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  1. We'll see what happens with this "HeroQuest Legacies" trademark application then. It could be an interesting ride... Oh, and thanks for correcting me re Moon Design and Chaosium. I had thought they were one and the same re Glorantha trademarks. If I dip my toe further into the discussions I know to be precise, now.
  2. I will understand if Chaosium cannot officially comment on thus, but there are news stories floating around that Restoration Games have filed a trademark application for "HeroQuest Legacies". After the well-deserved Kickstarter blocking over a previous attempt to redo the GW/MB boardgame HeroQuest, does this mean Chaosium have made an agreement with Restoration Games? If so, I wonder what role the RPG, or Glorantha, may play in a future redo of the old boardgame, so beloved of many.
  3. Did this launch as planned? I cannot find it with a search, either from its name or by searching Chaosium.
  4. Any further updates re the Kickstarter for this?
  5. I just had an update saying my order is "partially shipped", and a tracking number. What company is shipping the book in the UK, so I can use the tracking number to track it? The tracking number link in my account on the Chaosium site just redirects me back to my order status.
  6. Awaiting mine, also. Patience, self, must practice patience...
  7. It's now two and a half weeks since the books arrived at the distribution centres. I was wondering if the distribution has begun? Particularly the UK distribution centre as we've heard nothing since.
  8. Yep, I've seen, bought, and downloaded. Though my computer is dithering over saving it.
  9. Does anyone know whether the Bestiary pdf release has been delayed? It was expected today, and I understand that releases are usually at midday Central time. That time has come and gone with no announcement from anyone at Chaosium that I can see, here, on Google+, or on Facebook. Can anyone find out what the current situation is, and roughly what time the pdf will go on sale?
  10. Well, the file has been amended, so that a tie is the same quality of success. Of course, that means that if both get a standard success in an opposed roll it's a tie. As far as I can see this will lead to a lot of ties. So what happens in something like a race where both runners roll a standard success - who is the winner? Do we just keep doing the roll again and again until there is a different quality result? This is the entire reason other d100 systems adopted the blackjack approach, the higher numerical result within the same category of success wins, which minimises the chance o
  11. To me, though, it's not clear at all. The rules say "better", but don't say how they determine which roll is "better" within the same grade of success. Is lower roll "better", or is higher roll "better"? The advantage of high winning, is that it gives an improved chance of such a success to the higher skill, though I agree it is not intuitive, The rules really need to spell it out unambiguously, in order to resolve this confusion.
  12. I don't think that works, because not only does it actually say when both succeed, the better success wins, before then comparing different grades, but look at the summary chart on the next page. That refers to ties as being when both have the same level of success, and have rolled the same number. I suspect that the intent is "price is right", but since the wording is "better success", not "higher value" the meaning is unclear.
  13. The rules for opposed tests, page 142, do not define how to determine "the better result" when both parties get thr same grade of success. In d100 systems there are a few different approaches used, namely - The distance below the skill value (involves subtraction on the fly) Some form of grades of success based on 10s below skill value (subtraction, plus what if both roll same grade, so issue not resolved eg WFRP 2nd) "The Price is Right" higher natural roll within the skill range wins. As far as I could see which is in use was not stated at all in the opposed test secti
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