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    D&D, Marvel, Call of Cthulhu, Mutants & Master Minds, Pathfinder, d20 Modern, Star Wars, & several others that I've only played once or twice. Not to mention any that I can play on a game console!
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    D&D 5th edition as a player and Call of Cthulhu 7th edition as a Keeper.
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    I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't do drugs, I'm just a old-school NERD/GEEK!

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  1. Hahaha! That part of the post cracked me up! Are you the Keeper or one of the above team members?
  2. You made the exact point that I was going for Reanimator, a player outfitting a character with the tool/weapon that fits their background/occupation & the setting not just the tool/weapon that does the most damage all the time like the would in say a D&D or Pathfinder game. This game will be set in modern day, so gun permits WILL be a MUST HAVE!! And riding around with loads of questionable flammables/explosives, ammo, guns, & what-not, WILL RAISE POLICE SUPISION in my game!
  3. Depending on how your Keeper handles lore & magic, a bag to carry flask or two of Holy Water, a Bible, a flask of Holy Oil, your stole & rosary plus a few commune wafers might be a very good idea. I know it worked wonders for the player that played a priest in one of our CoC Delta Green games several years ago!
  4. As a player, the games that I was involved the Keeper at the time was running us in the Delta Green setting. So having your character was not only a given but a must. We never knew if we were going to be facing human enemies or monsters from beyond. And I do agree with klecser that the brain is the players best weapon 80-90% of the time. I also agree that depending on the monster that you run into the actual weapons be it knife/sword or pistol/rifle can prove useless. But my question or point was do the players in your games go straight for the weapons "that deal the most damage" or do they go for the weapons that actually fit their characters background/occupation?
  5. Ok, so earlier today during our D&D game while we were eating lunch we were discussing our groups upcoming CoC game. Now in our D&D game every player has their preferred weapon that deals X amount of damage and make their character cool carrying it even though the actual person would prefer to carry a different weapon for one reason or another but said weapon deals less damage so they opt for the extra damage and cool factor. I've been guilty of doing both. As keeper do you see this in you games? As players which way do you go in picking you weapons? As both does this become a problem during the game?
  6. I appreciate that Spence, I'll keep that in mind for another adventure if I need it. But like I mentioned in my last comment a friend had a copy of Call of Cthulhu Source Book (1990s) - "The Bermuda Triangle" that he is going to let me borrow. It has exactly what I needed, deck plans for a cruse ship (top to bottom), details on the island in the Bermuda Triangle, folk-lore specific to that area, creature stats as well as npc stats, equipment, and more. All I will need to do is make a few conversions to 7th edition and I am golden!!
  7. who'll hire the next bunch of investigators whenif the remainder of this bunch all die or go mad at once, aka the TPK Campaign Rescue Option™. Ha, I love that part of the post!
  8. Ok, in the CoC game that I will be running for my game group soon as the KEEPER in a modern setting game, the players have settled on the following occupations for their characters; Private Detective: He will look into your cheating spouse or your possible HAUNTED house as long as your money is good. Big-Game Hunter: Will hunt ANYTHING for money or sport even if he has to go poaching to do it. Hitman (retired): Worked mostly overseas jobs, his last gig went south and he swears he saw a MONSTER while he was bleeding and half conscious, so he left the life while he could. Mortician: He has seen a lot of dead bodies and a LOT of STRANGE ways to end up dead, and not all of them make sense to put on an official report! Movie Star (B-C List): He's famous for a few rolls in a few of B&C movies that did well and then he saw something OTHERWORDLY on a movie set and suddenly the only place he can get booked is convention. What does the occupation list of your game group look like?
  9. I appreciate all of the response. A friend had a copy of Call of Cthulhu Source Book (1990s) - "The Bermuda Triangle" that he is going to let me borrow. It has exactly what I needed, not to mention tons of extra stuff that I had not thought of! I will have to adjust it to 7th edition as I go and adjust for 1990 to current monetary and technology changes but that won't be to much trouble.
  10. Does any one know of a an existing CoC module that has deck plans for a small to medium sized ocean liner? If possible I'm talking the whole ship, cargo holds, engine rooms, cabins, the works.
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