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  1. Hey Legion its not that hard. Join Rod's yahoo group, you might find the monster has already been converted, or at least get some help! Nick
  2. I have a question that i can't find the answer to. If a creature attacks with a natural weapon (or even a brawl) and this attack is parried by a character with a weapon, does the attacker take damage from the parrying weapon? The brawl skill description says that if you parry a weapon with a brawl you will take minimum weapon damage, but this isn't quite the same. Nick
  3. Hey threedeesix, Do you know where I can find the official BRP errata? I can't seem to find them in the downloads. Sorry if i'm missing something. Nick
  4. Thanks Icebrand, I must have missed the bit about the 1/2 INT spell level limit, but otherwise my understanding was correct. Still doesn't explain the Trollslayer pre-generated characters though. The pre-generated sorceror character also has spell levels listed.
  5. I thought I understood the idea of Spell Levels in BRP. I recently bought In Search of the Trollslayer and now i'm not so sure...! I unserstand the spell limit of INT/2 (or INT/4 for non-wizards). Some questions: 1. This is the number of spells allowed in memory, right? 2. This is not the total number of spell levels? 3. The wizard can have more spells in their grimoire, just not in memory? 4. A wizard can cast a known spell at any level, limited by their magic points? If this is the case, I don't understand why the pre-generated wizard character in Trollslayer has spell leve
  6. Hey Icebrand, There is an interesting discussion about shields in this thread: http://basicroleplaying.com/showthread.php/1011-Question-regarding-shields In my campaign parries with shields after the first are -15%, not -30%. I did consider giving the shield an extra full skill parry but thought this was too much of an advantage. Nick
  7. Thats great Tywell. I am very interested in seeing this monograph. Nick
  8. Sorry to drag this up again, but its been very interesting reading! I'm going to run with this rule and see how it goes: When using a shield for parrying the -30% penalties for parries after the first is halved. Any thoughts? Nick
  9. Aha! I had seen the term Defence Bonus before and wasn't excatly sure what it meant. You've cleared it up, thanks. No problem. Thanks for the quick reply. And also the AWESOME work you've done. I'm really looking forward to CF2. Nick
  10. That all looks like a whole lot of fun! Do the weapon skills shown on the character sheets include the bonus for the magic items? e.g. for the +1 Flail skill of 114 would the normal Flail skill be 109? Also, i've noticed that the magic armour is lighter than normal. Can you give us a brief run-down on how you do magic armour? And here's another silly question: The Ring of Defence +2 give a 10% DB. I am assuming that means defence bonus. Is that applied to dodges AND parries? Thanks, Nick
  11. The weird and wonderful ways of Chaosium! 3d6, I also wanted to ask you about the Read Magic ability of Magic Users and Illusionists. In some places in CF it sounds like this is a skill, and says something like "if Read Magic is successful" (sorry, I don't have the book with me at the moment). Isn't Read Magic always successful? Did you mean it to be a skill then change your mind later? Nick
  12. Hi 3d6, I just received CF in the post and it looks awesome. I can't wait to try it out with my gaming group. I thought you might like to know that the hardcopy version I recieved has table of contents, missile, armour and musical instrument tables etc. and the miniatures combat chapter. The only error it has is the half-elf INT, which I have fixed with a handy post-it note. Thanks again, Nick
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