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  1. Not sure where to post this question. I know that buying a PDF before the hardback comes out, you get the coupon for a discount on the physical price. Does that work when the hardback is already available? I'm tempted to pick up an existing book, I may get the hardback later, but for now I just want the PDF. Does that give me the option to buy the book with a discount later? Ta.
  2. What sheet are you using, I just tested the Black one and the skills you mentioned all result as expected.
  3. I use Inkscape, Gimp and my personal fav Krita for all my art work. All open source. Each takes a bit of learning but over the years I've built up a personal library of public domain texture and assets. Here are some details of the maps I created for Remembering Caroman:
  4. Or his spirit hasn't been bound to an artefact or otherwise trapped someplace...
  5. I hear of a vile class of spirit called Lyssa that preys on bats, dogs and other mammals leading to madness and death. It can sometimes attack humans causing a fear of water quickly followed by death.
  6. believing something does not automatically result in acting on that belief if what is preventing someone from a specific course of action is believing one thing, then the lie spell would be the catalyst for action. Used with out context would likely just cause doubt or confusion
  7. 1. Layout or Design are perfectly good alternatives. I go with Cartography for maps 2. Covers are generally are not included, but everything else sure. 3. Everyone will see the blurb so don't give too much away, just enough to hook a Keeper into buying. On DTRPG you can specify how many pages are previewed. But that's me and others will have different ideas.
  8. Page 192 states that any combination that results is SR 0 is treated as SR 1. No matter how dextrous, big or ready you are you can't go faster than SR 1. These are not absolute timings but order of action, if you are first you are first. When SR's are the same defer to DEX, if DEX is the same then both action occur simultaneously. Rune spells, unless boosted go off on SR 1, but is possible for someone with higher DEX to get the attack in first and disrupt a Rune spell. P194 does say that while most spells require 1 hand free, casting some spells in combat is permitted without the 5 point
  9. The temple sizes provided on p284 would give you a good indication. For example a village would only have about 1-3 sites (not shrines), a larger village may have a shrine if there is a dominant cult. Shared facilities would be common in most areas.
  10. It a bit like HeroQuest, a general skill with breakout specialisations? I agree that the current Lore structure is poorly considered, but then it is not a focus of the game. Yet, the distinction between Magic (Sorcery) and Lore were blurred at the best of times in ancient cultures, so why not Glorantha. Basic stuff should be common knowledge, expertise should be rare - with a lot of miss-information and conjecture in between. First off, I think there should be more Lore bonuses in Char Gen, for example why don't framers get Animal, Plant and Celestial lore - three areas that domina
  11. The Bestiary clearly states that Shadowcats are Lynx sized withs a 1D6 SIZ. Sure a semi-divine version could be bigger but that is not, imo, in keeping with the nature of Yinkin. The Rune creature is supposed to embody the nature of the God. Odayla is big and bearish, Yinkin is lithe, swift and astute. So to transform, the key attributes one would gain are speed, agility, sight and smell. A Yinkin priest should therefore be looking for those attributes, not size.
  12. Yay! Silver Seller. Thanks to all who have purchased a copy, I hope it provided some great gaming experiences
  13. In most games the CA is delegated to field medic which is boring and unoriginal. So ask your player how they envision their character. Why are they adventuring? What are their personal goals? Then include those own your campaign (you should really do this for all your PC's). There are equally exciting 'games' to be had with contests of charm, stealth, or battles against the elements. Make use of all the other skills and passions on the character sheet. Finally, what is that players personality? Does he/she regularly take the lead and drive the session?
  14. At the very least make them available with the pdf
  15. I'm just to bump this as there are still a couple of open seats, plus lots of other games and it's all for a good cause!
  16. Horror on Buffalo River would be a good fit, though it's only available if you are running convention games. Otherwise, grab an OS map or trail guide of your camping area and see what's about. Do a little research about the area, chances are there are old ghost stories or legends that you could tap into. Lastly ask your player to prepare their own ghost stories to tell and take turns giving each other the heebie-jeebies
  17. I think writing and performing are two separate talents. We have both playwrights and actors for that reason. To write a poem or play (the ancient world saw little difference between the two) is a Knowledge skill such as language and augmented by a lore skill or even Insight. (Craft skills are Manipulation based so I wouldn't think they'd apply). To preform a play is a Communication skill: Act, Orate but also modified by Insight (reading the room). Cultural knowledge would also be required, so perhaps either using the Homeland Lore skill as an augment or cap would make sense.
  18. I think that this would have to be played out. The character would need to embody the desired element, perhaps seeking guidance from a priest/shaman about a quest or activity that could start the process. For example to gain the Water Rune may require a journey to the Sea and give an offering to a water diety
  19. AlbaCon (Online) is happening the 3rd and 4th of October. I'm running the only RuneQuest game of the con at 8pm (UK) on the Saturday. Tickets are £5 but all proceeds are donated to It's Good 2 Give, a charity that offers support to young cancer patients and their families. https://albacon.co.uk/events/runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha-trouble-at-days-rest/
  20. You can message the GM using the Discussion button in Warhorn.
  21. Hi All, Just a reminder that PAXOnline is happening this weekend. I'll be running RQ Trouble at Days Rest tomorrow, Saturday from 9am to 1pm UK time. Games are free so if you are looking to play drop on by. https://warhorn.net/events/chaosium-online-gaming-at-pax-online
  22. Page 108 - Outnumbered covers this. "Once a character has fought back or dodged in a the present round, all subsequent attacks are made with one bonus dice." I view it that an investigator fighting a ghoul is Outnumbered as the ghoul has three attacks to the investigators one. And to add - I don't think there is a limit bar common sense by the Keeper on how many attacks are actually feasible.
  23. Remembering Caroman made Copper Best Seller in its first week! And five ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ratings! Huge thanks to all!
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