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    I've been playing RPG's since I was 8. I've played and/or owned: D&D (from Basic, Advanced to 5th edition), Runequest (2nd and 6th - looking forward to RQG), BRP, Super-World, Stormbringer (1st and 5th), Elric!, Elric of Melnibone, GURPS (1st to 4th ed), Transhuman Space (GURPS lite), Mongoose Traveller, Star Frontiers, Star Wars (WEG and Saga ed), Star Trek (the old FASA game), Space Opera, One Ring, MERP, Rolemaster Classic, Chill and the Pacesetter re-brand Cryptworld and Rotworld, Mutant Future, Mutant Epoch, DCC RPG (pre-ordered MCC RPG), Fantasy AGE, Mutants & Masterminds (1st through 3rd), DC Adventures, DC Heroes RPG, DC Universe RPG, Marvel Heroes RPG, Marvel Universe RPG, Marvel Heroic Role-playing, Villains & Vigilantes (1st ed), Champions (all editions), Hero System (5th and 6th), Cyberpunk, WOIN, Talislanta (4th ed), Atlantis the Second Age - ugh I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of stuff and I haven't even started on my PDF's! Anyway, I've always loved pen and paper RPG's and I collect them as a hobby.
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    I don't play that much anymore but the last games I GM'ed were the Mutant Epoch, D&D 5th edition, and Marvel Super-Heroes RPG. I'm currently working on a campaign for WOIN and I'm hoping to get something going with Transhuman Space and/or Runequest (I just ordered the RQ2 re-print and the RQG quickstart rules).
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    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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    I like old-school crunchy systems but I wouldn't consider myself a full-on grognard because I really enjoy trying new games. BRP is one of my all-time favourite systems. Alas, I've never played Call of Cthulu (I'm more of a Stormbringer/Runequest kind of guy).
    WoW! How long did that take you? Great job!
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