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  1. which is why the shaman is a necessary member of you community. Spirits are inscrutable, many are bound by tradition or myth but rarely logic
  2. It was the latter. For now I'll go with the 'parry doesn't necessarily mean contact' and creatures with natural weapons don't take damage when a successful attack is parried. Any reference on the A&P table to the Attackers Weapon takes damage will mean the receive body part. I'd allow armour for non-special parries as the parry don't have to be against the business end of the claw/fist etc. thanks for all the replies
  3. cheers Bill I did go back to 2 & 3 and didn't see anything, doesn't mean its not there though. I like to keep it simple and just say the parking natural weapons just keeps the attacker from connecting
  4. this makes a lot of sense and easy to play, the Special parries would be those rare occurrences where your were able to turn a parry into an attack.
  5. So my hero is attacked by a ghoul, three attacks all on the same SR, two claws and a bite. My hero decides to parry all three with his sword. On a successful strike and successful parry the Attacker (ghoul) rolls damage and the Defender only takes damage if the attacking damage exceeds the weapons HP. But the attackers weapon is not damaged - this this case the ghouls claw or head. The ghoul could take damage in a failed attack versus a successful parry, but only 1 HP if the parry damage rolled exceeds the claws HP. More if its a special parry etc, Does this seem right to you? Should the ghoul take more damage from parried attacks? How do you handle these types of combats?
  6. HeroQuest: https://www.chaosium.com/men-of-the-sea-pdf/
  7. Forests were farmed, coppicing and pollarding were common techniques to produce materials as wide ranging as animal feed to boat building. Parklands were also maintained to promote deer, boar and fowl for hunting. Mass deforestation only began in the gunpowder age - ships and charcoal In my view most temperate landscapes will have substantial tree cover even if labelled farmland. Forests with an F would also have communities living within so the distinction between farm and forest gets very vague.
  8. some of you may find this interesting: https://gizmodo.com/social-inequality-marriage-habits-and-other-clues-to-1838943080
  9. RQG laid down a promise campaign play in the same vein as Pendragon; one game per season, focusing on parentage in char gen and off season rolls. Even if you don't play the big campaign, have it as a framework to guide GMs in playing in different eras would be essential. Dynasty was such a core part of Pendragon and I believe should be for RQ too. The Hero Wars are about fighting for future generations with the aid of your ancestors.
  10. I feel that using appropriate terminology really helps set the tone for players. Though I use the common terms I often preface them for my players with the advice that these are 'nearest equivalent translations' and not to be taken literally. Unless we create a whole new lexicon we are going to mislead some people, but that can work too, by using Earth terms but presenting them in a unique way we highlight that this isn't Kansas.
  11. I hope the Gods book contains more insights like this, really useful for GM's and player to grasp the essence of an ideology - not just worship this god and you get these spells...
  12. I can't speak directly to the Adventures book, but transplanting the NPC's should be straight forward. One word of caution though, start with some very simple encounters - 3 or 4 NPC's v the PC's just to everyone gets a chance to learn the system,.
  13. According to the rules they break as easily as Medium Shields. Also if you parry with a Sword you will do more damage on failed attacks and therefore more likely to break your opponents weapons. I can see some tactical situation where shields are preferred, but for most combats sticking with your primary weapon is the best option
  14. Which then begs the question why use a shield? Vasana for example has 90% parry with the Broadsword and only 55% with the Medium shield. Both block 12HP, why would she ever choose to parry with the shield?
  15. Great list Sumath, can you provide a reference for No 10. I can't locate where is prohibits using the same weapon to attack and parry,
  16. Thanks Sumath, that was an enjoyable read. Nice use of tactics to explain the rules. Also shows the importance of armour. My only suggestion would be that as the Orlmarth had the drop they should have cast a few spells to boost their chances...
  17. What was the date of this battle? So far I can only find references to the year, 1628. Cheers
  18. I will be running an introductory one-shot adventure on Sunday 18th at the Games Hub in Edinburgh, Scotland. Escape the Fringe from 13.00 - 18.00!
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