bronze by Eric Shanower. The various Conan stories; particularly Beyond the Black River. A number of the Icelandic Sagas; my favorite is King Harald's Saga. And, as a must-read, Geoffrey Bibby's amazing: Four Thousand Years Ago.
  3. I think that in your shoes, I would find out from the player what they expected to be able to do with a "Circe-like" character. Make sure that their expectations will fit into the game.
  4. Not as scary as starving to death.
  5. Oi! The second rule of being a GM: Never ask your players to attempt a roll that you’re not willing to have them fail!
  6. Two players works great. Just remember to never make an adventure hinge on a skill that neither of them possesses.
  7. Runequest Classic and Runequest Glorantha use the same core mechanics. I recommend that you base the difference on your players. The key difference is that Runequest Classic was done with the philosophy of "sit down, roll up a character, play". Character background, relations, and complications are kept to a minimum. The whole rulebook is only 120 pages. RQ Classic is showcased by the Pavis campaigns: You have a giant dungeon (called the Big Rubble), and a city outside it. Adventurers go from the city into the rubble as their day job, looking to loot ancient treasures from the monster-inf
  8. "We Don't Need Another Hero", Tina Turner, 1985 "Cinderella", Cheetah Girls, 2003 I can slay my own dragons I can dream my own dreams My knight in shining armor is me
  9. They are in my game.
  10. It's funny... Dozens of original, clever, involved, campaign ideas. And the one that my players like best is still: "You have come to Pavis, to raid the big rubble and find gold and glory!"
  11. Saw it. Bought it. Reading now. Thank you for producing these books, they're a priceless resource.
  12. On a completely unrelated note, I also have the sacred brew of the Morning Star is (guess!), and her priestess in Pavis has a male deer as an allied spirit.. She brews potions of wakefulness, among others.
  13. I use some home-brew rules. But the short answer is that when you wander into a temple other than your own, the priests of the temple will demand all kinds of proof before they will let you worship in the inner sanctum and regain rune magic. They'll let you worship, they'll certainly take your donations. But they don't know you, and the world is full of tricksters, and lunar spies, and generally evil people who are OINO (Orlanthi In Name Only). As a result, the players-characters have to network; A letter of introduction from their clan-chief, to the clan-chief of the region they are traveling
  14. I'm looking at g33k's posting and strongly agree with several points: solid positive personal link, no "lone wolfs", no intra-party backstabbing (luckily that has not been a problem). I like the idea of the "common goal" as well. A previous game I started, I had the following: a PC who created a detailed backstory, with supporting NPC's and home town and everything - and then doesn't want it to be mentioned or included in any of the adventures. Another PC created a backstory, but then promptly ignored everything about it. A third player refused to create any sort of backstory because "th
  15. pachristian


    I think a lot of prayer in Glorantha is part of everyday life. I go to the market to buy food, and as I enter the market I tip Issaries (i.e. toss a clack in the market-bowl) and say "Issaries aid my wits and my words to bargain well". On the way home I see clouds building and pray "Blessed Helar, gift my crops - but could you wait a half an hour, please?" As I understand it, the Orlanthi in particular see the gods as participating in everyday life; so the work-song the smith humms is also a hymn to Gustbran - although we might not see it as such. An example of this is the Hymn to Ninkasa (htt
  16. This is by far the most important point. Trying to cram Glorantha down a bunch of player's throats will only drive them away. My game is based in Pavis. Pavis was created as a giant dungeon with a city outside, and dungeon adventuring is a career. Little by little the players get used to Pavis, and start to care about the city, the people, and their own social and political position. Let that happen naturally. If you need resources, get yourself a copy of Moon Design Publication Pavis and the Big Rubble. (or Pavis: Gateway to Adventure). Rubble-running in Pavis will give your players
  17. I play it as a hardliners-vs-moderates approach. The two High Priests each have their adherents and fans, and both of them are sincere in their worship of Orlanth, and their interpretation of the best way to protect the people of Pavis under Orlanth's law. The Orlanthi of region squabble among themselves over which is "right". This squabbling is encouraged by the Empire, as it keeps those "Violence is always an option" folks aimed at each other, and not at imperial citizens.As you can tell, my game is pre-Argrath.
  18. It looks to me like you've thought this out well. This should work; but I admit I have very limited experience with RQG.
  19. I have a player who's cult is built on a very similar concept to this.
  20. I use it as a Roll20 handout
  21. The heading font is "Crom", not "From" created by Russ Herschler, and is still available on "www.dafont.com"
  22. I like the realpolitik and moral ambiguity of the setting: Trolls hate chaos, but tolerate cave trolls. Praxians hate chaos, but recruit Broo as mercenaries. Sartarites hate chaos, but the "Werewolf Guard" protects the king.
  23. My players were on a logging expedition in the Eastern Rockwoods, between the Boathouse and the Throne. Having already negotiated with the Aldryami, they were allowed to cut a certain number of trees to float down the River of Cradles, and sell in Pavis. During the expedition, they were approached by a a couple of giants, and by trolls. One of the party is an Issaries merchant, and a brilliant negotiator. As part of the negotiations, he's arranged to return the following summer with a trading expedition, to trade with the giants, and with the trolls who live at the eastern end of Dagori
  24. Sure. Here's an .rtf version of the same document. The heading font is "From" created by Russ Herschler, and available on "www.dafont.com". Combat Special Effects Table.rtf
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