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    I used to run a weekly open table OD&D game. I love Glorantha and am hoping to run either RQ or HQ soon depending on my players' preferences. One of these days I'll run Stormbringer.
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    I am a player in my friend Scott's Two-Headed Serpent CoC game, and I am running a 5e D&D Tomb of Annihilation campaign. Soon to be a player in another D&D session. Trying to find the time to get a Glorantha game going as it's my favorite setting.
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    United States
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    Not too much to say. I have a background in English and Philosophy.

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  1. Is this still active? The link is expired.
  2. I am gutted by this news. My condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues. Just awful.
  3. Given it says "the GM's book will also feature," the "also" implies it's the same book. It's called a pack, I imagine, because it includes a GM's screen.
  4. My local game store stocked the Coming Storm for some reason, which my wife impulse bought for me because of Glorantha and the cover art. I only play with friends and do not go to the local store. It seems geared more towards Pathfinder and Warhammer, and I'm not into either.
  5. I would be down to play a Lunar! I've only used Roll20 so I can't compare.
  6. I mean, I am also new to RQ. I'm 31, so I am too young to have been a RQ3 grognard (to bring it back to the thread topic a bit!). I was interested in older forms of D&D (I used to run an open table D&D session using the original 1974 rules--by the way, the Jack O'Bear is based on the original pumpkin-headed bugbear illustration from Supplement I: Greyhawk!), and I ran across a discussion about RuneQuest on one of the old school D&D forums. Classic had come out, so I bought that and got very into it but held off on running it because I knew the new edition was coming out. I also checked out Mythras (their Monster Island module is great), but it's a little too crunchy for me to run. Anyway, I got into Glorantha but held off on running a campaign because I knew the new edition was coming. I considered running HQ, but after playing HQ for the first time I concluded it was probably a little too free-form for my player group (great game though if you have a particularly imaginative group). My main exposure to RuneQuest is only what's available through Chaosium right now. So that means not much RQ3 content. I wouldn't be surprised if people who knew about RuneQuest found out just by browsing the Chaosium website. But that means you'll have people like me who know RQ2 and RQG but not RQ3. When people talk about the superiority of such and such RQ3 rule, I just have to take your word for it! You're saying that you're worried people won't even be aware of RQG. I mean, that's also a question of marketing and promotion. It seems to me Chaosium has been trying to roll it out in a big way. I know the Quickstart's timing was a bit off, but that they decided to do a livestream to launch it, and chose an already established streamer group to do it, is an indication that they are serious about promoting it. I am not the biggest Actual Play viewer, but it's a huge part of the tabletop scene now, driving D&D growth, and that they knew to launch it that way makes me confident they'll promote it well. I watched the RQG stream live and answered questions in chat about the game to the best of my abilities and knowledge (which is so very meager compared to some of the minds on the Glorantha subforum here!). But also the product itself has to have some hooks to appeal to new gamers. That's not only a matter of the written content, but also the way it's presented. That edge in presentation can immediately grab people. RQG not only looks better than pretty much anything else out there, it also looks different. It's not a generic fantasy world, so people who want to branch out from the blandness of the Forgotten Realms may find it intriguing. Of course, the rollout is also subject to financial pressures, not having a huge staff, and at this point being known only for Cthulhu among the D&D set. But given these constraints I think Chaosium is doing a great job. I'd love to see them convince a streamer to launch a RQG campaign as that could bring in a lot of people. On the financial side too it's worth noting that more books are sold than actually played. Having it double as an art book is pretty nice for those isolated people who don't have the chance to actually play it. EDIT: Apologies for the wall of text! feel free to skim or skip
  7. Yep. My wife plays tabletop games and is a D&D referee. I doubt we'll have a need to buy two of the GM pack and the Bestiary since we're one household and unlikely to be running two games of RQG at the same time, but a second copy of the main rulebook is a very likely purchase.
  8. I mean it was me there at midnight hitting the purchase button, but we share funds. I don't really see the point in buying the PDF twice, but once I'm running a campaign we will probably get a second hard copy as I'll need one behind the screen for just myself.
  9. The art can draw people into a setting, and RQG is as much about its setting as a game like Numenera is, to name something else as art-heavy. My wife became interested in Glorantha because the recent art is so good (she's a painter with a BFA in Studio Art).
  10. ...me too. I was just playing it on Switch last night! Anyway, the prices seem on par to me. Plus, RQG is the best looking RPG book I have ever seen.
  11. I mean, they keep porting Skyrim to new platforms and people pay a full $60 to buy it all over again, so I'm not sure about the force of this objection.
  12. I'd be into this, though as I am running Traveller on Roll20 right now and running a D&D campaign I don't think I could handle referee duties.
  13. I'm often surprised by how negative and sometimes even hostile some posters here are to Chaosium.
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