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  1. No crimson bat? So far, so good then!
  2. I'd be curious to hear more about chained Simple Contests, maybe with some examples. Is it zooming in more at a 'task' level (thinking more traditional exchange of blows in a combat scenario for instance)? If so how does it flow? And what values/resources are used to represent damage/status?
  3. Semi-related. With the game coming out, an Article about the love of Cthulhu in France in "Le Monde": https://www.lemonde.fr/pixels/article/2018/10/30/la-grande-histoire-d-amour-de-la-france-avec-l-horrible-cthulhu_5376452_4408996.html With references to the Chaosium of course.
  4. This folder looks awesome, great stuff. Looking forward to hear more about your campaign.
  5. Any update on a date for the 13G physical book being available for general sales? Thx!
  6. Well I had the impression that it was taking place during history, so after creation of Time and the Storm Age...but then I checked the "Dating the God Time" insert from GTG1 p125, and "the Ice covers Dara Happa" event is dated 109,201 YS, before the dawn, so you may well be right. The next entry says "The World is Destroyed" so...it bodes well
  7. Loving it so far! But it's also a testament of my lack of knowledge of anything non-Orlanthi and non 3rd age! I am actually still trying to figure out when it is taking place ^^
  8. My pre-order just popped up on my iPad! So happy!
  9. Who says there's a duck problem?
  10. I actually kind of like that 1-3-6 nick good point g33k! I am quite looking forward to it (as anything Glo'related). Any ETA for PDF/print copies for people who missed the KS?
  11. Thanks for putting this on our radar, trailer looks great. On to Netflix!
  12. I wish, but time difference wont work for me (Pacific time) - good luck with that and let us know how it goes!
  13. I would agree this is less critical nowadays, and in the grand scheme of things far less important than the content. But it's one component of the brand, amongst others, that will be used to communicate/promote the game. As we (I at least) are not yet aware of the other elements that will be used (launch event/video? cover and interior art? video series on the rules, the setting, actual plays...) that's the one we are commenting about
  14. I don't think the discussion around the logo is an old school/new school thing. The way I see it, and why I care, is because I hope Chaosium will be successful in attracting more and more people in the fold. A good branding and good communication around RQ and Glorantha can mean more success, which lead to more revenue that can turn into more and better RQ and Glorantha content. And ultimately I assume that's what most of us are hoping for.
  15. Oh the RQ3 french version...my first encounter with RQ...nostalgia
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