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  1. I am Still Alive and kicking .... are you still using FGII?

  2. Bleddyn

    Age of Arthur BRP

    Well I am Now committed to drafting a Age or Arthur BRP Supplement. I guess I need to structure and framework and start from the beginning
  3. Understood I am an honorary member of the 1er RPIMa's Sous-Officers Mess. and have alot of French SF buddies.
  4. I am using caffine induced foresight here.... maybe there is a real insterest in such BRP initiative. Something to be discussed. Also instead of tying up the intro thread I will start a thread in the BRP general forum.
  5. I am sure the french consider post 13 century pretty down hill and quite barbed: Crecy; Pontiers; & Agincourt. Nice to meet a kindred soul.
  6. Outstanding! I am also of similar desent.... Na love that period of time my favorite Historical Character is Rydderech Hael of Ystradclud. I am more partial to the Oleggd Hen area and the triads and poems of the era!
  7. While the title Pendragon would be more appropriate it has been already taken. In fact so has Age of Arthur .... Warhammer Ancient Battles.... I would like to create a BRP game for the Gaming of a fantasy based Dark Age post Roman Europe/British Isles, Hibernia, Amorica. Loosely referencing the Bernard Cornwell fictional series.
  8. No Problem rust .... If you are interested I have an extensive list of literature and wargaming references I can give you.
  9. It is a poem about the Brythonic (P-Celtic speaking) warriors of dark age britian post roman era or sub-roman... it is defined as the historical age of arthur.
  10. I am rather reluctant to reveal my real name .....I am involved in several veterans initiatives and have been in the media since my return from my last deployment. Anyway more to the point Since 1980 I have been involved in RPG and Miniature Wargaming with the only interruptions being my Military and Paramedic Careers, Marriage, Child rearing, OEF-OIF, and political activism. Though an AD&D player in the beginning, I can remember clearly christmas 1981 unwrapping Stormbringer 1st Edition, and RQ 2nd edition. Since then it has been an never ending love affair. I actually still own a yel
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