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  1. Yeah, downloaded it this morning though I haven't had time to fool with it. I'll be tinkering with the program over the next few days. I'm thankful you guys have been patient and helpful with me.
  2. I don't have Photoshop but this is something I'm going to look into so I appreciate your input. I've always been a 'theater of the mind' GM. I'm still not sure just how much involvement I want to deal with.
  3. I’ve been tinkering with Discord but there doesn’t seem to be a way to show maps. Maybe Roll20 might be better? For a text based PbP game?
  4. Then I would like to join. But I would only do so under certain conditions as I stated in my OP. If it came down to starting my own game, I would probably use a PbP platform like Myth Weaver's. It has a built in dice roller. Using PbP allows me time to look up the rules without holding up the game vs in real time. My RL schedule does not allow me much flexibility to schedule all the ducks in a row for one day/night. But honestly, being this new to RQ, I'd rather let someone else take the reins. So I'll wait to see what Bill the Barbarian can offer before I do anything.
  5. If Bill the Barbarian passes on his, I'd be up to running a RCQ game. I'd need some leeway and some player help but yeah, I can run something not published. Maybe start out with a tribal rite of manhood and then go from there. I could use some suggestions where to start as Glotantha is pretty damn big. That is, if I'm going to run something.
  6. Newbie to Runequest though I haven’t been able to play the game. I did buy the new Runequest Glorantha book and it started the itch again. Does anyone here know of any PbP games? Any help would be most appreciated! Amended: I don’t do the online gaming sites like Roll20 as I’m deaf and my free time in RL is fluid.
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