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  1. I, for one, am excited to see what comes from this. I'm looking forward to seeing supplements of equipment/weapons/skills/professions/bestiaries for various eras/settings, and world books for various eras and settings: an original fantasy world, ancient, old west/weird west, modern, dystopian, sci-fi, etc. If I had the time or know-how, I'd love to do some myself. This has always been my favorite system, and I always come back to it. It's simple and elegant, easy enough to teach to my youngest (who's now 8), and everything (other than various powers) is now just 20pp (much like the BRP Quick Start).
  2. Where do we report errors? Page 18, section 5.13 Special Success, the example says the total is 11 points of damage when it should be 13 (7+4+2). And the table on page 10 references Critical Success and Fumbles, but they are not explained anywhere in the document. (Fumble is mentioned in 2.6 but not explained). NM - After going to the site and looking at the document, it appears to have been updated. 😀
  3. Very interesting character, indeed. He was very disciplined, and unforgiving of his party members who could not keep up with him. Even in his 50's, he could run circles around the young team members he brought with him into the jungles. I like the plot point you noted. What did Fawcett and his son find in their last expedition? A powerful Mythos artifact? A cult to a Cthulhu deity? A deity itself? What was the outcome? Did they become cannibal chiefs to a Cthulhu cult? Did they lose their sanity and simply die in the wilds, victims of the elements or Indians? As traditional as Fawcett was, did he join a regular tribe and father children, even though he still had a wife back home? Did they die trying to stop a Mythos deity from awakening? Did he just decide not to return home after learning of the Mythos and becoming disillusioned? There's a lot of possibilities here. It would be an important and difficult decision to make about preserving his reputation. He was world famous as an explorer, like a rock star of today, hence the 100+ expeditions to find out what happened to him.
  4. Who else would like to see a scenario or campaign based on Percy Fawcett's last expedition? About a year or two ago I read David Grann's The Lost City of Z (soon to be released as a feature film) and then Exploration Fawcett by Percy and Brian Fawcett (his youngest son). I still think about the story. I think the Mysteries at the Museum I saw last night about him brought it to my mind again this morning. Fawcett went in search of the lost city of Z (his name for El Dorado) in Mato Grosso, Brazil, in 1925 and vanished along with his eldest son, Jack, who would have been about 22. Fawcett was 57 at the time. There have been several rumors about what really happened to him: he was killed by indians or even cannibalized, he planned to stay in the jungle and start a commune, he became a chief of a local tribe and had children. There were several expeditions, even in recent years, sent to determine his fate, all unsuccessful. Interesting notes: He was a member of the Royal Geographical Society. There were rumors of Fawcett being influenced by Theosophy. He was friends of H. Rider Haggard and Arthur Conan Doyle (who wrote The Lost World based partly on Fawcett's search for Z). Throughout his expeditions, Fawcett reported seeing gigantic snakes and other animals, still yet to be discovered by others. I think that the Cthulhu mythos would be interesting to sprinkle into this mystery. And the local tribes would make excellent cults or allies. There is a wealth of information about these still isolated cultures that I think would make for a great scenario/campaign. Even today there are a great number of uncontacted peoples, societies that have yet to be contacted by the modern world. The characters would be quite isolated from the outside world as well, making things even more difficult for them.
  5. From what I've been able to find on rpggeek.com, not including reviews of the game: "Superworld Errata" Different Worlds (#32, Jan 1984) by Steve Perrin. Errata for the 1st Ed. "Robot Safari" The Space Gamer #60, Feb 1983) by Donald F. Harrington. A Worlds of Wonder adventure for 3-6 beginning characters.
  6. Thanks I couldn't seem to find it. The copy I have on file doesn't even have the free scenarios.
  7. Actually, I noticed that the free PDF is no longer available on Chaosium for the Quickstart Edition. The print edition is $11.95 and does not come with the PDF version.
  8. Thanks. I appreciate the info. For now, while I'm still getting a grasp of the rules, I'll stick with those already in 7e. I've read through the conversion rules, but right now I am still working through learning the complete 7e rules. I ran one game about a year ago with the Quickstart, but there's a lot more to keep up with in the full rules.
  9. What about Canis Mysterium? The rpg.net review stated it was written for 7e, but everywhere else I look says otherwise. https://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/16/16467.phtml
  10. I finally found it. http://rpggeek.com/rpgitem/136457/horror-orient-express-music It's by Alex Otterlei. Does anyone know if this was this released with HotOE or released through Chaosium? I found some tracks on Youtube.
  11. I've used a lot of soundtracks from John Carpenter in my games. I've looked at Sense Impacts on the site, but I don't know if it's any good. Wasn't there another Call of Cthulhu soundtrack released by Chaosium years ago? I swear I read something about it some time ago but now I cannot find anything about it, not even the name. It may have been released with one of their other products as a bonus.
  12. Yes, up at the top of the tree is reads "Dark Detective. (Chaosium 2017?)" as an upcoming release.
  13. I appreciate Rick Meints taking the time to answer and his candor with the situation. It is true that the company would need to get back on its feet financially before focusing on less profitable projects. Let's just hope that the new CoC7 and its supplements can help with this. I know I truly like the new CoC and its changes. Again, the only reason I came to BRP/Chaosium was because I was seeking a generic system using percentile mechanics. The reason I wanted it to be generic was to have cross-over scenarios between genres. The book itself is great in collecting everything rule-wise but it is a bit cumbersome to work with. So I was looking forward to a simpler, more efficient version to use. Hell, if I had the time and know-how, I'd write it for them for free. But I'm no mathematician in regards to game mechanics. What would I like to see? A BRP Essentials core book (with CoC7 mechanics, basic and streamlined) followed by numerous source-books and scenarios, in the same way that GURPS does. But I understand that may not come to pass anytime soon. So for now, at worst, I can use CoC7 for rules and Cthulhu Through the Ages for settings to do this (as Mankcam suggested), but there would be no supplemental material that was not Cthulhu Mythos based, including scenarios. And at best, sometime in the undetermined future, Chaosium will be at the forefront of the tabletop RPG market , thus having the financial freedom to show the world what a quality generic RPG can be like: releasing BRP-E and tons of bestselling source-books and scenarios. In the meantime, I will enjoy the new CoC7, and buy as much as I can afford in that area. Mainly because I love the products, but if it helps keep them in business, it's just icing on the cake. I think the company has made some great changes in the last year, especially in its willingness to be honest with us, as much as possible, about things. And also from an outside perspective, I believe that they are on the right track to not merely saving their company, but making it into something that will thrive. I feel a lot of positive energy coming from them, a revitalized passion, well tempered with good business strategy.
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