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  1. Until there exists an ecosystem of open settings (explicit or implied) I don't know if we're going to have a good set of books aside from just core book after core book.
  2. How do the damage types work in Borderlands?
  3. If you want to use the Magic World system, I think it would make more sense to ask Chaosium to add that to the SRD themselves,
  4. The BRP SRD currently lacks a generic magic/psi/powers system for authors of BRP SRD-derived works to use. In this thread I will be looking at where to start in writing up a generic magic system, post some rough notes, and hopefully provide feedback from the community, particularly GMs/new game authors, as to what will be useful in such a system. This "magic" system is intended to exist solely as a game-mechanical procedure (a la FATE), which may be re-skinned by authors (or players, I guess) using it in various different settings. To that end, I'll probably include a number of variants t
  5. Can you give us some more specifics about what you consider to be the "substance" of the magic systems? Paying MP to power spells? Rolling to cast? Specific spell descriptions?
  6. The Yithians lack the “literally they’re just nephilim tho” angle that Dunwich Horror has. Are the nephilim sympathetic, or is the game material just written from a nephilim-centric viewpoint?
  7. If I were to make a specific CoC connection, I’d probably take the Nephilim to be offspring of Yog-Sothoth a la Dunwich Horror.
  8. I have a weird urge to run a kind of reverse-Nephilim game where the PCs are working for the Fraternitas Saturnii or the like, hunting Nephilim. Really hit the gnostic themes.
  9. You could tie them in to the Chapel of Contemplation from the Haunting and Unspeakable Oath 18, and from there link back to the Starry Wisdom church remnants.
  10. I find it hard to believe someone posting in a subforum for Call of Cthulhu is claiming ignorance of the last 150 years of archaeological pseudoscience and occult narratives of prehistory.
  11. “X was built/inhabited by a lost civilization of Scandinavians” is a pretty cliché bit, though
  12. Rasmussen's narrative of the Fifth Thule Expedition, pg 46-48 of the 27 edition. As the passage indicates, by 1900 even otherwise "remote" areas of the world had been integrated into the global economy, and with that integration comes the movement of labour. EDIT: I do think that's kind of a distraction from the point, too, since even a scenario set in Arvidsjaur will, unless it's a one-shot, be written with the presumption that it's about 3-6 Americans coming there.
  13. I think you're dramatically underestimating how much people in 1900 got around in search of a buck. Try reading the Fifth Thule Expedition bit about black Inuit.
  14. Given some recent events the chibi cthulhu might come back around to being a more potent symbol of horror than Eddie...
  15. A Kickstarter project is not an IPO, nor do the backers of a KS own shares in a gaming company. That’s good for you, because otherwise you’d have to sell off your KS backing at a loss instead of getting the full refund available to you.
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