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  1. Awesome, thanks! I'd be curious to see what you came up with for an adventure. Maybe we can work it out to make it an actual adventure. I could write your notes up and lay it out and illustrated, then give it away for free online.
  2. I can answer that. Chronicles of Future Earth is Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun. It's weird. It's incredibly ancient. It feels medieval and old yet also weird and gothic at the same time. It's Jack Vance and Frank Herbert. Chronicles explores themes of decadence and decay and corruption. It also falls more on the fantasy side of science-fantasy. Swords of Cydoria is Flash Gordon meets Chris Wooding's Ketty Jay series by way of French comics. Cydoria explores themes of imperialism and political power and social class structure. It's also more dieselpunk with a dash of pulp adventure
  3. I have one page on how to use psionidcs in Cydoria as well as two new powers. Psi-Magic Psychic Powers Psi-magic is a school of magic based on psychic abilities (BRP pages 110-122). The Psi-Mages of Sakaan are best known of its practioners. Psi-mages cloak their abilities under the shroud of occultism and sorcery. In addition to their psychic powers, psimages consort with forbidden Aya spirits. Psychic Powers The rules for eligibility and use of psychic abilities are unchanged from the BRP rulebook with the following exceptions. Divination Range: Self Duration: 1 hour per powe
  4. The armed forces of Phanos are called: The Spear of Destiny (space forces) and the Shield of Truth (defense forces). Other obscure references in Cydoria include: The name of the aero-ship is the Tonbo, which is Japanese for Dragonfly, because Firefly was too obvious. It's captain is Kak Resko instead of Mal Reynolds (moving a letter up and down, then using the Czech version of the name Reynolds). His illustration is based on Timothy Hutton. Ku-Bawa-Mavu is Swahili for "Big Wasp".
  5. There are dozens if not scores in Swords of Cydoria. Especially in names of the creatures. There's also the espionage service of the planet Phanos: the Hands of Fate.
  6. Hi Tzunder. There is a free preview in the files section of this site, but I'll try to summarize the answers to your questions: Characters are heroic with the heroic hit point option. Used: Psychic powers Vehicle combat Futuristic Technology Races and Cultures and Professions Abstract Wealth Referenced (but not totally used): Mutations Super-powers Not used: (but can easily fit) Magic Sorcery Sanity Fatigue Alliances Pendragon-style personality Stat-based skills New: Ta'Oudh, A new power system for the setting that is based on the Sorcery rules Gadget rules P
  7. That's great to hear. There's also a city-based adventure on my blog (see Sig).
  8. Just an update for those who may have been holding out on picking up Swords of Cydoria - I finally got my check from Chaosium, all is right in the world! Nick really came through for me. So please go purchase a copy of Swords of Cydoria! If there's enough interest in this setting, I'll create future modules and adventures. At some point I need to make a free intro adventure that uses nothing but the Quick-Start rules.
  9. Anyone interested in a sci fi castaway game should check out the bbc series Outcasts on Netflix.
  10. Have you seen the Basic Bestiary free download? It's got lots of great monster write-ups for BRP. I also adapt monsters from Legend, Runequest, Call of Cthulhu, Stormbringer, et al.
  11. Yes, I still want feedback from anyone. I haven't play tested myself yet so after I run it, NPC stats and story details are likely to change.
  12. Okay, I've decided to make the link publically available. Though it doesn't have a front or back cover yet. To download: http://www.mecha.com/~conkle/cydoria/blade.pdf I welcome feedback and suggestions. On a completely unrelated topic, anyone wishing to give me a paypal donation to encourage me to produce more free sourcebooks can do so at my blog: Swords of Cydoria
  13. It's pretty much the only way as this is a completely unauthorized unofficial not-a-BRP product. In fact, I should probably remove any reference to BRP in the text. In any case, it will be free. Any donations made to me will be completely unconnected. I just realized it needs a cover too.
  14. The Blade of Takshaka is Essentially Finished I have completed working on my urban scenario The Blade of Takshaka for Swords of Cydoria. It's laid out, it's edited, it's illustrated. It's done! It's 52 pages with five chapters and four appendices. It has a drawing room role-playing mystery; a thrilling chase; a dungeon crawl with a jelly-blob, a giant octopus, and albino alligators; more role-playing with a group of intelligent rats; infiltrating an evil snake cult; and an optional raid/infiltration against a well-guarded penthouse mansion! The only thing I haven't done is pla
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