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  1. daskindt

    Runequest Glorantha character creator app

    GM Dashboard sounds lovely.
  2. daskindt

    A Walktapus Came to Visit Today

  3. daskindt


    So because Dullblade is undesirable they made it even worse?
  4. daskindt


    Yeah. I’ll certainly have the two spells directly counteract each other’s effects. Also, I think it makes more sense to apply the bonus/penalty to each attack after the attacks are split.
  5. daskindt


    From the Bladesharp description: The bolded part makes no sense to me. I would expect the damage and chance to hit would both counter each other on a 1 to 1 basis.
  6. daskindt


    What I don’t understand is why does Dullblade cancel Bladesharp bonus damage, but the percentages don’t cancel? Why? What happens to the penalty percentage from Dullblade then?
  7. daskindt

    What Cults do we want to see the most?

    Elmal Elmal Elmal
  8. daskindt

    Heal v Heal Wound

    Heal (Spirit Magic) is a variable spell and must be learned at a specific level (Heal 1/2/3/4/5/6). The maximum it can heal with a single use is equal to its rating. You can recast it, but each cast will require more Magic Points and an additional POW roll. You may need the healing to happen quickly or you may not want to make numerous rolls. Heal Wound (Rune Magic) is learned with a single Rune Point. You cast it for 1 RP and then convert as many Magic Points into healing as you need. It happens on SR1 and you can heal as much damage to the target as you have Magic Points to spend. This gets you extremely powerful healing, extremely fast, and with a single roll against your associated Rune.
  9. daskindt

    Change log for updated PDF's

    The example is still incorrect or inconsistent with how critical damage is defined elsewhere. From Page 203 of the 2nd Printing PDF:
  10. daskindt

    RuneQuest Dice from Q-Workshop

    Should be. I just received my corrected dice in the past week.
  11. daskindt

    House Rules

    We houseruled the Family History quite a bit, but that was mostly because we’re running the Red Cow campaign so I worked up a list of Red Cow centric events and revised the events to eliminate modifiers that weren’t applicable to our campaign. I also houseruled HP back to RQ3’s CON + SIZ / 2 formula. It’s too ingrained in my memory of RQ combat to have both CON and SIZ contributing equally to the HP of players and other assorted creatures.
  12. We used point buy for our new campaign. I hate random character generation. I ended up giving each player 98 points to buy their characteristics. I used the 92+3 method as a baseline, but I also charged a little extra for stats approaching max, so I gave the 3 extra points to account for that altered cost. For the 3D6 stats, they paid 1 point per point in a stat up to 15. They paid 2 points for each point from 16-18. So 16/17/18 cost 17/19/21 points. For the 2D6+6 stats, they paid 1 point per point in a stat up to 16. They paid 2 points for each point from 17-18. So 17/18 cost 18/20 points. Modifiers from Runes and/or Homelands came after. We ended up with very similar characteristics as the pregen characters in the book. Most of the pregens are within a point or two of the point buy system we used. They was some min/max-ing, but not an excessive amount. I’m sure part of that was all the players are new to RuneQuest and Glorantha. The Skill Modifiers certainly contribute to point thresholds and some points of attributes being more valuable than others. I’d prefer a system much more like RQ3 where each point can help or hurt the modifier.
  13. daskindt

    Crowdsourced Old Characters and 1610s Family History

    Your list was a great starting point. Here’s the timeline I’m working on specifically for my upcoming Red Cow campaign. I’m ignoring many events from the official Family History and trying to work in more localized events. When dealing with big events, the Coming Storm provides some nice details for how the Red Cow were involved. Coming Storm / Eleven Lights Family History Notes Your History 1618-Present Day 1617–Silk Breeches Feud 1616– 1615–Tormakt’s Farm Massacre Parent’s History 1614–Broodi stops the Red Cow Tribute / Telmori clash at Pine Stand 1613–Kallyr’s Rebellion—Garralor Hendriksson keeps the Cinsina out of the rebellion 1611–Bloody Sword Tribute Raids/Black Paws wife killed—Lunar government raises taxes and bans the worship of Orlanth 1607–Wolf Hunt 1606–Torkan’s Vale massacre—Telmori slaughter the Maboder Tribe—Black Moon Massacre 1605–Farandar avenges Eoric’s Stead 1602–Orkarl leads Red Cow against Lunars (Runegate/Caroman/Boldhome) Grand Parent’s History 1601–Grandparents Retire If Still Alive 1597-Adventurer Born By This Year 1596–Burning of Eoric’s Stead ????—Ferry Feud—Aid the Sazdorf Trolls 1582–Battle of Grizzly Peak—Led by Orkarl 1575-79–Kangharl Moon-Hater led the Cinsina to fight in Tarsh 1575-Parents Born By This Year 1574-1577–Gannara the Lowfire fails to weave peace with the Dinacoli—Green Ale Feud 1573-Tarkalor’s War—Daylanor leads Red Cow to aid in defeat of the Kitori ????—Orkarl’s Bull Riders defeat the Emerald Sword Raid 1563–Jarosar Hothead’s Road—Feud with the Dolutha 1554-Grandparents Born By This Year
  14. daskindt

    So many errors and contradictions

    I still can’t figure out if Crits ignore armor and do max special damage or if they ignore armor and just do rolled special damage.
  15. daskindt

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    Weird. It’s almost like Jeff ‘18 should carefully read some of the stuff that Jeff ‘09-‘12 wrote. S:KoH, pg. 254: