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    No experience, watched some D&D session on YouTube. Paper-and-dice role-playing looks like fun. Looked through rules of T&T, D&D, Mythras I got from a friend. Bought Chaosium's Stormbringer 2nd edition at garage sale 'coz "dark fantasy" caught my interest. It's combat looks fun, and critical hits make sense. Getting ready to launch a meetup that plays Stormbringer 2nd edition, but first I need to read more Elric stories to learn about cultures of the Young Kingdoms, sorcery, creatures, philosophies, and so on.
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    Chaosium Stormbringer 2nd edition.
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    Calgary, Alberta CANADA
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    My favourite novel is Don Quixote (P.A. Motteux translation).

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  1. I'm new to the paper-pencil-dice RPG, and want to know some-thing: I read that Mythras allows for quick and exciting action, the kind you get in hollywood movies. This made me think of converting an old action-oriented side-scroller arcade game, Ghosts 'N' Goblins (1985), into a scenario. Question: would this "work"? Or would it get quickly slow and boring? Would it be only for advance players to survive? What if you made it less lethal--would it still be exciting? It looks like it would be fun to explore such areas in the video game, but would it still be fun as a RPG, to enter GnG's graveyard, forest, and mountain with your friends?--or would it be just too lethal and unplayable? Will it be a flop, and if so, then what would you have to add to make it "work"? --Thanks, Erico.
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