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  1. Kickstarter campaign for Fantasy Grounds 2.
  2. There was an official comment on Facebook (I believe) that they’re working on it, but it will be later. They said it was being worked on while the KS campaign was live, but RQ support wouldn’t be coming as part of the KS.
  3. Don’t hold your breath. Seriously. Just don’t.
  4. I’ve wondered about how/where to transplant the Broken Tower for the Eleven Lights campaign. I might steal your idea. Thanks!
  5. Yelmalio is suspicious … of himself? What propaganda will the partisans promulgate next?
  6. You’re relying on a very pre-RQG retcon understanding of Elmal. Forget the past twenty+ years of Elmal’s development and mythology. Yelmalio is Elmal+. Everybody says so. Learn to love Yelmalio. Everybody does. Yelmalio has always been Elmal. Everybody knows. Yelmalio is beloved by everybody. Hell . . . In the next edition, we learn that there has always been a Sun Dome at the Castle of Lead in Dagori Inkarth. Yelmalio and Zorak Zoran are buddies. There’s a whole trilogy of buddy comedies planned that details their wacky adventures. Everytime Zorak Zoran uses his Fire rune, he quips to Yelmalio, “Jealous, little Elmal?” They glare at each other. Then Yelmalio cracks a shimmering smile and they both laugh. Zorak Zoran slaps Yelmalio on the back, a bit too hard, and then they laugh some more.
  7. Create a list of events that are relevant to your campaign and have the characters use that modified Family History. I used the Coming Storm to create a Family History for our Red Cow saga starting in 1616. We also drew on Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes. We only used the events from the RQG Family History if the Coming Storm explicitly detailed how the Red Cow interacted with those events in which case we included them (often with some customizations). A friend undertook a similar project to create a custom Family History for the Colymar campaign in S: KoH. I image the project is far easier though if your campaign is based upon a narrowly defined community.
  8. Yeah. I really like the detailed Colymar clan tattoos in the RQG Adventures Book. It’s just extremely limited in usefulness. I’d love to see a more general guide to Sartarite-Orlanthi cultural tattoos. Common themes and motifs that cross clan and tribal boundaries and unify the whole culture.
  9. There’s very little detail, that I can remember, in the section on tattoos in Sartar: KoH. It’s part of what prompted my question. It alludes to tattoos tied to rank and social status, but I think there’s only a simple example, so I wondered if there is a more detailed visual guide somewhere.
  10. Has anyone done a detailed visual guide to Orlanthi tattoos? I’d be interested to see common motifs and symbols used to denote rank and status beyond just runes or clan tattoos.
  11. Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes and Voices are excellent intros. Voices is one of my earliest memories of being introduced to Glorantha and understanding the importance of a character’s religious cult. Building on those two sources, the character creation chapter of The Coming Storm is an excellent intro to a Sartarite campaign for players. It’s for HeroQuest, but mostly system agnostic information that is easily applied to a RQ campaign. The Coming Storm can give you a richly detailed Sartarite clan to use as the foundation of a campaign, although the book is set in 1618. King of Dragon Pass is also an excellent introduction to Orlanthi culture in Dragon Pass. If you can get your players to play a few hours of that, they’ll have a focused and richly detailed intro to the Orlanthi and the weirdness of Glorantha. I find the Glorantha Sourcebook (and the GtG) to be a very poor introduction to Glorantha for someone that hasn’t already committed to taking the plunge.
  12. The new Glorantha calendar lists Waterday / MOVEMENT week / Sea Season Is this an error? Waterday of Illusion week seems to better match the overall pattern.
  13. Communities. One of the best systems in HeroQuest Glorantha is the system for codifying and interacting with communities. I really hope a similar system is planned for RQG to help cement the importance of your Loyalty (Clan) passion.
  14. I wasn’t ever attempting to compare apples to apples. I’m comparing the HeroQuest line, which is seemingly being sidelined and de-prioritized, with the new RuneQuest: Glorantha line, which is cannibalizing the resources and materials that might have gone into new HQ products. HeroQuest releases have always been slow, but as focus has shifted to RuneQuest it is becoming even slower. Because we’ve gotten products like RQG, the Bestiary, and the GM Screen, other HeroQuest materials have been delayed or cancelled. Further, projects planned for HeroQuest are being diverted and repurposed for RuneQuest. This is why there is a comparison. Because we’re going to get a 1625 version of Whitewall for RuneQuest, we’ll never see the planned version of Whitewall for 1618 HeroQuest. Further, before we get richly detailed sourcebooks, we’re getting general purpose RuneQuest products. Even the general view in RQG fails to match the standards of HeroQuest. Compare the details of the cults of Ernalda and Orlanth in HeroQuest Glorantha with the same cults in RQG. It isn’t even close. These products lack and focus and depth of the HeroQuest products that we were receiving and likely mean the repurposed content for RuneQuest will lack the depth that we would have gotten for HeroQuest. Products we were ready to receive for the HeroQuest line are being delayed to make room for much more generalist products to be produced for RuneQuest. I could go deep into the details that are included in the sources, but I’d rather move this back toward the positive affirmation of the HeroQuest product line it was intended to be initially. The material for HeroQuest has been excellent and provides all the basis I need for a game set in Glorantha, even if we’re using the RuneQuest system. There’s a streamlining of RuneQuest and a regressive retcon in favor of RQ2 that I find deeply regrettable as the excellent material developed for Hero Wars and HeroQuest was much stronger and more culturally and mythologically complex and satisfying.
  15. daskindt

    Clan Chief

    Most Red Cow approach Orlanth through the guise of their ancestor Ulanin the Rider. He grants them a different focus on their magic than the typical Orlanth Adventurous cultist.
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