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  1. Well I did note that these things might be covered elsewhere. However a rhino charge is only going to be more damaging than a sable if it runs over you. The point of a lance has no more kinetic energy if it is going at 20mph on a rhino or 20mph on a sable. That all saId, it's not the end of the world because most times the difference is pretty marginal when it comes to riding beasts and it satisfies the relative dramatic impact of a rhino charge versus a sable one.
  2. Looks gorgeous and I do like the rules illustrations. If this was my first rpg book I would assume that all rpg books did this. Pedantic rules questions and observations ahead... Controlling a mount during combat "untrained... succeed at ride skill every melee round.." When during the melee round? Beginning, end or some other time? I'm surprised that the charge with large damage bonus still works as it does. Surely the issue is speed rather than size. That said, a regiment of Dragon Snail Lancers would be rather funny... It is also not clear whether this bonus applies to any other 1-h spear or just lances. Or come to that, any other kind of 1H weapon. That might be clarified elsewhere though. I realise that this has been the ruling in RQ since year dot. Also surprised about mounted archery being no more difficult than standing still. I can see the merit in simplicity and treating it much the same as melee while mounted (though there may be modifiers elsewhere for the latter). Does mounted archery also apply to mounted thrown weapons and other mounted projectile weapons? Shields: is the amount it can absorb equal to its normal hit points or the number it has left? Can a shield with 0 Hit Points be used as cover? Does a shield being used as cover absorb HP the same way as parrying or in a different way and does it take damage from projectiles? (These may have been answered on the previous page.)
  3. deleriad

    RQG - Where we are. And the new cover.

    he does appear to be using a klanth...
  4. I like it. Two things though. One is that it keeps reminding me of ElfQuest. I think it's the e's. The other is that the Quickstart logo is still my favourite. This is about my second joint favourite along with AH RQ3.
  5. Well I say "rulebook." What I actually meant was that someone had found the torn off cover of a copy of Apple Lane and we had to play it with tiny lumps of coal because were too poor for coal sacks. At the risk of going even further off topic. The first session was boxing day after getting the GW set of RQ2 on Christmas day. It was Gringle's pawnshop with family including grandparents. Somehow we thought the Listen skill meant you had to roll it to hear each other speak. After slightly too much sherry it was about 3 hours of people rolling dice and shouting "I can't hear you!" "who's that screaming?" "there's a dragon in the kitchen!?" and "does that mean I'm dead?"
  6. That was very similar for me. My first year with RQ2 was literally just the RQ2 book playing on a Saturday night with my family. I would draw up some sort of dungeon or maze and they would explore it to find money to pay off the loans to Gringle and end up in more debt than when they started due to having to pay for healing. Towards the end of it, an uncle in the navy got hold of a copy of Cults of Prax so we added new gods in. I didn't find out anything about Glorantha until the summer before uni when I bumped into a group who had all the RQ2 stuff and had played them all. When I went to uni, I got RQ3 and really didn't have a clue about how to run Glorantha so I ran a Thieves World campaign which eventually ended up on Griffin Island. It wasn't until about 8 years later that I eventually plucked up the courage to run a Glorantha campaign but that was really a generational Ars Magica/Pendragon style campaign set in Jonatela during the ban so I didn't have to worry about the world outside.
  7. deleriad


    Is that his otaur? No, it's mine.
  8. I started with RQ2 and played it for about a year, mostly just with my family. Small town in the west country wasn't over-loaded with RQ players. Went to university and RQ3 came out so took out a mortgage and bought it. Ran it for about 10 years. I found that RQ2 felt more evocative but RQ3 was a slightly more coherent system so it became my standard RPG for pretty much everything. I ran 5 long-term campaigns and uncountable sessions of Gringle's Pawnshop. I enjoyed playing other Chaosium systems (Particularly Pendragon and early Stormbringer; I didn't like the later Elric/Stormbringer versions) but they never really felt like my go-to system. Drifted out of rpgs, came back in with Mongoose RQ. For me MRQ2/RQ6/Mythras defines my ideal RQ and is pretty close to my ideal generic RPG. I'm more likely to use a stripped-down version without hit locations in casual play. I'm enjoying the Glorantha renaissance out of Chaosium these days but I would no more go back to running it in RQ2/G than I would go back to riding around on my first motorbike: a Honda CX500 for those keeping count. So RQ2/3 will always have a special place in my heart but Mythras is what I'll play.
  9. deleriad

    Official synonyms

    Vitality? Mojo? Well possibly not mojo.
  10. deleriad

    Quickstart/RQG: Movement

    There are quite a few things like that in the rulebook due to it being written back before the dawn of time. E.g. I'm pretty sure it never actually mentions how many times you can parry in a melee round.
  11. deleriad

    Quickstart/RQG: Movement

    As someone who was playing RQ2 first time around, there was never any question that HPs were deducted. I don't even remember seeing any house rules treating location HPs as thresholds. There have been various attempts at using locational hit points as thresholds since then. I suppose, technically there are now three variations: RQ - total Hit Points and Locational Hit Points BRP - Total Hit Points (and major wounds) only The "M" fork - Locational Hit Points only These days I tend to think that classic RQ with Locational hit points and total hit points is overkill. I prefer just one or the other.
  12. deleriad

    Glorantha Second Age

    I suppose there's a more general point that a lot, possibly most, of the first edition of Mongoose RQ were bad gaming products and riddled with Glorantha issues. Some like Blood of Orlanth were I reckon excellent gaming products but still pretty dodgy on the Glorantha front. However, speaking as someone who found the whole clans and cattle-raiding era of HQ profoundly uninteresting, the Glorantha second age material, for all its flaws, really reinvigorated Glorantha for me. I loved the drama and excitement in the era for all of the failings of the products. And maybe, sometimes, it's the flawed material that inspires the most creativity from a reader because it gives you room to rewrite. Ultimately, MRQ and Glorantha the second age provided me with a good 7 years of excellent gaming. I'm sure that almost any other games publisher with something approaching quality control would have provided better product but you play with what's in front of you. I can completely understand Chaosium's decision to focus RQG where they are; they're a small company and they need to ensure that they play to their strengths. Personally though I haven't been inspired by anything I've read yet.
  13. deleriad

    New RuneQuest Design Note (15)

    I suggest that this piece of text is just not a good idea. It confuses things and just opens the way for annoyance. Why mention Mongoose at all? Something more like the following is, IMHO, more useful to a wide range of potential readers. Comparisons to MRQ and other editions so on are better off in a FAQ for those who want to know such things. Especially calling it "earlier MRQ."
  14. deleriad

    Glorantha Second Age

    Two things to bear in mind. One is that they are all set in the second age and that Glorantha was essentially reset at the end of the second age so there is little, that can simply be plugged and played into the third age. To an extent, just how canonical they are is largely irrelevant. The second is that because of Mongoose's well-documented lack of anything approaching quality control you are at the mercy of random circumstance for any individual book. At their worst they are as bad as the Daughters of Darkness but in my opinion there are some real pearls in the mud. Robin Laws' Glorantha second age is in my opinion the best written Gloranthan overview published but is not much use for the third age. I suspect that the Glorantha source book for 13th Age will be more directly useful. The three Gloranthan campaigns - Blood of Orlanth, Pavis Rises, and Dara Happa Stirs - have hundreds of hours of rich, fun and playable material. The second two in particular have plenty of 'historical' information that could be useful and were written by Loz who knows Glorantha pretty well. When I ran Pavis Rises I had my PCs time-travel to the third age and doing the reverse could be a lot of fun. Of the Races books, Aldryami and Mostali are potentially useful. The Mostali book is *very* funny in places, taking Greg's off-hand article about why he hates dwarves and running with it. Both books have plenty of ideas you can mine. The region books aren't a lot of direct use. I happened to really love the Jrustela book; it was the first time the God Learners felt properly fleshed out to me. The HeroQuesting info has long since been superceded but the society and sense of doom is wonderful. Fronela is also full of great gaming seeds. With the exception of Pavis Rises, these are all for the first edition of Mongoose RQ so the rules stuff is, politely, garbage.
  15. deleriad

    Designing the new RuneQuest - part 12

    Really? In 2017. An intro to Runequest is definitely useful but I find it hard to believe that anyone in 2017 who is likely to be the least bit interested would need to be told what a roleplaying game is. I think the idea below, RuneQuest: Initiation is brilliant. A short focused introduction to what RQ is including runes and Glorantha makes perfect sense to me. The USP to new RQ is Glorantha and runes after all. RQ is not being marketed as an awesome new fantasy RPG system with which you can play in any setting it is being marketed as a return to Glorantha for a classic game. At this point there isn't really a BRP "system" as such. There are two closely related games, CoC 7 and RQ, but they pretty much differ in everything but the dice you roll. An intro to BRP makes no sense that I can see because you would be introducing people to a game that doesn't exist. Anyway, that's my 2c as an interested observer. Admittedly I'll be running Glorantha using my preferred system - Mythras - so I'm hoping that new RQ is a big success and generates loads of Gloranthan goodness for me to play with.