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  1. Here's my take on all this: 1. A written, according to P248, it's Variable because you can have Summon (Entity) 2 or Summon (Entity) 6. A caster can only cast as high as the spell they know, if you know Summon (Entity) 6, that's most you can spend. This would limit most casting of this spell to summoning small animal or plant spirits, for more powerful entities you will need Rune Magic or Sorcery. Does Summon (Entity) 8 or 12 exist? Stackable/Non-Stackable only apples to Rune Spells. So you are limited to one entity 2. The spell is not listed as Temporal, so what the entity does is entirely based on the entity, it could stick around or not. Without a control spell the caster is at the mercy of the whim of the entity, though friendly entities are likely to be helpful etc. It's Active because if you want it do something you must communicate with it. If you stop concentrating the entity will do whatever the entity feels to do. 3. My reading of point 1 makes this moot, that type of energy channelling is reserved for Rune Magic (Heal for example). This may make the spell seem too weak, but remember this is Spirit Magic and doesn't cost POW like other rituals. 4. Dispelling doesn't effect the results of magic, just like you cannot Dispel or Dismiss the hit points received from a Healing spell. 5. See 4. 6. Why not? There is a reasonable chance of hostile spirits who will attack anyway. Attacking friendly spirits may earn the caster a reputations and find fewer friendlies available.
  2. YGMY but I play that an unconscious individual cannot resist, just like they cannot dodge or parry.
  3. This Fertile Ground, just be honest and constructive
  4. As one of the contributors, I'd appreciate more feedback. Pookie's reviews are great but I was surprised how few reviews and/or ratings were actually left on DTRPG. So if you liked what you read please say so and rate the publication. This will only improve the quality of future publications, increase sales which will encourage more contributions.
  5. It's actually the other way around, your sacrifice POW to get Rune Points, you can know a numbers of Special Cult spells equal to their Rune Points. Once you know all the cults spells you can still increase your Rune Points. This actually supports David' statement about 'forgetting' the Rune Spell, you can't know more Special Cult spells than you have RP... may have to rethink my original view! I was simply stating that to get the Rune Point cost you 1 POW in the first place,
  6. I feel that forgetting the spell is a double penalty. None of the 3 one-use spells in the book are common, so you either select it a char gen, or sacrifice POW to learn it later on. In effect casting a one-use spell costs 1 POW and 1 Rune Point and the latter is non regenerative. I don't think that p316 suggests that the spell is forgotten.
  7. I thinks so too, they share love of intrigue and, if I recall, have unique family & inheritance laws
  8. Hello all Just to let you know that I run an open RGQ game once a month in Edinburgh, Scotland. The next game is Sun, 9th between 13.00 and 18.00 at the Geek Retreat in Nicolson Sq. New players and beginners are welcome. Paul
  9. Look at it this way, a myth is one people's view of an event or phenomena, the same event viewed by another culture could generate an entirely different, and contradictory, myth. In Glorantha the reverse is also true, that belief manifests reality. That's all well and good until these two groups meet, or, when some third party tries to artificially homogenise diversity. This tension is where you will find the greatest stories.
  10. Skeletons or Zombies are animations, so making a zombie elf is possible. Ghouls, wraiths and ghosts are Spirits, as elves possess POW it would be possible for their Spirit to return. Vampires are Rune Lords of Vivamort which accepts elves so a vampire elf is possible. Dryads are embodied spirts tied to specific trees. New dryads likely come into existence when the strength of the Adryami community would support her. Dewey, an organisation spirit 😉
  11. Keep it simple. At the beginning have all your players play Orlanthi, preferably from the same clan. This will give them a solid reason to hang around and not do the DnD thing of wandering off looking for orcs to rob. Only allow 2 or 3 starting cults, perhaps Orlanth, Ernalda and Issaries. There is an awful lot of Glorantha to get to know and that can put off many players. Then slowly introduce the world as you play.
  12. Psullie

    Spell Matrix

    I wouldn't say so, that is one of the functions of Detect Magic and Identity Spell. Though you may suspect the item is enchanted not all enchanted objects are obvious.
  13. There is a 'Seapolis pack' on the list which I suspect may include the islands...
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. I really like this explanation of Sorcery - Cheers!
  16. I get the feeling that having multiple masteries is a requirement for Zzaburi - regardless of the inefficiency from a rules POV, from a world view mastering as many Runes as possible is the mark of a magi. Also I imagine that playing a sorcerer in RQ is akin to playing the librarian in CoC
  17. Psullie


    I'd say its illustrative but covers most cases. Remember these are Passions, so the emotion or bond must be strong, so if its not already covered is it a strong emotion?
  18. Time does not exist in the Spirit World in the same way it does in the mundane. Some spirit combats could take days, rolling one opposed roll per night during a dream or the opposite, where the combat is over in a perceived instant - by the time you realise what's going on its too late sort of thing.
  19. which is why the shaman is a necessary member of you community. Spirits are inscrutable, many are bound by tradition or myth but rarely logic
  20. It was the latter. For now I'll go with the 'parry doesn't necessarily mean contact' and creatures with natural weapons don't take damage when a successful attack is parried. Any reference on the A&P table to the Attackers Weapon takes damage will mean the receive body part. I'd allow armour for non-special parries as the parry don't have to be against the business end of the claw/fist etc. thanks for all the replies
  21. cheers Bill I did go back to 2 & 3 and didn't see anything, doesn't mean its not there though. I like to keep it simple and just say the parking natural weapons just keeps the attacker from connecting
  22. this makes a lot of sense and easy to play, the Special parries would be those rare occurrences where your were able to turn a parry into an attack.
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