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  1. I'm using the site's search function. I noticed it shows this thread when I search, but I had found several threads a few days before in a search that mentions OneDice. Yes, I heard they have stopped making new games, but I have recently discovered them, and love the system. I bought everything they had available. 😀 The only thread I've been able to find was where one of the founders discussed the hiatus ("Is Cakebread & Walton Alive, Dead, Undead or in the process of Resurrection?"), but even it does not show up on searches. I've tried other searches as well, like "Cakebread" and i
  2. Is anyone else having issues with the search function. I was trying to find a forum regarding OneDice, which I successfully searched for a few days ago, but now it does not find anything. I tried on my PC and on my phone with the same issue.
  3. I, for one, am excited to see what comes from this. I'm looking forward to seeing supplements of equipment/weapons/skills/professions/bestiaries for various eras/settings, and world books for various eras and settings: an original fantasy world, ancient, old west/weird west, modern, dystopian, sci-fi, etc. If I had the time or know-how, I'd love to do some myself. This has always been my favorite system, and I always come back to it. It's simple and elegant, easy enough to teach to my youngest (who's now 8), and everything (other than various powers) is now just 20pp (much like the BRP Qu
  4. Where do we report errors? Page 18, section 5.13 Special Success, the example says the total is 11 points of damage when it should be 13 (7+4+2). And the table on page 10 references Critical Success and Fumbles, but they are not explained anywhere in the document. (Fumble is mentioned in 2.6 but not explained). NM - After going to the site and looking at the document, it appears to have been updated. 😀
  5. From what I've been able to find on rpggeek.com, not including reviews of the game: "Superworld Errata" Different Worlds (#32, Jan 1984) by Steve Perrin. Errata for the 1st Ed. "Robot Safari" The Space Gamer #60, Feb 1983) by Donald F. Harrington. A Worlds of Wonder adventure for 3-6 beginning characters.
  6. I finally found it. http://rpggeek.com/rpgitem/136457/horror-orient-express-music It's by Alex Otterlei. Does anyone know if this was this released with HotOE or released through Chaosium? I found some tracks on Youtube.
  7. I've used a lot of soundtracks from John Carpenter in my games. I've looked at Sense Impacts on the site, but I don't know if it's any good. Wasn't there another Call of Cthulhu soundtrack released by Chaosium years ago? I swear I read something about it some time ago but now I cannot find anything about it, not even the name. It may have been released with one of their other products as a bonus.
  8. I appreciate Rick Meints taking the time to answer and his candor with the situation. It is true that the company would need to get back on its feet financially before focusing on less profitable projects. Let's just hope that the new CoC7 and its supplements can help with this. I know I truly like the new CoC and its changes. Again, the only reason I came to BRP/Chaosium was because I was seeking a generic system using percentile mechanics. The reason I wanted it to be generic was to have cross-over scenarios between genres. The book itself is great in collecting everything rule-wise bu
  9. I'm pretty sure I voted on this previously, but I can't tell. I know it won't let me vote now. I would prefer it to be consistent with CoC7, since that is what they will be promoting and supporting the most. I played D&D 30 years ago and ran Gamma World 2e for 10+ years about the same time. I stopped playing for about 20 years, and came to BRP looking for something generic that I could use to create any genre. I looked at GURPS and liked the availability of sourcebooks, but did not care for the system. Savage Worlds did not impress me. I saw BRP with its use of percentiles and I lik
  10. Definitely Snake Plissken and other characters from the movie!
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