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  1. RQ:G character sheets - too much art?

    Personally, my sweet spot would be black-and-white with medium art. Enough to give flavour, but not overwhelming on the printer. Still, good to know there's plain as well as full colour, and a form-fillable. Which one will be form-fillable, or will it be both? (Please both!)
  2. RQ:G character sheets - too much art?

    Will they be editable form-fillable? That, for me, is absolutely essential.
  3. I just read the new Designing the new RuneQuest article, really good to hear that progress continues apace! One fastest raised slight concerns though - whole the character sheet design looks gorgeous, it would be a heavy load on a personal printer as shown. Are the team including graphically lighter presentations of the character sheet along with the full art version? Modiphius did it well with their Conan rpg, the had a full art sheet, but alongside that also had the same sheet black-and-white, and a sheet with just the structure and mechanical content but no art. All of which were in form-fillable pdf so that the sheet could be continually updated and saved between sessions. I am just looking for reassurance that that or a similar approach is being followed by Chaosium. Full colour printing of a sheet before each session could become very expensive!