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    Got into D&D 30yrs ago after reading the Dragonlance Chronicles. Bought the Red Box set and never really played. Then about 10yrs ago my wife bought me the Baldurs Gate and I got back into again. Started playing AD&D 2e (even though I had the D&D 3e books. Then our group started playing 3E then 3.5 and moved to D&D 4e. Always been a lover of fantasy fiction, particularly Michael Moorcock and of course Elric. Bought Dragonlords of Melnibone D20 never ran a campaign or adventure.
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    Unfortunately, Pathfinder F2F. However have just started in a PBP Mythras version of The Spider Gods Bride
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    Penrith, NSW Australia
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    Also doing a bit of cartography for TDM, primarily their Classic Fantasy line but have also done a set of maps for a Thennla supplement.

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