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  1. Hi all I picked up some old Hero Wars miniatures blisters recently and one is listed as Paludal (Shark Frog). Great mini sculpted by Bob Murch I have no idea what it is and my search of Glorantha literature has so far yielded nothing. So a shout out to the community, what is a Paludal? There is a pic on Lost Minis: http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:LL-HeroQuest-3041.jpg Cheers
  2. 'cause "three is a magic number, yes it is" 🎢 +1 on Runes and bolting them into the game Passions (but I'm a Pendragon fan)
  3. Was it Aristotle who warned that widespread literacy would destroy their oral traditions with the same argument. It I funny though, that in game all about oral storytelling, we as players can get fixated on the written word!
  4. I think it can be a good role playing challenge and a lot of fun to play a character that doesn't know as much as you do.
  5. Sadly due to licensing this is not available in the UK... I've been hoping to see this for a while now.
  6. Thanks everyone! This Fertile Ground has reached Electrum! More Beast Valley goodness is on its way...
  7. I don't see any errors in your logic. I assume too that when you say 'negative attitude' you also refer to requesting NPC's to do thing contrary to their own belief. I would not see any issue with making a task extremely challenging should the investigators have a 'double penalty' if the story justifies it. Such situations require at lot of Luck or a miracle, however these should be rare and clear to the players that they are in a serious bind.
  8. This would have to be Temporal. Also on corporeal targets there is noting to stop them attacking others in their way if that would be the "most effective and expedient" way to reach the caster
  9. I believe its 101 50 (oops)
  10. This Fertile Ground is edging towards Electrum... go on you know you want it πŸ˜€πŸ° https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/296537/This-Fertile-Ground
  11. thanks for this, though my personal favourite scenario from HU is The Contender: A Love Story, not only does to resonate with the themes of race, it has a fabulously tragic ending.
  12. Hi Joe, there is a Cult of Chaos discord channel available for those who run games at cons and local stores
  13. @Arcadiagt5 @Runeblogger It is more of a hack, but it works. 1. Open the Character Sheet the switch to the Chat View on the side bar 2. Click the desired action, Attack or POW x5 and see the result, then click in the chat box and press the Up arrow on your Keyboard, this will display all the code that you just executed, select it and copy to clipboard. 3. Go to the Attributes & Abilities tab on the Char Sheet and Add a new ability, name it and click the Pencil icon to edit. Paste in your code and select the Show as Token Action, and press the checkmark icon to save your Marco. Done.
  14. Think Elric perhaps. Also, does the Chaos trait improve his killing abilities? Is he looking to develop or expunge the infection?
  15. Time doesn't exist. The past, present and future can co-exist, run into each other and be exclusive. Multiple 'nows' can also exist. As a GM feel free to warp Spell durations as you see fit. Heroquests are bound by their myth and not another forces
  16. first off I preferred Cyberpunk - no prancing elves in my dark future! Yes, but you have to give the friends something to do, preferably concurrent with the hunt. then it is all about staging - cutting from scene to scene where the results impact the each other. (Same for Spirit Travel which is really just Glorantha's internet!) Or bring them on the hunt, then drop obstacles in the way - you can't chase the questing beast with a bunch of tush riders mucking up the tracks or weird complications - the PC's nemesis transforms the prey into another creature to throw of the hunt or the hunter is cursed or possessed
  17. Hi Bill and Arcadiagt5 I do hope you are able to fit this into your campaigns. I'd love to hear feedback especially on the VTT maps with any comments or suggestions as how they could be improved. thanks again psullie
  18. Hi Arcadiagt5 Nick is correct, there would be nothing to stop you using it in 1627 - it is meant to be a loose time frame anyway and early adjusted to suit your needs. Part 2 will cover 1627 and Part three 1628 - but as no one seems to know when the Battle of Heroes takes place - this is all very flexible.
  19. Silver! plus 3* ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ratings! Thank you everyone who purchased a copy. I am working on Part 2 but I'll follow Chaosium's lead and just say it is in the pipe line.
  20. they are very early stage Dragonewts surely...
  21. To cast further afield, what's the main trade from Tarsh and all points beyond? Is it via Alda-Chur -> Jonstown -> Wilmskirk -> Karse, or Bagnot -> Dragon Pass -> Beast Valley -> Valadon, or Bagnot -> Dragon Pass -> Duck Point ->Wilmskirk -> Karse? I'm sure that they are all valid, but which is most popular. The Grazelanders earn significant revenue taxing passing trade, but if the easiest route bypasses their territories how would that work? And what would be the strategic importance of Dragon Pass?
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