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  1. I created that playlist a couple months ago, haven't used it yet but I always thought of Glorantha when listening to any of these songs. All of it is from the Capcom Sound team for the Monster Hunter series, except one "The Peasant" from my beloved Weather Report. Obviously taste in music is extremely subjective...to each my own . There is even a 14s song for when a player fumbles^^ spotify:playlist:3zjKjL6ZOlAhmhs5TBGD9o
  2. Great write-up! Probably the best and exhaustive RAW combat example I've seen. I particularly liked the clear usage of SR, the illustration of a variety of concepts (moving in melee, breaking spell concentration, augments, disengaging, chase...) and the treatment of parry against natural attack. I saw your other thread around "Parrying as scorpion man tail" but was not sure I fully understood its conclusion - I actually never thought about resolving it that way but I love it. Thanks for this most excellent example!
  3. Ordered! Cannot think of a better use for Aldryami skin
  4. Well, same, I was hoping I would be able to catch that video in the morning but it says it's exclusive to subscribers...hope it was a mistake that will soon be fixed (it would be a shame to hide what could be great RQG promotional material...)
  5. @Shawn Carpenter Thanks for the explanations, that's very clear and they offers new option to tailor the amount of 'crunchiness' one can include in contests. Very helpful! I'm a non-native speaker, so I also learned a new expression^^. That's already a very productive day, thanks!
  6. Hey Shawn, thanks for your replies and examples - it actually helps! First thing, and in the spirit of keeping the thread on topic, this is precisely the kind of things I would like to see more in any new QW material (Glorantha or otherwise): more concrete examples of actual plays on how to resolve the typical actions the game/settings proposes. Your examples here are very valuable, expanding more on those would be great for any upcoming book. Then, regarding your examples above, I think I am getting confused about the definition of the Prize. At first I thought you meant the Prize i
  7. Hey Shawn, I am not 'certain' anything is lacking in terms of game features to make combat feel tactical (though I realize it may have come out this way). I recently came back to checking out HQ/QW (because of Valley of Plenty^^) and I am struggling (when reading the rules, examples, and questions and comments on the forums) to 'visualize' how a combat encounter can be dealt with in a dynamic fashion, with change of tactics mid-fight, creating and taking advantage of opportunities, etc. As an example, how could you inflict a status (positive or negative) and how does it translate into game te
  8. Thanks Richard S.! I guess I got confused, I thought you were referring to having a more 'combat-oriented' set of house rules, and maybe your own way to make combat more 'tactical' maybe...anyway, interesting ideas all the same!
  9. Don't want to derail that thread, but I would be very curious to learn about your findings^^
  10. Yes, the Player Pack is a great and welcome addition, especially for the Character Creation Checklist. I wasn't aware of this update or any other update from the products I bought at the Chaosium store, I wish there was a solution to make this information more accessible/visible to customers. Anyways, I have a question related to the Character Creation Checklist: from my understanding of the Vasana Saga example (p:24) players should also add any bonus that comes from their Local modifiers (starting p: 106 - for instance Colymar get +10 Loyalty (Colymar), Longsi Lan get Air Rune +5% and He
  11. Good comments all around above. I would give you my favs: - Cane Fatale (it just works and sounds good!) - Cane Canaille (for the alliteration) - Cane Friponne (means 'rascal', 'roguish', sounds a tad outdated in a cute way)
  12. For visual references of parrying gigantic creature with weapons (admittedly oversized ones) I can only recommend checking videos of any Monster Hunter game (especially MHW). But that is if you lean more towards a more heroic representation. And obviously I would also recommend checking Baahubali (1 and 2 on Netflix) because it has so much Glorantha and Heroquest in it...
  13. A lot of good people in there, I'm sure it's gonna be good (just starting^^). Thanks for making that happen - RQ:G deserves some good actual plays!
  14. No crimson bat? So far, so good then!
  15. I'd be curious to hear more about chained Simple Contests, maybe with some examples. Is it zooming in more at a 'task' level (thinking more traditional exchange of blows in a combat scenario for instance)? If so how does it flow? And what values/resources are used to represent damage/status?
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