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  1. I was very reluctant to start play online. I relented after using Roll20 for maps during face to face games for several months. That soon evolved into using the tool for character sheets as well. Now, I play mostly online. I have to say, I don't miss having a group in my home. I have found the online experience to be interesting and very fun. I have been able to play several different systems with people from all over the world.
  2. Elric! brought the fun back to gaming for me. It was clean, concise and compact. Great for getting the group concentrated on play instead of rules arguments.
  3. I have not found an OpenQuest sheet on roll20. If you have a pro account you can use a custom sheet. Building one takes some skill with HTML, CSS and Javascript. It is possible someone has done one and loaded it to github. I was not able to find one with a cursory search.
  4. I would like to try doing this. My availability is Mondays through the end of June, or Saturdays.
  5. My earlier snark aside, I have run a campaign that took place in only two dimensions and it was fun until the players 'crossed over' and found that their magic had a hard time overcoming the flintlock muskets of the lizard creeps in the sister dimension. I didn't diminish their magic or weapons, I only gave their adversaries technology that the players didn't posses. They were also rather upset when the flintlocks were no longer functional upon return to their dimension. I am perfectly open to the fact that the dissolution of that group was entirely my own overreach. I am also happy to say that I have completed my recruitment of a new group. :-)~
  6. Not sure if I have this straight or not, but, near as I can tell. Elric and Moonglum waylaid Frodo and stole the one ring. They pawned it and defaulted on the loan. Corum then purchased it. The pawnbroker looked remarkably like Captain Jean-Luc Picard. No one including Corum, likes captain Picard, so Corum put a hit on him. The hit man, Luke Skywalker, took the money, chickened out and is currently on the run. No one wants a pissed off Vadhagh after them. Soooo, Luke Skywalker is currently making his way through Known Space to the Ringworld with Speaker to Animals and Nessus in The Hot Needle of Inquiry. Corum, still angry, has enlisted The Red Baron and Buck Rogers to find and off them. They are currently on their way to the planet Dune where they hope to meet Mr. Clean, The Three LIttle Pigs and Metallica, enlist their expertise, and 'Beat' Bobby Flay...
  7. Age of shadow is built on OpenQuest. I have the game but have never played it. It seems pretty good to me. You can get the pdf of the core rules on drivethrurpg for free.
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