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  1. spirit combat - possess the Humakti then turn on the other PC's
  2. I think you are over complicating it. Total HP is completely abstract, it simply tracks ALL damage taken regardless of location. It cannot go below 0. Each point of damage reduces Total HP, each point of Heal increases total HP. Your arm, hit by a 7 & a 5 damage. (let's assume THP 16) The first hit reduces the arm to -2 and reduces your THP to 9. The next hit reduces the arm to -7* and your THP to 4. Healing or first aid to the arm will simply add HP to the arm and THP. So a Heal 3 will bring the arm to -4, and THP to 7 (the arm is still out of action). The fact that you have a total HP capacity in hit locations that is greater than THP means that when healed, your could be at full Total HP but still have damage to limbs. This is also important for restoring function to maimed limbs, as a maimed limb must be fully restored within 10 minutes (you may need healing magic beyond your THP) *there is a little confusion about how far into the negatives you can go. Jason suggested -x2 so a 5hp arm can go to -10hp, I prefer to play -x1, so a 5hp arm can only go to -5hp.
  3. I see honour are being aligned to the core principles of one's own culture. Those with high honour values are people who act in accordance with what society expects of them, whatever that may be. Trolls could have high honour, but be perceived by Sun Domers as lying cheating SOB's. This can lead to great role play when individuals from different backgrounds, both with high honour, fail to see the honour in the others culture. The Aubrey-Maturin books are a good example, as both characters trusted and respected each other, but on some points did not see eye-to-eye.
  4. What about toxicity, many plants are toxic if ingested; yew and oak for example. Are some elves poisonous if eaten?
  5. Psullie

    Group tasks

    I'd keep it simple. Ultimately your pitching the least effective PC vs the most perceptive NPC. As was mentioned above, the PC's only need to fail once, and the Guards just need to pass once. So make it one opposed roll. If they both pass then, as a tie, the situation is unresolved, warranting another roll to keep the tension. I personally would not allow one PC to augment another's Move Quietly in the manner described above. The players would need to come up with a valid reason why one persons actions can make another person more 'stealthy';
  6. as Drablak pointed out all the RQ2 stuff is 1617-1620. Griffin Mountain however is quite sandboxed so would be most flexible. Borderland, Pavis & Big Rubble all deal with early Lunar occupation of Prax and so would need considerable reworking for RQG timeline (some episodes more so than others).
  7. my wallet is not going to like that...
  8. Psullie

    Non-Uz & Bugs

    I imagine that Uz view scorpionmen in a similar way that beastmen view broo
  9. I think that the damage section suffers a little by not using specific terms for specific effects. There are three way's a character or limb can become incapacitated. The first is when a limb loses all its HP that limb is incapacitated, be it form one or many wounds. Second: Loses 2x limb HP incapacitates if from a single wound. Third: A character can become incapacitated from Slashing weapons that score a special hit and equals or exceed that limbs HP. The way I play limb damage is that x2 HP is Max HP it can pass on to the total, regardless of how many actual HP it actually has. So a 5HP arm will always pass through up to 10 HP damage regardless of its current HP. To run through your example: 1st hit: 5 damage to arm, arm is useless and 0 hp. Total HP 18-5 = 13 2nd hit: 10 damage to arm, arm is -5 HP. Total HP 13-10 - 3, Character is in shock and incapacitated as damage came from one hit alternate example: 1st hit: 5 damage to arm, arm is useless and 0 hp. Total HP 18-5 = 13 2nd hit: 8 damage to arm, arm is useless and -5 hp. total HP 13-8 = 5, character still able to act 3rd hit: 2 damage to arm, arm still -5. Total HP 5-2 = 3, character still able to act another example: 1st hit: 25 damage to arm, arm is maimed, and -5 HP, total HP is 18-10 = 8, but character is in shock and incapacitated as it came from a one hit, Lastly: 1st hit: Special Slash of 6 damage. Arm is -1 and useless. Total HP = 18-6=12 Character must make a (CON-6)*5 roll or become incapacitated
  10. One of the core thematic changes in RQ:G is the strong focus on community. Adventurers have responsibilities at home that prevent them from frequent trips. Hence the 'one adventure' per year. If you play a more traditional 'errant knight' type of campaign then you should change these limits.
  11. but it's not. Your Sword skill of 150% still only hits with a 95 or less. But your opponents Parry is reduced by 50 making if far less likely that he will deflect the blow. To me this is a much bigger win than and extra 3% on your critical, but that just me.
  12. Lets say you character is on her chariot. The GM states that the front offers protection (lets say 5 AP) to Abdomen & Legs. So a Javelin is thrown at you and hits. You roll Hit Location as normal, if the Hit Loc roll results in a Abdomen or legs then the Chariot has been hit. Roll for damage (lets say 8 damage). If the damage exceeds the AP of the chariot (5-8 = 3), the balance goes through to you character to the relevant Hit location which is applied as normal (3 damage before worn armour etc), the Chariot's AP is now reduced from 5 to 4 as it has a big hole in it.
  13. Your point 1 is incorrect. Regardless of negative mods a 1-5 is always a success. I dislike the RQ3 model as it doesn't benefit 100+ skills in that you always have a 5% of failure. Reducing your opponents skill is a way get that bonus back. I'm happy with the RAW rules, it knocks some of the peaks and troughs you can get with RQG
  14. I think is means that if a character has the Long Spear skill they can use a lance as a spear. Also RQ2 had Long Spear (One-handed) as a separate entry, it required STR of 11 and did 1d8+1 damage and had an SR 1.
  15. Hi MOB, sounds like a great idea, but what do you do if you are not a Facebook user?
  16. I think the granularity of many skills is left up to the GM and their importance to his/her campaign.
  17. not all spirits are destined for the Underworld. Many creatures are ethereal in nature and 'live' in the spirit world
  18. Kloster has it right, see page 198, A successful Parry, and p200 Damage to Weapons, weapons can be used at half skill from -1 to -original HPs, so you can use a shied with negative HP but it won't stop any HP. Once a weapon or shield reaches it's negative limit it is irrevocably broken.
  19. This is taken from the Quickstart (p20): "The caster always exhibits some form of manifestation of the deity while casting the [Rune Magic] spell: they might appear to grow larger, burn with an inner glow, crackle lightning from the fingertips, or even start to physically resemble the deity. The more Rune magic cast, the more the deity manifests in the world." I've always taken that Rune Magic is highly visible, you are channelling your deity after all and he/she/it wants that fact known (exceptions may by some Darkness cults). Spirit Magic also has minor special effects, glows, crackles, hums etc,
  20. Vostor's example on page 204 (under incapacitating a target) gives a very good run though of how armour and shields work. Has Phil pointed out, in RQ:G AP & HP for weapons and shields has been simplified to one stat: HP. A successful parry with a weapon or shied will block damage equal to its current HP. So a Medium Should or Broadsword will cancel 12 HP of damage. Any more passes through, in most cases to the Arm. So in your example of 15 damage, the Shield will block 10 damage with the remaining 5 going to the arm, which could then be cancelled by the arm's armour or magic if any. Depending on the severity of the attack, the shield would also take 1 damage (on a normal attack) or 5 damage (on a Special or better attack) thus reducing it's effectiveness.
  21. Thanks David, I missed the reference on that map. Spawn is located adjacent to the Seven Falls, where as the one I'm curious about is near the White River, but it's likely the same settlement,
  22. Thanks Joerg. The north shore of the Lake and the White River do fall under Enjossi territory. Some maps (p283 Sartar KoH) show an un-named (Upper Stream??) river acting as the border between the Balmyr and it northern neighbours, but others (p181 GtoG, and GM pack) do not. I'll go with Enjossi's Oath for the former unless informed other wise. Given their history Richvale has probably flipped back and forth between the Local and the Balmyr. But since the Dragonrise I wander what will happen to these former Lunar allies?
  23. Can anybody tell me the name of the two villages on the shores of Kjartan Lake (not the EWF ruins in the lake) Cheers
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