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  1. Page 108 - Outnumbered covers this. "Once a character has fought back or dodged in a the present round, all subsequent attacks are made with one bonus dice." I view it that an investigator fighting a ghoul is Outnumbered as the ghoul has three attacks to the investigators one. And to add - I don't think there is a limit bar common sense by the Keeper on how many attacks are actually feasible.
  2. Remembering Caroman made Copper Best Seller in its first week! And five ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ratings! Huge thanks to all!
  3. Three ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ratings and the first review: "Just bought this and I am reading through it, it has a nice investigative feel, like a Gloranthan CoC scenario, very combat light so I might have to put an a extra skirmish in to keep the meatheads happy but has a great feel and nice writing, fits perfectly in to my campaign which started with the Adventures in the Screen, the VTT maps are great as well at the moment as we are playing on Roll20!"
  4. Can I add that there are several online RPG's conventions coming up. We had empty seats for some of the RQ games at GenCon Online last month. The next one is PAX Online with games running from 17th - 20th of September. These are a great opportunity to try RQ and VTT games.
  5. Hi Everyone As you may have seen from Nick getting the scoop on this (true journalism there) I've release an expanded and revised edition of the popular convention scenario Remembering Caroman to the Jonstone Compendium. The original is still filling convention slots with the next one I believe is PAX Online next month. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/324716/Remembering-Caroman The blurb: Remembering Caroman The first Sea Season out from under the yoke of Lunar oppression is late in coming. Early crops are slow to germinate, lambs are few and small. The clan’s ancestors are uneasy. A disquiet within the Spirit World, simmering since the Lunar invasion twenty-four years ago is now bleeding into the Middle World. The land is weak because the bond between the living and the dead is strained. An encounter with a melancholy soul sets the adventurers off on a quest to find one soul among the countless lost. Can they find what has been forgotten? Will they have the courage, honour and loyalty to appease the ancestors and stave off a season of hunger and uncertainty? This adventure explores some of the complex relationships the inhabitants of Glorantha have with the Spirit World. Whether from the guidance offered by a clan’s ancestors, support from cult elementals or as a font of magical power, the Spirit World’s influence cannot be underestimated. About this edition An abridged version of this scenario was originally released in 2019 under Chaosium’s Cult of Chaos banner for use as a convention scenario. This revised edition has been expanded to include additional encounters, new maps including VTT verions for online play, new non-player characters and more detailed background information for new and existing antagonists. The start of the adventure has also been rewritten to better facilitate campaign play and remove the need for Vasana and her companions. The original version is still available from the Cult of Chaos.
  6. these spells can also be used on willing and knowing subjects, 'once more on to the breach' and all that, sometimes people want to be inspired or charmed as they are in need of a morale boost. Social spell are all about context, unlike combat in RPG's which IMO all too often lacks consequence. First impression do last. Sworn oaths are binding. Other long lasting consequences are also possible: Uther seducing Igrayne for example (according to the Boorman film) Also magic is so ubiquitous in Glorantha that the act of casting Spirit magic is in itself nothing suspicious. Rune Magic would raise an eyebrow though and as I doubt many would recognise Sorcery, most believe it to be some odd form of spirit magic.
  7. It is the 'Gen Con Chaosium GM chat server' which will get cleared in a couple of days. Perhaps it was only for GenCon GM's. If you have access I uploaded my maps to the RuneQuest Scenarios channel. Ask Todd for the details.
  8. I did a bunch of maps for GENCON (as did a whole host of truly talented artisans) and made them available on Chaosium's Discord channel. If you haven't already sign up for Cult of Chaos and volunteer to run some games, the community has made some excellent resources! PS. I'm also planning to do VTT maps for my next JC submission.
  9. why not just create a web wiki of NPC's that could be community edited?
  10. How about handheld bludgeoning weapon's damage bonus ignoring hard armours or even all armour? This would mimic the concussion damage even when armour is not surpassed and keep it simple.
  11. I raised this way back and Jason felt that giving slings Damage bonus seemed odd, and that 1d8 damage makes up for it. Given that few people wear plate and just how ridiculously cheap slings are, I feel that they work well as a primitive weapon.
  12. As the Parry was only a simple success the Scorpion man's tail would only be reduced by 1HP if total damage exceeds armour, not total damage. You would need a Special Parry to cause that much damage.
  13. True, but I find there are other rulesets out there better suited for that style of play
  14. I feel the biggest paradigm shift for new players is to abandon the 'murder hobo' mindset. Your characters are an integral part of a community, be it clan and/or cult. The passions are the rule mechanic by which that effects play, but when writing scenarios think about these wider motivations. Kill the tusk raiders because they are threatening YOUR village, partake in a hero quest so YOUR family benefits, find the Headpiece of Frin so YOUR cult becomes more powerful.
  15. There are many situations where a Passion diminishes, Love (Family) for instance, being cut off financially, a sibling feud or scandal involving a family member would reduce your opinion. Working on phobias too would work. Spending time with Trolls could reduce your Fear - possibly requiring an augment from another passion or Rune to increase you chances of Failing and there by reducing the value. So both of these could happen within game time or as part of the downtime activity.
  16. Just to rock the boat, I believe that there are places where the Spirit World overlaps the Material World. Spirts can use these to view through the veil, and likewise a Shaman can use these to access specific places beyond. I also play that spirits and discorporate Shaman can sense the material world like a double exposure; and creatures with POW are bright objects. However traveling to another place in the material world via the Spirits World is fraught with danger especially as neither time or geography are consistent, You may eventually get to the enemy camp, but the 'when' may not be certain. There are occurrences from WBRM where enemy spirit are sent behind enemy lines to attack Commanders. So I defiantly think it falls under MGF. There is far more to the Spirit World than the souls of the dead...
  17. That's a shockingly small list of articles, 7 in 14 years!
  18. Psullie


    I feel that the simplest solution is increase the Base chance for using shields. They are all currently 15; perhaps 20, 25 & 30. It should be fundamentally easier to parry with a shield than with a sword (more than the 5 extra base points you get) Originally I wrangled with the shield rules, but then realised that highly skilled swordsmen probably wound't use one where as your basic foot soldier would rely more on their shield. When creating stock NPC's I tend to drop more points in to Shield than attack
  19. lovely portrait, but he's not going to get far with that attitude 😄
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