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    Playing RPGs (D&D, Traveler, TFT, RQ, Stormbringer, Pendragon) for 38 years. Loved RQ2 (the Fleather cover red book, my first copy-backed the Kickstarter republish). Loved Worlds of Wonder, still use some of it for my Traveler/RQ crossover.
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  1. I thought about that, but then thought - nah, Chaosium wouldn't do that.
  2. I can see boosting for the Slow spell - hadn't thought of that, but that wouldn't really apply to the others.
  3. Questions about Vamargic's Eye Necklace spells (pg 95). What exactly do Coordination 5, Vigor 3, and Slow 6 mean?
  4. I noticed the same thing with Earthtounge and Ernalda initiates. Hmmm
  5. I'm finally getting an RQG campaign running. I have one player interested in sorcery (Lhankor Mhy Philosopher) - we are taking this first campaign slowly. As we have been trying to understand the rules and processes we came across implementing the Protective Circle spell: is there a limit to the number of spells you can cast onto the circle, and is it only sorcery spells or can you cast spirit/rune magic on it? It feels like a game breaker if it can hang Spirit/Rune magic. Thoughts?
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  7. I am by no means a game reviewer, nor am I a Gloranthaphile or Runequestian, but I do love RQ. I've played and run RQ2 and RQIII. I have copies of RQ4 and RQ6 though have not used them. Anyway, if your interested, here's my very long review of the RQG Manuscript.
  8. Did this Kick? I completely forgot about them, but do not see them on KickStarter.
  9. I'm starting a RQG campaign and in the process of my first player's character creation came across a concern with Spirit Magic and Sorcery.  For spirit magic your "Limit to Spell Holding" is your CHA, however, in sorcery "Manipulating Spells" your Free INT reduced by the number of points of spirit magic you have.  It appeared to me at first that SM was treated (held/learned) differently, but as I reread it now it looks like a second "restriction/limitation" if you learn sorcery.  Any clarification?

    1. David Scott

      David Scott

      Sorcerers avoid learning spirit magic - it reduces their Free INT. There's no more to say than that.

  10. I'll be adding it back in. I've also been playing with upper and lower limbs based on armor "suit/piece" standard coverage. (ie a hauberk covers chest abdomen upper arms and upper legs, vambraces and greeves cover just the lower part of the limbs.)
  11. It was in RQ3 as well for giants, and reversed for mounted attacks against foot.
  12. The Manuscript has a single history path, though there are different modifiers for each of the "participating homelands." They take major events for each year from 1582 to 1625 (the current game year).
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