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  1. isn't that the point of community/cult responsibility. You get support and magic in return for your time and worship. Individuals who spend too much time doing their own thing would eventually be cut off. As a GM I would be very slow to provide continued support to PC's who didn't take their commitments seriously. 

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  2. 45 minutes ago, PhilHibbs said:

    I spend 1 POW to learn Gnome to Gargoyle, giving me 4RP.

    It's actually the other way around, your sacrifice POW to get Rune Points, you can know a numbers of Special Cult spells equal to their Rune Points. Once you know all the cults spells you can still increase your Rune Points. This actually supports David' statement about 'forgetting' the Rune Spell, you can't know more Special Cult spells than you have RP... may have to rethink my original view!

    I was simply stating that to get the Rune Point cost you 1 POW in the first place, 


  3. I feel that forgetting the spell is a double penalty. None of the 3 one-use spells in the book are common, so you either select it a char gen, or sacrifice POW to learn it later on. In effect casting a one-use spell costs 1 POW and 1 Rune Point and the latter is non regenerative. I don't think that p316 suggests that the spell is forgotten. 

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  4. Look at it this way, a myth is one people's view of an event or phenomena, the same event viewed by another culture could generate an entirely different, and contradictory, myth. In Glorantha the reverse is also true, that belief manifests reality. That's all well and good until these two groups meet, or, when some third party tries to artificially homogenise diversity. This tension is where you will find the greatest stories.


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  5. 3 hours ago, Bohemond said:

    1) Can the Aldryami be brought back as the Undead?

    Skeletons or Zombies are animations, so making a zombie elf is possible. Ghouls, wraiths and ghosts are Spirits, as elves possess POW it would be possible for their Spirit to return. Vampires are Rune Lords of Vivamort which accepts elves so a vampire elf is possible.

    4 hours ago, Bohemond said:

    How do dryads reproduce?

    Dryads are embodied spirts tied to specific trees. New dryads likely come into existence when the strength of the Adryami community would support her.

    4 hours ago, Bohemond said:

    Anyone have any idea what the wyter of the Jonstown Library is? 

    Dewey, an organisation spirit 😉

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  6. Keep it simple.

    At the beginning have all your players play Orlanthi, preferably from the same clan. This will give them a solid reason to hang around and not do the DnD thing of wandering off looking for orcs to rob.

    Only allow 2 or 3 starting cults, perhaps Orlanth, Ernalda and Issaries. There is an awful lot of Glorantha to get to know and that can put off many players. Then slowly introduce the world as you play.

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  7. Time does not exist in the Spirit World in the same way it does in the mundane. Some spirit combats could take days, rolling one opposed roll per night during a dream or the opposite, where the combat is over in a perceived instant - by the time you realise what's going on its too late sort of thing.  

  8. 36 minutes ago, lordabdul said:

    So would it be not uncommon to see some possessed wild boar or bear or trollkin making trouble in your clan lands

    which is why the shaman is a necessary member of you community. 

    Spirits are inscrutable, many are bound by tradition or myth but rarely logic

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  9. 22 hours ago, lordabdul said:

    I was confused for a while about what you meant -- are you having problems with the mechanical details of how many points of damage are exchanged, or are you having problems with the underlying principle of a parry damaging the attacker?

    If it's the former, I'm not sure if you want more or less points, or what the problem is.

    If it's the latter, then yeah, it's all about the fact that the defender is parrying with a blade or pointy thing or hard thing. If the ghoul's claws get blocked by the flat of the blade, it's like punching a wall that's moving towards you, and that can hurt your hand. If the claws get parried by the edge of the blade, that can potentially hurt a lot more!

    It was the latter. For now I'll go with the 'parry doesn't necessarily mean contact' and creatures with natural weapons don't take damage when a successful attack is parried. Any reference on the A&P table to the Attackers Weapon takes damage will mean the receive body part. I'd allow armour for non-special parries as the parry don't have to be against the business end of the claw/fist etc.

    thanks for all the replies

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  10. 20 hours ago, Bill the barbarian said:

    Was this a home rule based off some existing RQ 2 of 3 rule? Or did it exist somewhere in some form ?

    cheers Bill

    I did go back to 2 & 3 and didn't see anything, doesn't mean its not there though. I like to keep it simple and just say the parking natural weapons just keeps the attacker from connecting

  11. 20 hours ago, Ian Absentia said:

    I hear you, but I remind myself that the rolls by the rules are abstractions of the in-game reality.  "Parrying" doesn't necessarily mean weapon-to-weapon contact to prevent a blow, but may also be interpreted as intimidating an opponent into pulling that blow that may have landed.  I'm picturing how cats fight, for instance -- head back, ears down, paws batting the air in each other's faces and at each other's paws, not necessarily a lot of contact.

    The contact your hero's sword made with the ghoul's claw may have been a successful parry, but is incidental in all but the rarer circumstances.  Maybe it was the flat of the blade that made contact, maybe contact was only glancing, maybe it was just a defending sword point that caused the ghoul to back away at the last moment.


    this makes a lot of sense and easy to play, the Special parries would be those rare occurrences where your were able to turn a parry into an attack. 

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  12. So my hero is attacked by a ghoul, three attacks all on the same SR, two claws and a bite. My hero decides to parry all three with his sword. On a successful strike and successful parry the Attacker (ghoul) rolls damage and the Defender only takes damage if the attacking damage exceeds the weapons HP. But the attackers weapon is not damaged - this this case the ghouls claw or head.

    The ghoul could take damage in a failed attack versus a successful parry, but only 1 HP if the parry damage rolled exceeds the claws HP. More if its a special parry etc,

    Does this seem right to you? Should the ghoul take more damage from parried attacks? How do you handle these types of combats?

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