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    Got into RPG's in 2014 when my dad gave my brother and me his old copies of RuneQuest 2 and The Fantasy Trip, mainly to keep us from going broke buying D&D. I now spend too much time looking at new systems, although my real loyalty sticks close to the roots—BRP and GURPS.
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    Very much a nerd. Music, reading, cycling, and gaming are my chief hobbies. I cannot abide inactivity—I always try to engage in either physical or mental exercise.

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  1. At first, I thought you were offering the WFRP 2e campaign "Paths of the Damned." I am much less confused now.
  2. The Description Principle: While you shouldn't overdo it, describing your players' surroundings is important for immersing them in the game world. Saying, "You enter an enormous cavern lit by softly glowing moss that covers the walls" is much more interesting (and helpful!) than simply telling them, "You walk into a cave."
  3. I know they don't. I pointed out those two because I failed to see why low CHA caused any problems for Rune Lords of those cults.
  4. I would like to point out that The Bloody Tusk and Thed do not have CHA requirements for Rune Lords ("Standard" is not specified.) This and the low CHA honestly make sense for these species, anyway: a broo or Tusk Rider is much more likely to respond to force than persuasion. Great Trolls still present a problem, though. EDIT: I forgot to get to the point of this post. Broo and Tusk Riders can indeed become Rune Lords of Thed and The Bloody Tusk, respectively.
  5. Some interesting videos I found about the mathematics behind how dice work. Evidently, old-style D10's (D20's numbered 0-9 twice) are more fair.
  6. I was a little concerned about this too. I think I'll wait until I finish the series (almost done with Book 11) before I make a final decision, though. We considered broadening POW (maybe changing the name) to facilitate that kind of stuff. Haven't gone too deep into it yet, though—we're trying to iron out channeling first. I hadn't thought of this. We were going to use the Five Powers like sorcerous techniques, but this seems to be closer to how they are presented in the book. Of course! Probably the best balancing mechanism out there. Becoming Aes Sedia is rather akin to Rune Master status, perhaps even more difficult. Thanks for bringing this up. I actually hadn't considered it at all. Don't thank me, thank WotC! That was stolen directly from the d20 edition. I was thinking of being able to channel a total cost of weaves up to your POW, but each weave beyond the first inducing a penalty on all of them (probably -5% or -10%.) This is a little different than what we presented earlier in this thread, as I read something in New Spring that changed my idea of how this works. Shield vs. shield will probably be handled by a resistance roll or opposed rolls. I think the best way to remain true to the books and balance the game at the same time is for the GM to establish a power level for the campaign. Do you want to start with stickpickers, or do you want to have a party of Aes Sedai and Warders? I'll have to give it more thought, though. That makes sense, but then how do you account for holding more or less of the Power? It does seem a good way to measure how long one should be able to channel, but that's a lot of numbers in flux. It seems easier just to track a number of melee rounds or full turns. Channeling combatants would run out of ammunition quickly too.
  7. If I understand correctly, the hardcover is coming out at Gen Con, but the slipcase doesn't until October or November.
  8. So, in other words, it depends on the Count.
  9. Does that make Rurik Runespear a rebel, then?
  10. So do all Temples have pro-Lunar attitudes?
  11. Although I still would very much like an Android version, I'll look into the Windows one when it comes out. Thank you!
  12. Will there mayhap be an Android version sometime in the future?
  13. Oh, yes, I did mean Heortling. The part that made me unsure was the description of Goldedge: It made it sound like the Sun Domers were Incorporated into the Lunar army.
  14. I recall the RQG rulebook saying that the Sun Dome Temple in Sartar is a small theocracy independent from the surrounding state. Are they completely autonomous, or do they simply have different customs which they defend despite their neighbors' hostility? Does this degree of autonomy extend to the other Sun Dome Temples as well?
  15. Thanks! This answered my question perfectly.
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