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  1. Recently I have started a new campaign with my players after a first and very long “high level” campaign that is just paused, and after a try of a campaign “from the beginning” based on the new stuff published but without any success with my “old” players for whom playing at the clan level is no more interesting, even for a short time. So, after several adventures in dragon pass and Pavis, they had an original idea : know more about lunar magic, in order to try to better fight it And they have decided to start with the 7 masks of the goddess. So I am looking for all pieces of information I have on this topic and realize the lack of stuff we have about the lunar “mythology” (not right because based on old gods/goddesses but we have more or less nothing on those old gods too…), and quite nothing very deep about the lunar magic : how it works, how it was build, etc… Only some rules, mainly based on the 7 mothers Exception is the description of the 7 mothers cults, which is a good start As I have heard nothing about lunars in the next publications, I propose to share some of my ideas with you and hope we can have a discussion to imagine some original and fun stuff to be included in our campaigns ! Clearly here = YGMV 1) About Sedenya : I admit I have never clearly understood the explanations I have read about “what is the goddess”. There is the official explanation given by the lunars but I prefer to think that there is something behind. So one of my idea is to say that sedenya is a construct, a merge of several old goddesses known in the region, for obvious reasons if you want to convince as much people as possible to follow you. And to succeed to build her, the 7 mothers have used a part of Tylenea (conscientiously or not), so most of the lunar magic is powered by illusion. It is why they can create temporary reality that mimic existing magic. May be Tylenea was deceiving the 7 mothers ? fun but why ? Based on that, I have some difficulties to explain exactly how they did it and all ideas are welcomed ! And some links between old goddesses are not obvious to me 2) Gerra and natha Gerra is presented (in the guide for example) as the goddess of the pyramids and as a cult of suffering (at least in Spol). But why building pyramids to a goddess of suffering ? Sometimes I associate her with Asrelia as a goddess of secrets and as a kind of archetype of the “old woman”, but a weird and scaring one. Have sense ? Is Gerra was an important goddess during the spolite empire and before ? Natha is presented as an old goddess of sacrifices. The 2 seems linked (refer to the natha’s well in the guide). But how and why ? What are their common story ? Natha seems to come from Pelanda where she was near/following Jernothius. What kind of influence she could have bring with her in the northern part of the region (naveria, darsen, spol ) ? On this particular topic I have the idea to introduce Androgeus as the son of Natha and Jernothius, which could explain his passion for balance and the fact that he has came out of the second hell, the one of natha But I didn’t find the fate of jernothius after he was established at the top of his mountain ? Some ideas ? 3) Blue moons Of course…. I like the idea from Sandy Petersen that the blue moon of the troll is not the blue moon of the lunar even if we can find some common point like the link between Lesilla, the blue moon and with birth powers (not sure of this one but refer to the guide “history of the lunar allies”) We could find some interesting common point with Darsenite goddess of fertility. Again Darsen, a fascinating place with naveria ! So, can we imagine some links with natha and gerra ? I like the sandy’s idea of a kind of undead blue moon, even if I don’t know what to do with that for now But what about Orogeria the goddess of hunters in Arir ? I found quite nothing about the possible links with the other goddesses chosen (?) by the 7 mothers. But her story is so dramatic… 4) Black moon Again, I like the sandy’s idea of the black moon. For me, the black moon could be the incarnation of the chaos powers of the goddess or her chaotic part And for me, she uses it to power her magic or maybe it is used to maintain the construct she is. And to use chaos without being a chaotic entity by yourself, you should be illuminated, so the link between black moon and Rashonara Sorry for this long and confuse post but my imagination needs more fuel and you are welcomed to propose what you want ! thanks
  2. It is not very important to know if what sandy said was "canon" or just for fun or...whatever I am asking these questions because I think there is something fun to do with the black/blood sun and may be trying to imagine a global scheme for a chaos plan And it is why I like Sandy so much : he is abble to launch an idea that is fun and blow our imagination, just with a few words So thank you to everyone that has written some cool ideas and I hope more people will join this discussion and proposed their ideas
  3. Thanks to Both of you. Much clearer for me now ! "You should take a look at the history of the Fifth Wane, aka Hon-eel's Wane. And there is a mastermind behind the changes in Chaos threats that are emerging gradually - schemes that may have been in place for decades or centuries, but triggered to relevation by recent world-shaking events like the Dragonrise" Yes !!! Exactly what I expect to develop in my campaign but not so easy to find good and original inspirations (my players have a lot of expérience and played several games before in différent universes so a too classical story will be boring for them)
  4. Hello everybody I am Very confused by what I have read about the black sun and blood sun and I am looking for links between them and with other entities So all inspiration or knowledge from this community is welcomed : 1) black sun seems to be known as basko by the troll but sandy said that "the black sun might be à part of tyram". Is not tyram an anti god ? A chaos god ? I am confused that uz can be linked with this kind of god 2) is thère any links (mythological I mean) between black and blood sun ? 3) what is thé blood sun and why it seems not known elsewhere exept the Kingdom of ignorance ? 4) be free to share fun ideas about those cults. I try to give them some importance in my herowars so any inspiration (even of epic scales) are welcome ! For example I want to link the black sun\blood sun with the black moon and it should be à part of the "Big plan" of some chaos guys Thanks à lot
  5. Thé importance that seems to have thé blood sun during hero wars is new for me and I think thère is à lot of potential for a multiplie areas campagne in glorantha (even in fonrit) I am trying to build à consistent figure between blood sun black sun alenthor honeel the east isles the anti gods chaos etc... Not easy and all your ideas are welcomed !
  6. Thanks ! I didn t knew that When you speaks of "god learnerS magic", do you le an that this kind of knowledge was available à round belintar ? And acceptable ? Thanks again
  7. Do we know more of the civilization fond by the counsil in dorastor After the dawn ? Why the magic and knowledge fond thère seems so révolutionary ? (P128 speaks of "secrets of the universe") and what has ben done with that by the membres of the counsil ?
  8. P134 : never understood why the blue moon culture was part of the élimination of the eaw leaders ? What is thé or link with the dragonewt ? P136 : The god learnerS secret is not clearly for me even if it said it is explained in thé guide. I still Doesn't t know How they were abble to modif the otherworld or manipulate the runes so freely P138 : do we know more of the origin of the closure ? Zzabur (réf p 145 too) ?
  9. P142 : what are thé origins of dormal ? What can exploit how hé created his ritual ? P145 : I still don t understand why snodal killed the god of silver feet. What is thé link between this god and the snodal s map ? "In origin, the Red Goddess is an unknowable unknown. Her story of degradation, death and rebirth is the means by which she makes herself and her mysteries known to mortals. " Thanks. I have to think about it. Seems différent from other gods and I Still don t understand why... Like this
  10. I am always thinking of the origins of thered goddess. A moon goddess killed during the darkness ? Or somethink else ? I am thinking of some links with Tylenea for whom the destiny is not clear
  11. Fonrit is clearly à place with great potential for adventuring I have 2 questions May be replied later in the guide : - I would loved to know more about garangordos his origins and the glorious ones - it seems that fonrit was not concerned by the firefall even if it seems an important place for artmali culture. I don t see why...
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