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    Started playing Basic D&D in the 80's. From there, I discovered AD&D then MERP then Rolesmaster and Harnmaster. I wish I had known about Mythras/ Runequest years ago.
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    I live in a small town in the South Island. Mountain ranges and rivers abound.

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  1. Has there been any thought as to developing a Mythras or Classic fantasy (or both) system to fantasy grounds? I think it would do very well. I know there is a BRP system in use there but it is not supported and thus incomplete.
  2. I'm sure it will be worth the wait.
  3. Also I forgot to mention the artwork in Tomb of the mad wizard is superb.
  4. Are there any other websites I can post a review for these books on? I have tried posting on Aeon games multiple times but it refuses to update what I write. I did write a review for Classic fantasy on Amazon but I don't think too many role playing gamers visit that particular website.
  5. Yes sorry, better swap the b for a d. If I find the usurper I shall bring swift justice to him.
  6. This Tomb of the mad wizard is a good module. Very well written, gives some good flavor of the surroundings. The mythras combat cards come in handy too. Not to mention Mythic Britain, Logres and Mythic Rome which I have yet to get. Then of course, the world of Greymoor. Hope Rob is not to burnt out on the project. Great work on all these books anyway, very enjoyable, especially the history.
  7. Yes I buy from Aeon games and get the PDF also but I much prefer to read from the real thing. In saying that I still browse the PDF's but wait to read the whole thing when the book arrives. A bit of old school mentality. Never been to New Jersey .
  8. Keep these modules coming, love them. Greymoor is looking like a very interesting place to adventure in. Unfortunately for me I won't have my hands on Tomb of the mad wizard for 2 or 3 weeks. It takes that long to get to my small town in NZ. Something to look forward to in any case.
  9. Forgot to add, the violent delights module was very good to.
  10. For sure, send me 10 copies . Minute meteors, sounds interesting, great to hear that there are new spells coming along too. I have been looking at mythic Britain and Logres for some source material and fresh ideas, and by all accounts they are very well done, but I still prefer a world with a strong fantasy element such as Greymoor will be. I think your should learn a haste spell, it will then be finished in a few weeks.
  11. Hi Rod, I was reading Classic Fantasy the other day and noticed the ends of the pages were a little discoloured. No doubt caused by my grubby paws continually turning the pages. The mythras core rule book also has a little of the same. Was there any thought to blackening the ends of the pages to avoid this? The books are very good quality so I hoped it might be an option somewhere down the line. Hope the unearthed companion is going well, very much looking forward to it, cheers. Mark.
  12. Just some more questions about Blackmoor... will there be any detailed groups of barbarian and or Orc tribes? Way of life, rules on hunting, gathering fishing etc? And will there be details about the local Flora and Fauna, gatherable herbs etc. They had guidelines like this in Harnmaster which I found interesting but maybe some people find them unnecessary.
  13. What about a magazine like the old white dwarf? Focusing on the Classic fantasy and Mythras RPG's. Just a thought. I used to love that magazine, sitting in my mates sleepout, staring at the pages in young wonder, while my freind made up an AD&D adventure. Ah the good old days
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