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  1. Lunar Taboos

    This is (mostly) what I was looking for: the template or lens for framing the conflict and the motivations. This is extremely useful to me. Here's what I know: My murder victim was a Devotee of Teelo Norri but she was also an Illuminated initiate of the Red Moon and had replaced her Moon Rune with the Chaos Rune Per HQ:G, an Illuminate has the ability to conceal their Runes from those around them so that the precise status of their Runes cannot be divined Although seemingly on the surface to be a charitable do-gooder, she was secretly involved in some chaotic activity ... ... the upshot of which caused her death I am kind of excited about including Scorpion Men (and Women) in this scenario. I think they're cool. Moreover, one of the pregen PCs is a Centaur Trader from Beast Valley who's invested in the state of relations between the folk of newly Lunarized Duck Point and the Beast Folk. My take is that although your or I might not see much difference between half-man-half-horse and half-man-half-scorpion, Gloranthans, and particularly Beast Folk see a world of difference. And perhaps the fact that others don't see it so clearly causes Beast Folk to be extra sensitive/emotional about the issue. I have pretty good plot hooks for up to 5 PCs now as pertaining to the murder, the deceased and their (conflicting) desires to investigate, cover it up, learn the deceased's secrets, keep the peace and/or achieve justice. This thread has been most helpful. Thank you and feel free to keep it comin'.
  2. Lunar Taboos

    Thanks for the responses, folks. After giving the matter some thought, I think I am going to go with Chaos worship after all. It's the classical Gloranthan original sin. It's thematic. It avoids lots of silliness with regard to Ducks (even though I am pro-Durulz and intend to weave them into a longer campaign if I ever get it off the ground, that's not what I'm going for here). The Vivamort/Upland Marsh stuff is cool too, but zombies are just so over-done that I think Chaos plays better to the strengths of the Gloranthan setting. So that brings me to a follow-up question: What does Chaos want? I mean, I know what Cthulhu cultists want. And I know what Chaos cultists in Warhammer's Old World want, but I'm a little vague what Gloranthan Chaos worshippers actually do. Do they just use the power of Chaos to fuel other magics? Do they open portals/gateways to realms of Chaos? Mutate existing beings? Make sacrifices to and worship the Old Ones^H^H^H Unholy Trio? Um ... other stuff? And what's the deal with "turning into a chaos monster" -- is it all Nurgle's rot and then you turn into Sidney Crumb from Captain Britain (now there's an obscure reference for you) or is it something different?
  3. Sieging a Heortling Hill-Fort

    Whoa. A lot of interesting information here. I'm going to fire off some scattershot responses to various points people have made: 1. I've never played RuneQuest in any form and the only edition I own is the (heretical) MRQII. As such, I don't have a particular handle on "battle magic" and what it should mean. I'll be running this game using HQ:G and as such magic will be rather more freeform. I found Ian Cooper's response about ritual and personal magic quite helpful from this perspective. 2. Quite whom the besiegers are is a little vague. The references I've picked up indicate that the Lunar army combined with a mercenary force from Volsaxiland led by Duke Sanuel sieged Road End fort, but they also imply that Sanuel was the overall commander of that force which makes it unlikely that there was a substantial presence from eg. the Lunar College of Magic as I can't picture them taking orders from a foreign mercenary. Instead I imagine any Lunar troops to be Tarshite peltasts and other medium-light grade troops with low magical capabilities. Sanuel will have wizards of his own but it will be whatever magic he's brought from Volsaxiland, not the powerful magics of the moon. In this context the idea of disease spirits sounds pretty cool. 3. I don't have any prior experience as a Gloranthan GM and running at a con I need to make the game accessible for an entirely Glorantha-illiterate audience. As such, I want a firm grounding in an intuitively plausible situation that neither requires deep historical knowledge of bronze age warfare nor familiarity with Gloranthan magic systems. At the same time, I want to make choices that don't violate the Gloranthan reality. As such, having a primarily physical contest with personal augments helping heroes on both sides and one or two strategic uses of ritual magic feels about right. Having the enemy do a clever magical thing definitely makes sense and adds fun; having them doing six clever magical things at once will make the game muddy and hard to follow. 4. I'm interested in the idea of "Gnomes" and their significance for siege warfare. Are they earth elementals or something quite other? They're not something I've come across in my Gloranthan readings to date. Thanks again for all the thoughtful replies here. I've learned a lot from them, even ones that aren't immediately germane to the needs of my particular game.
  4. Sieging a Heortling Hill-Fort

    This is what my game is all about. The pitch I submitted reads I'm interested in that final moment of breakdown when the writing is on the wall and the end is clearly nigh. The players will generate their own agendas for their PCs and explain what they're doing in Road End to begin with and then we'll just crank into play until the whole thing comes tumbling down.
  5. Sieging a Heortling Hill-Fort

    Thanks for the correction. But to my question, how come?
  6. Lunar Taboos

    Are there a lot of Morokanth near Duck Point? I thought they were more of a Praxian thing.
  7. Sieging a Heortling Hill-Fort

    Spoiler warning: In the incredibly unlikely event that you might be playing in one of my games at this year's u-con, please avoid this thread. First-time poster here, long-time Glorantha reader and excited to be running my first two Gloranthan games - a pair of one-shots at a gaming con this fall. For my Heroquest: Glorantha one-shot I will be running the last night of the siege of Road End, one of the forts that King Tarkalor, Troll-Killer created on the road he built to Whitewall to protect the land and travelers from the depradations of the Kitori half-Trolls. According to the Heroquest Dragon Pass book, the fort was besieged and eventually conquered by an army of mercenaries from Volsaxiland led by Baron Sanuel. I think I know a little bit about bronze age siege warfare and what that would be like, but I'm still wrapping my head around how to think about Gloranthan magic and particularly its tactical, militaristic use. What kinds of magic would a besieging army use? And what kinds of magic would the defenders have access to? Ideally, I'd like the defenders to have been able to hold out for several weeks or even months of siege so the two should be somewhat balanced. I think there's precedent for that since eg. Boldhome held out against the Imperial Army for a much more extended time than that.
  8. Lunar Taboos

    Spoiler warning: In the incredibly unlikely event that you are going to be playing in one of my games at u-con in November, please don't read this thread. First time poster here. I'm running a Gloranthan murder mystery using the Cortex + system at a convention in November and I have a question. The setup is that during the time of the Imperial occupation a Heortling stick-picker has found the bones of a murdered Imperial citizen lodged amongst the mud in the banks of the Stream near Duck Point. The PCs are going to be a motley association of Lunar-penumbra characters who get pulled in by the provincial overseer of Duck Point to help investigate with the threat of heavy-handed action from the Imperial Army hanging over them if they don't move quickly. Ideally, I want to be able to reveal that the victim was involved in some extremely unsavory practices -- something that would be shocking, even for cynical, world-weary Lunars. The obvious Gloranthan taboo is consorting with Chaos, but given the Empire's permissive attitude towards Chaos I'm not sure that makes sense...? Any thoughts on what would make for a good reveal? I'd like to stay away from the standard icky-boos like rape and child abuse because 1) they're hackneyed and 2) I want to keep it PG-13 as I don't know what kind of audience I'll get at the con.