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  1. For chaosium it’s a loss but no money was spent, for ESD it’s a future loss on revenue, for backers, that’s hard earned money for nothing... we’re the real victims here.
  2. Same here. Sad that it comes to such an end, but fair from chaosium. I am also on the french forum Gollum mentioned and there are concerns about whether we will get our pledges or not. There has been some growing unrest for the past few months due to the delays and the ability for ESD to be able to deliver as per the crowdfunding. If I may just say, try to keep in mind that there are buyers who might end up being penalised too depending on your final decision/proposed solution to this commercial issue. As everybody is set to lose apparently given the scenario as it unfolds, try to keep in mind the french fans... we are the ones that actually ended up seeing the money taken out of our bank account.
  3. DSC1978

    Aldryami vs uz

    [reason: not bringing any value]
  4. DSC1978

    Aldryami vs uz

    Honesty... that’s what is killing RQ/Glorantha. Carry on on who’s got the biggest one and obscure references. The rest ofthe Gamers will go for what RPG was supposed to be... a good time with mates and a dream.
  5. No game is perfect. But if there is a real need to House Rule, then I believe the game is flawed. The background and the rest of the system should be enough to prevent the GM and players from houseruling. In my humble opinion as usual. When I purchase a product I don’t want to have to change it to make it usable. But just my two cents...
  6. That’s something we’ve been discussing a while ago, and the concern was that by going back to use a system from the 70s you might be missing on new players/buyers. RQ is a great game, but with an environment which could be perceived as playing under LSD those days; a few things didn’t age that well, and it was the opportunity to do a complete overhaul with this version. It seems more like a reedition than a new version to be honest, from what we can read, but we will see I guess when a proper draft will be released... but don’t expect this product to bring new gamers...
  7. I, for once, won't be complaining about this choice. I don't think it was bringing much to the game (even if I understand that some people might see that as a lack of options).
  8. Ok, and if I were to demonstrate actually that from a system point of view, a 100% skill in archery is far more efficient than a 150% skill in swordsmanship, what would be your explanation i actually don't care about whether one weapon is better than another one, but I would welcome a bit of uniformity as far as I am concerned (sorry to make this point again).
  9. Do you really believe the logo is that important nowadays? 30 years ago, people were buying I guess based on the logo and the front cover. So I would have said yes, it was vital. Those days, with internet, people document themselves before buying anything. You can actually see a lot of small companies successfully editing games through KS where the layout/format is actually atrocious, but the concept is excellent, and people buy it. just my 2 cents anyway.
  10. The discussion on logo is quite funny actually and very similar to the system/rules discussions. On one side we have the players/GMs who are longing for RQ2 and would like the new edition to be actually RQ2 with a bit more background. And on the other side you have the people who wants something a bit different as if they wanted to play RQ2, they could as it was reprinted recently. I don't care much about the logo personally. Much more interested by the actual content.
  11. +1 Was in France last weekend, and came across the box on my bookshelves. My first role playing game *sigh*
  12. Thanks. My point exactly. I rest my case.
  13. I am still wondering whether a master at 50% is still a master as he will actually struggle to hit... Not sure where we were on that, but did we say that multiple parries would be allowed at -20%? This would mean that Bob the master swordman (120%) attacks Zac who is a better than average fighter (60%). Are we saying that a master swordman will do 60 vs 60 on thr first attack and the. 60 vs 40? seems broken to me here. Especially if the starting characters are in 75% + in their combat skill as it seems to be the case in the quick start - your master will be able to do two attacks but he'll never hit if he doesnt't have a score above 150% (plus the fact that I have always been bothered by skills above 100% ; I think it doesn't make any sense).
  14. It might not be broken (even if I still have an issue with multiple attacks for ranged and hand to hand attacks), but it certainly shows its age and is fairly "heavy". I reserve my judgement until I see the final result, but I think it will be a missed opportunity to come with something really modern and driving the d100 system.
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