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  1. I roll augments when it's one player augmenting another one. Straight augments otherwise.
  2. What I've done once in a HeroQuest game set in the Star Wars universe is this: The players are a comando from the New Republic and they went to a backwater world trying to find a hidden man. They received some money from their superiors to use in their mission, but once they were in the planet, which was in Hutt space, they were effectively cut off from external resources, so it's finite. They had a new skill at a set rating and every use of it (to pay an informant or bribe a custom officer, for example) would give a cumulative penalty to the skill until they leave the planet. I've only f
  3. I'd say in that case keep the numbers you're already using.
  4. So, Catch-Up has dissapeared from the last version of the rules? 🤔
  5. Take a look at "Unrelated Action" and "Desengaging". You can also rule out that the orcs are simply part of the contest, for example, if they're allies of your current opponent.
  6. The other company didn't even have the deference to *talk* to Chaosium. Maybe this time i'ts different, I don't know. I know people who pledged at that kickstarter, luckily for me I saw clearly that it was a scam. It's an ongoing joke amongst the Spanish community, at this pace they will name it 35th anniversary.
  7. That's what happens when you read too fast, thanks!
  8. I would be interested in that Book of the Red Cow myself. Does anyone have it?
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