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    playing in glorantha for more than 25 years. Glorantha is what I love not really the rules themselves
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  1. lokamayadon

    Black sun / blood sun

    It is not very important to know if what sandy said was "canon" or just for fun or...whatever I am asking these questions because I think there is something fun to do with the black/blood sun and may be trying to imagine a global scheme for a chaos plan And it is why I like Sandy so much : he is abble to launch an idea that is fun and blow our imagination, just with a few words So thank you to everyone that has written some cool ideas and I hope more people will join this discussion and proposed their ideas
  2. lokamayadon

    Black sun / blood sun

    Thanks to Both of you. Much clearer for me now ! "You should take a look at the history of the Fifth Wane, aka Hon-eel's Wane. And there is a mastermind behind the changes in Chaos threats that are emerging gradually - schemes that may have been in place for decades or centuries, but triggered to relevation by recent world-shaking events like the Dragonrise" Yes !!! Exactly what I expect to develop in my campaign but not so easy to find good and original inspirations (my players have a lot of expérience and played several games before in différent universes so a too classical story will be boring for them)
  3. lokamayadon

    Black sun / blood sun

    Hello everybody I am Very confused by what I have read about the black sun and blood sun and I am looking for links between them and with other entities So all inspiration or knowledge from this community is welcomed : 1) black sun seems to be known as basko by the troll but sandy said that "the black sun might be à part of tyram". Is not tyram an anti god ? A chaos god ? I am confused that uz can be linked with this kind of god 2) is thère any links (mythological I mean) between black and blood sun ? 3) what is thé blood sun and why it seems not known elsewhere exept the Kingdom of ignorance ? 4) be free to share fun ideas about those cults. I try to give them some importance in my herowars so any inspiration (even of epic scales) are welcome ! For example I want to link the black sun\blood sun with the black moon and it should be à part of the "Big plan" of some chaos guys Thanks à lot
  4. lokamayadon

    Questions about the Lunar gods and the first Moonson

    No doubt that we need a lunar sourcebook...
  5. Thé importance that seems to have thé blood sun during hero wars is new for me and I think thère is à lot of potential for a multiplie areas campagne in glorantha (even in fonrit) I am trying to build à consistent figure between blood sun black sun alenthor honeel the east isles the anti gods chaos etc... Not easy and all your ideas are welcomed !
  6. I am totaly with you Gianni (I am french but I live in china....)
  7. Thanks ! I didn t knew that When you speaks of "god learnerS magic", do you le an that this kind of knowledge was available à round belintar ? And acceptable ? Thanks again
  8. Do we know more of the civilization fond by the counsil in dorastor After the dawn ? Why the magic and knowledge fond thère seems so révolutionary ? (P128 speaks of "secrets of the universe") and what has ben done with that by the membres of the counsil ?
  9. P134 : never understood why the blue moon culture was part of the élimination of the eaw leaders ? What is thé or link with the dragonewt ? P136 : The god learnerS secret is not clearly for me even if it said it is explained in thé guide. I still Doesn't t know How they were abble to modif the otherworld or manipulate the runes so freely P138 : do we know more of the origin of the closure ? Zzabur (réf p 145 too) ?
  10. P142 : what are thé origins of dormal ? What can exploit how hé created his ritual ? P145 : I still don t understand why snodal killed the god of silver feet. What is thé link between this god and the snodal s map ? "In origin, the Red Goddess is an unknowable unknown. Her story of degradation, death and rebirth is the means by which she makes herself and her mysteries known to mortals. " Thanks. I have to think about it. Seems différent from other gods and I Still don t understand why... Like this
  11. I am always thinking of the origins of thered goddess. A moon goddess killed during the darkness ? Or somethink else ? I am thinking of some links with Tylenea for whom the destiny is not clear
  12. Fonrit is clearly à place with great potential for adventuring I have 2 questions May be replied later in the guide : - I would loved to know more about garangordos his origins and the glorious ones - it seems that fonrit was not concerned by the firefall even if it seems an important place for artmali culture. I don t see why...
  13. Globally I liked this part. It is a clean, consistent and quite new way of describing western culture I particularly enjoy the western warrior societies