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  1. Aldaron

    Just how big is Massachusetts, anyway?

    Actually, slightly tangential to this topic, I'm looking at starting some long-term prep for MoN (probably starting some time next year - I want to get proficient with a few one-shots first), and I'm wondering about the best way for the characters to travel from the USA to Peru. My instinct says a train to El Paso, change to a Mexican train at the border and down to Mexico City, then a bus to Acapulco, followed by a steamship to Lima. Am I missing something obvious with this? While there are great maps of the USA from that era, finding maps of other countries is not as easy.
  2. Aldaron

    Just finished running my first scenario

    I haven't used Accursed Eye, myself. My group came damned close to killing the BBEG, to be honest - but there were six of them, and one of the first things they did when they realised things were amiss was to head back and bring the police in to help search the tunnels. Three police died (thanks to the ghasts), and the sergeant and another constable were terribly wounded (thanks to the degenerates) - I'm fairly certain Providence Police in 1925 wore red uniforms *sigh*. As it was, one of the characters was hit with a Wrack spell and failed his POW roll, so he spent the entire fight screaming on the ground. However, he'd managed to get a surprise shotgun blast off at the BBEG, which came close to killing him. He didn't even stay to fight - just bolted through the gate and fled.into the nearby forest. He'll definitely be returning, a little more skilled and with a few more spells. Josh (who is the cousin of one of my group) is going to head to the North Island Sanatorium, which will be a reason for them to visit for the next scenario. Poor Josh...he just really can't win...:)
  3. Well, first ever proper scenario finished last night! (We did a "playtest" of The Haunting about a year ago, with just two players, but it was really just a concept game). This was "The Darkness Under the Hill" (from Doors to Darkness), with 6 players. Went off swimmingly! By sheer luck, all six characters survived, though they didn't take out the BBEG (he escaped - and he's pretty annoyed). They achieved most of their goals, and nobody went permanently insane. All players reported they felt completely creeped out during the session, with one of them saying she slept with the light on the night after we finished - so I feel I did my job as Keeper somewhat correctly! It will be a while before our group is all together again, but next up is "The Sanatorium", from Mansions of Madness, which I'm really looking forward to. Thanks for the hints and suggestions of late - they've been a big help!
  4. Aldaron

    Just how big is Massachusetts, anyway?

    Excellent pick, Numtini. Hailing from the opposite end of the planet, I completely missed this! I think in light of this I might rejig the scenario and have the guy travelling from Arkham to somewhere else to see his girlfriend. I have a bit more time, since I'm actually running "The Darkness Beneath the Hill" tomorrow instead.
  5. Aldaron

    Just how big is Massachusetts, anyway?

    Yep, in hindsight, I think I might do that. I might pull the weather one with the players, as well, as I don't want them just ducking in and out of town whenever they like. Doing a bit of reading about driving conditions in 1925 and what with dirt (read: muddy) roads, not-too-crash-hot-engineering, and dubious tyre quality, it seems that bogging, flat tyres, and broken axles were a real concern for a lot of drivers.
  6. Aldaron

    Just how big is Massachusetts, anyway?

    i think I'll have him having left from somewhere further afield; maybe he was a student at NYU rather than Miskatonic or something. I'd never realised just how tiny "Lovecraft Country" actually is!
  7. Aldaron

    Just how big is Massachusetts, anyway?

    I suspected this might be the case!
  8. I'm prepping to run Servants of the Lake (from Doors to Darkness) on the weekend, and I'm finding something hard to reconcile. Without spoiling anything, there is a reference to a person driving from Arkham to Kingsport and staying overnight in a motel on the way. Looking at any map of Lovecraft country I can find, it looks that Kingsport is a whopping, oh, roughly 5 miles from Arkham. Now, I realise cars in 1925 were a lot slower than today, and the road weren't nearly as good, but if I could walk it in an hour or two, I hardly think anyone needs to stay overnight en-route!! I suspect this might come up a few times in different scenarios...am I missing something here? Or is this a long-running inconsistency?
  9. Aldaron

    Masks PDF - what you get

    Okay...I think I've made a critical error. I normally buy online stuff via DriveThruRPG.com, so I naturally went there to pick up MoN. I've only just realised that I'm not going to get the coupon for the discount off the hard-cover slipcase when it's released because I didn't buy through Chaosium itself. Is that right?
  10. Aldaron

    Anthropologist occupation

    Ah...thanks for the replies. It explains why I can't get the numbers to add up when I'm trying to recreate them in HeroLab. I guess I'll just fudge them with the "cheat" options on HL!
  11. Aldaron

    Anthropologist occupation

    Hi folks. I think I'm going blind or something - I've seen a number of characters created with an "Anthropologist" occupation (including one of the pre-gens for MoN), but I can't for the life of me find the occupation in any of the canon material; not the Investigator's book, nor Dhole's House character generator, nor the Hero Lab 7th edition generator. What am I missing? Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope! Thanks in advance!
  12. Okay...this may be a dopey question. We play "Eldritch Horror", and I was thinking about getting the MoN expansion. However, I'm also ramping up to run the actual MoN once the new 7th Ed/Pulp version comes out this year. Does the EH expansion contain big spoilers for the RPG campaign? I'm imagining it would!
  13. Aldaron

    Dhole's House - Pulp Character Generator

    Ah ha! Fantastic...thanks for the update, BigJackBrass!
  14. Aldaron

    Dhole's House - Pulp Character Generator

    Lee, from Dhole's House contacted me and said he was still having trouble getting the site sorted, and that he was considering the "nuclear option" of changing to a different host. I've just tried to get to the site again, and it's now coming up with a DNS not-resolving-name error, so I presume he's taken the site down. Hopefully it will be back up soon - if I hear anything, I'll let everyone know.