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  1. Title says it all really, does anyone have any Glorantha wallpapers? I tried making some from the Guide artwork but at 1920x1080 the brush strokes show up (1280x720 looked pretty good, though).
  2. I've updated the link but it seemed to be working for me. Give me a shout if there any issues!
  3. Ah, thanks very much guys. I've got the vast majority of the runes set as emojis but these two were eluding me.
  4. Hey, guys, I've been converting runes into emojis for the Discord channel that I'm running and I came across these two that I (and seemingly no one on the server) can identify: Does anyone have any ideas?
  5. Added in a bunch of custom emojis, including Elder Signs and a LOT of RuneQuest runes. I've uploaded them here if anyone wants to access them. Closer to IRC, really. There's text-based chat as well as voice chat but I've really yet to see anyone in the voice chat channel.
  6. Link Hey, everyone, I've started a Discord server for Chaosium games, including RuneQuest, BRP and Call of Cthulhu. We've got about 30 people now but we always need more! Feel free to join!
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