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    None currently; working on a fantasy retro-clone (ICE's Lord of the Rings Adventure Game, without the Tolkien IP) and a supers game using Stargazer Games's "Wyrm System"
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  1. Again, thank you very much for pointing out Unified Powers. I will definitely take some time to play with it and see if it works for what I want. I'm still interested to hear/read if anyone else has tried something like what I asked about.
  2. Thanks for the file link. That does address some issues I have, and I'll have to play with it some. Since you asked, primarily I have two problems: 1.) Flight, as presented, only says that it allows you to fly 3 SIZ per level at 500 meters per round. It does not say what happens with additional levels beyond those necessary to compensate for the character's SIZ. So if I'm SIZ 12 and I take four levels of Flight, I can move 500m/rd. What if I take a fifth level of Flight? How fast am I now? Is it an additional 500m/rd? M&M's flight is much simpler and also provides more capability. 2.) Super Speed is not about super speed, it's about combat movement, affecting move actions. Super Movement also doesn't cover it; SMv is about types of unusual movement. The document you linked has a "Sprint" power that covers what I'm looking for in a manner similar to Champions would usually do it, with movement doubling. M&M simply has a Speed power that makes use of its measurement chart to provide simply-calculated, speedster-appropriate movement. Using the power as presented in the BRP corebook, am I supposed to represent Flash-type superspeed by piling on extra move actions at a cost of 20 points each? That really isn't what I'm looking for. As for translating damage, I'm fine with the energy projection powers as they are in BRP. Those map pretty decently with how M&M does it. It's mostly the movement powers that bother me.
  3. I'm not entirely happy with the presentation of super powers in the BRP corebook. Coming from games like ICONS and Mutants & Masterminds (and, to a small degree, Champions), I have a certain expectation of what characters should be capable of with regard to their powers. For the most part, the Superworld-derived powers are okay, but I'm not at all happy with the "travel" powers or the small range of modifiers for powers. What I'd like to know is if the engine would break if I ported over power presentations from, say, Mutants & Masterminds. A PL 10 M&M character gets about the same base pool of "budget" as a non-random budget character at the suggested "superhuman" level (150 points) and the powers have a very similar budget cost. The M&M travel powers obviously don't take SIZ into account, as there's no such characteristic/stat in M&M, and they allow vastly greater speeds (something the powers in the BRP core don't touch on), but I really prefer their presentation. Has anyone done something like this?
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